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Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Itakoro……
Volume 10, Authors Notes

Volume 10, Author's Notes

Hello, this is Mizuki Nomura.

The series 'When Hikaru was on the Earth……' finally ends at the final volume 'Fujitsubo'. Whenever I write a new story, I will first think of the ending, before working my way to the end.

My heart really pounds when whenever I write, thinking about how to reach the end, to meet the expected number of volumes, and to see the readers' satisfaction at the end. Once I do manage to reach the destination, I will heave a sigh of relief, going 'Ahh, thank goodness'.

Thanks to everyone, the 'Hikaru' series managed to end without a hitch.

I really do wish to thank all the readers who sent their messages, the readers who helped promote the books, and the readers who bought the book on the days the volumes were released. I will like to earnestly thank all the readers who kept reading the 'Hikaru' series and supported this work.

The plot of 'When Hikaru was on the Earth…' includes the 'Genji Monogatari', and also 'the Little Prince' by Saint Exupery. The biggest hint would be the 'smiling flower'. Well, the Prince is the star that gives me the 'smile'.

Hikaru gave a smiling flower to Koremitsu.

The child Fujino gave birth to is named 'Kaoru', not 'Izumi'.

Hikaru never left anything tangible behind, but he bade farewell, leaving behind many ethereal things.

I hope this is the kind of story I wrote.

There will be a new series starting from the upcoming 31st May.

The title is, "You Who Became a Vampire Begin an Eternal Love'.

It is the story of a boy who became a vampire, fell in love, felt conflicted within, and continued to move forward. It is a slightly depressing story.

In the month after, on 30th June, there will be a one-shot released,

'Riku and Chise ~ The Boy who distributed the leaflets of the world, and the girl in the resort'.

This is a story I really, really want to write, and now it finally happened. It is a plain story, but an important start-off story for me.

Currently, there is a campaign wherein that any reader who buys the three stories, including the last 'Hikaru' volume, will be gifted a book containing side stories and design illustrations, so do participate in it. It really is just a little, but I do wish to write a story of Koremitsu and Honoka spending Christmas Eve together.

Now then, I do hope that we will meet in the next month, or the month after that.

February 7th, 2014 (Volume was released in April)

Mizuki Nomura

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Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Itakoro…… Volume 10, Authors Notes