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Chapter 6: Invitation

Dominus never had a wink of sleep after that day when he found out about the queen’s secret. It has been three days since.

He couldn’t rest not after knowing she might not have long in this world. She wouldn’t listen to him no matter what he say. He was frustrated with her, yes, maybe even somehow angry.

How can the queen be so careless with her life? He asked her that, but she only winced and said, it’s because her people are risking their lives for the crown as well.

He muttered curses under his breath to which the queen just laughed and told him he is overreacting. She told him even if she die, the kingdom already has a planned line of succession.

The Duke of Selene is her uncle so he may ascend the throne as the closest bloodline. She even assured him she has drafted a will stating the platforms she desired to continue once she is gone.

As she has no heir of her own, she thought that the transition will be flawless. It’s as if she was never even there.

Dominus turned in his bed, cursing at the gods for the pain that wrenched at him. He sat up and opened yet another bottle of rum, downing it like it was water.


As to how the queen can think her death wouldn’t matter eats at him, killing him slowly. Is that how little she thinks of herself?

Then what about him whose only reason for living is to see her smile? Damn the heavens, there must be a way to keep her alive. She can’t die, or else...

He poured another glass of rum and continued to drown in the useless liquid that can’t even make him forget a thing. He felt his shoulders shake, that was the only time he realized he had been crying like a child.

He wiped his tears away hurriedly, he have never cried before. There was a time he believed he is not capable of crying.

What’s happening to him? Why does this agonizing pain wrack his body, heart, mind, and soul? She is still alive goddamn it! It’s not yet too late.

He will just have to find a way to keep her alive. To keep her breathing at all costs. Surely, there must be something he can do.

He was suddenly awakened from his stupor when he heard knocks from the adjoining door. For a moment he looked at the door dumbfounded until he recall the queen is on the other side.

He hurriedly gets dressed properly before lunging at the door. And there she is, in front of him... his beautiful little queen.

He sniffed on her scent, she smelled of roses and vanilla, ahhh... He has gotten so familiar with her scent now but it always surprises him how sniffing her like this does things to him like it was the first time.

His body stiffened, he was just thankful that the queen doesn’t seem to notice when his body react like a fool for her.

The queen was not educated in this regard, especially since she has taken a vow of celibacy until marriage. And she has never taken an interest in any of her suitors. He smiled at the thought.

The queen blushed, seeing him tower over her. She was thankful she remembered to wear a thicker nightgown and robe.

She wondered if she looked ugly in it since the knight had this look on his face, as if he was in pain or uncomfortable to be in her presence.

“My queen,” he greeted her, but with their distance, he just needed to whisper for her to hear.

She gulped, realizing how close they were standing in front of each other. She always feel so small in front of this giant.

“Can I come in?” she hesitated, not knowing which is more proper, to stand there with him standing just inches away from her, or to just come inside his room where she can somehow have some distance between them.

“Of course, my queen,” he opened his door wide and made room for her to enter, but not nearly enough distance when you think about it.

His eyes never left the queen, watching her every move as she entered his room. Even if he tries to do so it will be for naught, because he craves her. There is no way he can look away at the subject of his every thought and emotion.

He is aware of how his body is radiating heat, goddamn hormones. The gods had long ago made him believe he is immune to a woman’s charm.

But the queen, even in her simple night robes made his blood rush to his loins, his pupil dilates and focused on her little form that entered his den.

“Please, sit down,” he urged her, motioning for the queen to sit on his bed.

He wondered if she will realize he has not changed his covers even when it has been tainted with his blood.

He felt his cheeks heat up, thinking she might get disappointed at how dirty his sleeping quarter is.

He doesn’t even know how to voice out his reason if she does notice it, can he just say he wanted to preserve her scent from days ago, or the memories of her taking care of him in his chambers. Surely, he will earn a slap for that.

“I am fine, this will just be quick,” she said, blushing as she looked up at him.

“I just wanted to inform you that I received a telegram from my cousin Cinderella. She has invited me to grace her winter ball. I wish to go, but you have just recently recovered. I think you should stay here and recuperate. The other knights will have to guard me in your stead,” she explained

He grunted, like a wild animal who has just been kicked and is now angry at whoever might be the aggressor.

“I thought we were clear. You can’t go anywhere without me by your side. It’s far too dangerous to travel with such weak bodyguards. You trust those illustrious to take care of you, more than me a barbarian? Or was it because you don’t want to be seen with me?” He asked, his eyes turning into bright gold as his adam’s apple moved from the anger he was trying to keep in check.

“No, not at all. I trust you with my life, Dominus. I just don’t want you to overexert yourself because I am worried it will just keep you from full recovery,” the queen said, holding into his arm as if doing so can calm him a bit.

“What did you say?” Dominus asked, his voice deep and tender.

“Oh, which one? About the telegram or...” the queen asked innocently because she said a lot of words just now and she has no clue as to which one he wanted to hear.

“The part where you said you are worried about me. Say it again,” he demanded like a child, for a second forgetting her status as his queen.

“Yes, indeed. I am worried about you, Sir Dom,” she assured him and gave him a faint smile.

Dominus took her hand and raised it above her head, then kissed the back of her hand.

“Allow me to come,” he whispered tenderly, almost as if he was begging her.

The queen nodded, from an outsider it would have looked silly, they were far too different to look in any way other than comical, given their size difference they look even more so.

But, Dominus doesn’t mind... and to be honest, neither does the queen.

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