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Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Itakoro……
DramaCD, Chapter 3 - The Girls who met

DramaCD, Chapter 3: The Girls who met.

Aoi: Ah, so nice. It is better to have red tea with honey after all. It is really wonderful to be able to come here. Even I can come to a tea shop alone to drink some tea and do some shopping alone. Asa and Big Brother Shungo are worrying over me too much; it is too much of them to even come watching me at my workplace. I wanted to be strong enough not to cause Mr Akagi trouble.

(Bells. Door opens)

Waitress: Welcome.

Unfortunate victim 1: Woah, that was scary.

Unfortunate victim 2: Fuu, what’s with that delinquent anyway?

Aoi: Delinquent?

Unfortunate victim 2: I never expected him to suddenly come at me and talk to me. He has that scary look and the red hair. I’m so scared wondering if I’ll end up meeting him on the way home.

Aoi: (Scary look, red hair? Is it Mr Akagi?)

Unfortunate victim 1: Woah, look outside the window! That delinquent’s still wandering around this tea shop.

Unfortunate victim 2: You serious? He’s going to talk with someone again. That guy’s going far away to hunt down a girl!

Aoi: Outside the window…tea shop…its Mr Akagi after all, isn’t it!?

Unfortunate victim 3: Eh, i-is there something?

Koremitsu: Ah, erm, your eyes look pretty, like acorns. Looks like your head will drop if you tilt it a little.

Unfortunate victim 3: E-eek! P-pl-please don’t hit me!!

Hikaru: Koremitsu, try using a gentler tone and praise her with earnest lines.

Koremitsu: Even if you say so, I’m already being very gentle here!!!

Unfortunate victim 3: Please don’t hit me even if that’s the case!!!

Koremitsu: No no no, that wasn’t directed at you.

Aoi: Who exactly is the woman with Mr Akagi? She does not seem to be a classmate from school…Is that Mr Akagi’s girlfriend!!? Eh, erm, but that is…ah.

Unfortunate victim 1: Look, that delinquent looks like he’s about to be arrested. That guy’s does human trading after all!

Aoi: Th-this is bad! I am not sure what is going on, but it looks like Mr Akagi is about to be arrested…!!!

Some ruckus and knocking later.

Aoi: Ah, sorry! Are you okay?

Honoka: Ah, I’m fine here. Just that I’m shocked that the door opened…huh?

Aoi: You are…

Honoka: Your Highness Aoi? Why are you here?…Now’s not the moment for this though. Akagi’s chased by the police…!

Aoi: Yes, Mr Akagi is being chased by the police…

Both: Eh?

Honoka: Your Highness Aoi, did you just?

Aoi: Did you…just mention about Mr Akagi…

Koremitsu: (heavy panting) Finally shook them off.

Hikaru: Koremitsu, I do not think it is a good thing to suddenly run away when being questioned by the police.

Koremitsu: I had no choice. That policeman just looked at me like I’m a criminal here. I’ll definitely be taken away if I remained there.

Hikaru: I never expected you to be watched by the policemen just because you were trying to flirt with girls; that really was quite the turbulent development. I guess the road of love is filled with thorns after all.

Koremitsu: Don’t say that about me like you’re critiquing a movie here. Damn it, like hell I want to continue wooing girls.

Hikaru: Do not say that. Try challenging it again. Think positive. This is a corner; try knocking into a girl around the corner and tie the red string of fate.

Koremitsu: If it’s deliberate, it’s not fated.

Hikaru: But if it is not a coincidence, it has to be fated.

Koremitsu: Who knows.

Hikaru: ‘I’m a man, and I’ll do what I promised’. You are the one who made that statement, Koremitsu.

Koremitsu: You’re despicable.

Hikaru: You are a man of your word. You cannot simply take back what you said, can you?

Koremitsu: Ahh, I get it. I’ll do it, okay? I’ll show you what ‘fate’ is.

Hikaru: To be expected of you, Koremitsu! Do your best here! Listen, is there not someone coming around the corner? The footsteps are getting closer…

Koremitsu: Are you serious? It’s not a guy, is it?

Hikaru: There is no problem. These footsteps seem to be of a girl’s from what I can hear. A young, calm , intellectual lady.

Koremitsu: You can hear that much just from the footsteps? I guess it is to be expected of a harem prince without restraint.

Hikaru: It does not feel like I got praised here though…

Koremitsu: Really? Now then, I’ll try it for now…(footsteps, crashes hard.)…watch out!

Hikaru: Nice, Koremitsu! You got the girl by the arm before she fell. That is a high score.

Koremitsu: Sorry, are you alright?

Hikaru: Yes yes. It is important to pay attention to this part, no?

Koremitsu: Your hair is really beautiful, and I’m powerless against girls with such pretty hair. A cute city flower like you will be hurt by a wild dog like me. The God of Fate really did such a cruel thing here.

Hikaru: Not bad! It does have the right vibe even though it feels like plagiarism of my lines. Now this girl will…

Asai: I suppose. God certainly is cruel and incompetent to let me meet a wild dog at such a place.

Hikaru: Huh?

Koremitsu: Ugh, Asai Saiga!

Asai: Do not yell at my ears; this filthy voice will damage them. More importantly, let go of your hand.

Koremitsu: You, why are you here!?

Asai: It has nothing to do with you. Furthermore, I suppose you are a wild dog with your head boiling under the heat, saying such irrelevant words, no?

Koremitsu: How is it irrelevant?

Asai: How is it not? The moment we met, you blindly rambled about some God of Fate; is this not irrelevant here? Do you still wish to graduate from High School? A wild dog really thinks of the most uncouth things.

Koremitsu: That’s not it, Hikaru…

Hikaru: K-Koremitsu?

Asai: Hikaru? Are you saying that you wish to emulate Hikaru’s actions? Now you have fallen further in my eyes.

Hikaru: Asa…

Koremitsu: You…!

Asai: Hikaru’s philandering is something really troubling, and extremely useless at that; it is exacerbated however now that it is passed on to a wild dog like you.

Koremitsu: Hey, you can say whatever you want about me, but don’t badmouth Hikaru here. He feels the fates of all the girls and treasure them all; that’s all.

Hikaru: Koremitsu…

Asai: What do you know about Hikaru…uu?

Hikaru: Asa…! She was a little wobbly, was she not? Is it a lack of sleep? She does not look good here…

Koremitsu: Wha…? Hey, you aren’t looking too well here. Your legs are wobbly too.

Asai: …It has nothing to do with you.

Hikaru: Koremitsu, bring Asa over to the park. It will be good to let her rest for a little while.

Koremitsu: Go rest in the park for a little while.

Asai: There is no need.

Koremitsu: Don’t force yourself, Asa.

Asai: …! I do not remember allowing you to call me that…

Koremitsu: Watch out! Don’t collapse so suddenly like that.

Asai: I said that is not the case…

Hikaru: Koremitsu, lend Asa your shoulder.

Koremitsu: Seriously, looks like I got no choice.

Asai: Leave…me alone.

Koremitsu: I get it, I get it.

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Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Itakoro…… DramaCD, Chapter 3 - The Girls who met