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DramaCD, Prologue

Note: The following dialogue is translated from the Chinese fansubs (my hearing is non-existent, to say the least)

Hikaru: When Hikaru was on the Earth…Special Edition Drama CD

Koremitsu: Koremitsu Akagi’s Day of Suffering ~ Why do I have to go out wooing girls? ~

Koremitsu: It was that summer when I met that guy, the guy called the ‘Harem Prince of the school, who viewed every single girl as a beautiful flower, and that it’s a man’s job for them to compete and bloom to show their most beautiful side. To be honest, he’s just a winner in life, and there should be no way he would ever interact with this hoodlum in me who’s always going around fighting, labeled the ‘delinquent king’. However, he suddenly passed away one day, and continued to be with me as a ghost. Also, there’s still a girl he wouldn’t give up on, and he made this request, “Mr Akagi, can you fulfill some promises for me?”

Hikaru: Hollyhocks are flowers that bloom in midsummer. When there’s enough ventilation and sunlight, the green stems will grow straight and produce creamy pink flowers. They’re cute, but I find that white flowers suit Miss Aoi much better; they were ostensibly brought back from the Holy Land by the Crusaders. A flower that blooms in the Holy Land is perfect for Miss Aoi.

Hikaru: Flowers drenched by the rain really do give an enriching feeling in the body and mind.

Hikaru: I’ll get a girl who can really laugh for you.

Hikaru: You really are my hero, Koremitsu.

Koremitsu: This busybody, annoying harem prince who can’t shed a single tear when sad is my friend, and till today, I’ll recall his profile from time to time. I recall the gleeful expressions of his, dishing out his floral lectures like a chatterbox and yet is completely useless. Oh yes, he spoke up that day too. That summer when I spent that one rare dazzling summer with you, you suddenly proposed that I go out wooing girls…

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