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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 18 - He and she in the dark

Chapter 18 He and she in the dark

Ye Sichen was in a trance. He was pushed by Luo Dai’er and then fell on a big bed unsteadily.

Ye Sichen opened his blurred eyes and wanted to push Luo Dai’er away, but she uncovered his clothes instead. Under the moonlight, Luo Dai’er saw the solid muscles on his wheat-colored chest.

Someone may think he was thin, but he was very strong as well.

“Dai’er, I am not feeling well, please let me take a bath first.” Ye Sichen felt drained. There was a fire burning in his abdominal cavity. However, even if Luo Dai’er got close to him, he didn’t want to touch her at all.

Luo Dai’er held and kissed him on his face, “Ye, I know you are not comfortable, so let me take care of you tonight.”

Before dinner, she added something to Ye Sichen’s orange juice to stimulate his desires, because she was tired of his indifference.

However, given Xia Nuan’s situation, Ye Sichen replaced her wine with orange juice while toasting. She must be hot and dry at the time, and even couldn’t control herself from sleeping with a man.

Thinking of this, Luo Dai’er smiled coldly and held his face, “Ye, you belong with me, nobody can take you away. I am the mother of Wuyou and Nianci, and I am your wife. Nobody can change that.”

She took off her black camisole dress. Her hair curled around Ye Sichen, which made her seductive and fascinating.

“I’ve already turned off the power of the whole villa to make you feel comfortable. Tonight, the enjoyment is ours.” Luo Dai’er’s voice was so soft. She did not believe that he had no desire to her. Smart and beautiful as she was, she also belonged to a prominent family. What’s not good enough for him?

“Dai’er.” Ye Sichen closed his eyes and recalled the days before the babies were born. They stayed together every night and attached to each other so much. They were so happy before.

Ye Sichen seemed to have a reaction, so he held Luo Dai’er in his arms and became wild.

However, at a critical moment, Ye Sichen ended in failure.

Luo Dai’er fell on the bed desperately, and her heart was filled with emptiness.

At this moment, she hated Ye Sichen.

“You hate about me for what? Why are you acting like this? It’s not fair to me! I really suspect that you like men!”

In an extremely bad mood, she gathered up her clothes and ran out in the dark.

Ye Sichen stumbled out of the bedroom when he was dizzy. He went to the bathroom next door and wanted to take a cold shower to wake himself up.

However, it took time for him to go there because of the blackout. Given his situation, he was too ashamed to call a servant.

He opened the door and came in.

In the dark, Xia Nuan heard a steady pace getting close to her slowly. Repressing her pyretic dysphoria, she struggled to walk over and then ran into a human chest before she found her balance.

Surrounded by the faint mint smell, her mind rippled. She couldn’t help moaning in a pleasant low cry.

Suddenly, her waist was grabbed by a powerful force. Like a curious coincidence, she clasped his neck on tiptoe, “Kiss me, kiss me...”

She had lost control and tried to release the discomfort.

Her requirements were responded crazily.

In the dark, they got each other tied up and lingered crazily. It seemed that there was only him and her in the world...

Xia Nuan had a dream. She dreamed of a man, with a pair of eyes like bright stars. He hugged her and treated her the way he did that night. Gradually, the man turned into Ye Sichen...

Xia Nuan was shocked by this dream, forcing herself not to think about it. She got out of bed and found herself groggy. If she hadn’t held the edge of the bed, she would have almost tumbled.

“Xia Nuan, your mail!”

Lian was shouting outside

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 18 - He and she in the dark