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His Dark Desire: Tales of a Yandere
Chapter 199 - 199 vi. First Kiss

199 vi. First Kiss

From the third day until the fifth day of the selection month, the bride hopefuls will be going on a trip to the winter capital of the empire.

That being said, we are hoping the cold snow of the north can finally be melted by the beauty of the young noble ladies.

Of course, as early as now rumors are circulating about who is leading the so-called race to be a crown princess.

Could it be coming from the house of the duke and the duchess of Kane? However, if this is something that’s true... the rumors state further that it could be the half-blood princess.

Mary took the periodical in her hand and tore it to pieces before crumpling it and throwing it by the carriage window.

Despite her refusal, she was given a carriage of her own instead of sharing a carriage with her cousin like all the other ladies sharing the same houses do.

Well, it is not entirely a bad thing. She did hate having to share a space with her two-faced cousin.

She wasn’t some kind of noble lady who can’t feel the insult every time her cousin opens her mouth. For the sake of her sanity, she would rather be silently thankful for having her own accommodations.

The only downside is that the play of politics these women started now seems to be getting stronger. She feels like they are secretly plotting behind her back.


She hates these women. Whether they are smiling so sweetly on her face or staring at her point blank with open hostility, the truth remains the same... they do not like her even a bit.

If only she could tell them she was not interested in the crown prince. But then again, where is the fun in that?

If she would really be forced to marry the crown prince when the month is over, then she would rather take the opportunity to enjoy herself tremendously.

When she stepped out of her carriage she cursed her stupid clumsiness as she stumbled forward, strong hands catching her before she would fall flat on the ground.

“Careful, my lady,” she didn’t even have to look up to see the owner of the deep baritone voice to know who it is who saved her from undue embarrassment.

She looked up at him and smiled, “Crown prince,” she greeted him with a smile.

Of course, she did it to irritate her cousin and the likes of her, nothing more. But when the crown prince took her hand and brought it to his lips, her heart skipped a beat somehow.

She shook her head and did a clumsy curtsy before she would find herself being pulled towards the prince, being forced to walk side by side with his grace.

“What are you doing?” she whispered in a firm voice while keeping a sweet smile on her lips.

“What else do you think I am doing but keeping you close to me, my lady? And I rather thought you changed your mind by the way you smiled at me,” his confident smile would not fade even after she pouted her lips like a child.

“No, there is no reason for me to change my mind anyway. You are still the rude bully who knew what he was doing all those years ago, my prince,” she didn’t hesitate to point it out.

He chuckled as if she just told him a joke, “Nonsense, I would rather call that... guarding my territory.”

“What are you, a dog?” she hissed at him, fluttering her eyelashes to irritate him further.

“Ahhh, a dog. So that is what you think of me then. I have no objection to how you would rather like to me be,” the crown prince grinned.

“And why should the crown prince enjoy being called a dog?” she asked, curiosity getting the better of her as she made the mistake of looking over her shoulders and catching a glimpse of the crown prince watching her.

His golden eyes bored through hers as he licked his lips, “Because a dog never leaves his master’s side. This way, we can always be together and form a bond stronger than both humans can share.”

She felt shivers run up her spine as her eyes widened in shock, “Even that joke is far too much!”

He chuckled and returned to his calm expression, “And on top of that... I get to lap up the thing I like most in the world.”

“The thing you liked most in the world?” her lips trembled as the shade of his eyes turned murky gold.

“The thing I like the most? Is it still a question in your mind?” his voice was serious as he pulled her to a different path away from the rest.

“Where are you taking me, my liege,” she panicked as he dragged her faster, stopping only as his strong arms pressed her back against the wall of the garden shed they were passing by.

“Your highness,” her body trembled from the excitement that surged through her as he stretched his arm to her side, preventing her escape.

“Answering your question, of course,” he tilted her chin and tugged on her hair as he pulled her head toward him.

“What question?” she asked, heat coursing through her as she felt his hot breath fan her cheeks.

“The question about that thing I like the most,” his hand held her firmly by her nape as he lowered his lips.

She closed her eyes when she felt his harsh lips claim hers, thoroughly and deeply so. She felt like she couldn’t breathe as he savored her taste, and his lips invaded her mouth.

When their lips separated, he cupped her chin and stepped back, breathing heavily, “It is so fucking hard to stop myself like this. I wanted so badly to devour you and I wanted you so badly to be mine. If it wasn’t for your sake, I wouldn’t even care about formalities. So please don’t tease me like this again. I have very little self-control left.”

“But how am I teasing you, your grace?” she touched her lips mindlessly, feeling dizzy at having unexpectedly experienced her first kiss.

“By asking me about what I wanted most in this world. There shouldn’t be any questions at all, not even one doubt in your mind in this regard. That you are the only one I ever wanted this much,” he smiled at her, madness swimming in his eyes as he does so.

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His Dark Desire: Tales of a Yandere Chapter 199 - 199 vi. First Kiss