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Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Itakoro……
Volume 10, Special Chapter - The Flawed Secret Room, Koremitsu and Honoka’s After Story

Volume 10, Special Chapter: The Flawed Secret Room, Koremitsu and Honoka’s After Story

"I guess we shouldn’t be studying at my house after all."

"Eh? Your house isn’t convenient, Akagi? How about coming to my house then?"

"No, your house isn’t good either."

It was a certain day in May, after school, when Koremitsu and Honoka had this conversation.

It had been more than half a year since both of them went dating.

Once they entered their second years, they were streamed into different classes, but they attended the same club, and went home together.

It was right before their mid-terms, and all club activities were suspended. They were already revising the contents of their lessons since two days ago.

They were planning to head to Koremitsu’s house on this day…

"Why is it that your house and mine are a no go, Akagi? Is there something urgent?"

While Honoka leaned her body forward to inquire, Koremitsu averted his eyes in a gaudy manner.

"Eh…it’s not much, but how about we go to the library instead? The atmosphere there’s more comfortable."

"Why? Why not at our homes?"

Feeling unconvinced, she inched in on Koremitsu little by little.

Given her feisty personality, it appeared that she would not give in easily.

And upon seeing him panic, she was curious as to what he was hiding in his words.

"Hm? Why? Why’s it more relaxing in the library?"

The passing students watched the heinous-looking, savage eyed Koremitsu let out a weird cry as he got cornered by Honoka.

"Isn’t Koremitsu Akagi that delinquent king. I heard that he can talk to that third year, President Saiga on equal standing without flinching, but he’s actually so weak against his girlfriend."

"Yeah, he does have some unexpected cute charms."

After hearing others comment, Koremitsu’s face sizzled.

(Hey! Who’s the cute one!)

Perhaps he would send others scurrying in fear if he was to glare back and bark like he used to do, so he chose to retain the words in his heart.

More importantly, he had to convince Honoka.

While Honoka raised her eyebrows and glared back, Koremitsu tried to appease her,

"Well, if you come to my house, Shiiko will always play pranks on you, and we can’t settle down."

Shioriko was staying at the Akagis, and was like a little sister to Koremitsu. Even till this point, she was peeved that Honoka became Koremitsu’s girlfriend, and whenever Honoka visited them, Shioriko would spy on them every 10 minutes, even spiking Honoka’s tea with chilli peppers or wasabi.

Whenever Koremitsu chided her, Shioriko would complain with teary eyes,

"But you promised to make Shiiko a woman, big brother. Miss Shikibu’s just someone who dares to add pepper powder on tempura and eat spicy curry here. She’s not a match for you, big brother! Adding pepper powder into the tea’s not a big ddeal for someone with numb tastes."

Shioriko caused Koremitsu much distress.

However, Honoka in turn did repay Shioriko once with Siewmai filled with mustard.

"I can’t be losing to an elementary school kid here. I do find something to be lacking if I’m not squabbling with Shiiko at your house, Akagi, and her pranks are starting to get stale."

Surely Shioriko would be fuming mad if she was to hear those words.

"Ah, is that so? I guess that’s really amazing. Don’t you find it annoying to see the Third Princess?"

"Isn’t a chameleon cute?"

"I-is that so?"

Koremitsu stared back at the stoic chameleon, wondering whether Honoka was really thinking that the chameleon was cute. Recently however, Koremitsu himself was starting to develop feelings for her.

"And so? Even if you do use Shiiko and 3rd Princess as an excuse for not going to your hourse, why can’t we go to my house, Akagi?"

"Won’t your family be worried letting a delinquent like me into the house, Shikibu?"

"But you’re not a delinquent. Mom was stunned at first, but she does like you after knowing that you’re very polite."

It seemed Koremitsu’s repair of the damaged shelf caused Honoka’s mother to sweep off her prior impression. This made Koremitsu happy too.

"My little brother really respects you, and he’s always standing in front of a mirror, trying to imitate how you glare at others."

"Stop him already!!"

Honoka’s little brother was an 8th grader, and loved fighting manga. He seeked the path of the strong in his judo club, and so he really admired Koremitsu for being able to be authoritative just by standing around.

Whenever Koremitsu appeared in Honoka’s house,

"Yo! Bro Akagi!"

Her little brother would greet him as such.

Koremitsu was delighted that Honoka’s brother would call him as such, but he certainly wished that the latter would not assume that he was a delinquent boss.

"You haven’t met my dad yet, Akagi, but he’s usually not at home. Anyway, my family won’t hate you here!"

"Got it. Sorry about that. Your family’s very welcoming of me, even adding chilli powder into my tea."

Koremitsu apologized for his words beforehand, and Honoka lifted her nose to snort, proudly humming.

"Right, there’s no reason why we can’t go to any of our houses to study. Now then, why aren’t you willing to study at home?"

Saying that, Honoka closed in on him again.

(Argh, damn it.)

"I’m scared that I’ll do something bad when I’m with you."


This time, Honoka was left speechless.

Their eyes met, and Honoka’s face slowly flushed, while Koremitsu scowled, trying to hide his embarrassment.

"I’ll feel angsty whenever I’m in a cramped place with you, and I just feel perverted inside. You’re just reading your notes so defenselessly, giving off a nice smell, and r-recently, you’ve been looking rather sexy. I guess I won’t be satisfied with kissing alone."


Honoka’s face was completely beetroot.

And upon seeing that, Koremitsu’s face too was practically boiling away.

"That’s why, in other words…I really do treasure you."

With a blushing face,


Honoka nodded in agreement of Koremitsu’s words, and she lowered her head, her lips curling.

"Thanks. I’ll treasure you well too."


Koremitsu too answered tensely. It appeared that Honoka understood his intentions…

"Alright, let’s go to the library then."

He suddenly butted in, trying to hide his embarrassement as he tried to walk off, only to be stopped by Honoka tugging at his sleeve.

"No, let’s go to your house then."

"Eh? Didn’t you hear those shameless things I just said?"

Honoka then grinned.

"It’s fine. Shiiko will come disturb us every 10 minutes or so, so I’ll feel safe even if you start to get rowdy."

(Now that she mentioned it…that’s how it is.)

And just when Koremitsu was enlightened,

Honoka suddenly approached him, whispering at his ear,

"And I do like flirting with you when the both of us are studying alone at home."

Koremitsu heart practically jumped out once she said that.

"Let’s go then."

After saying that, Honoka beamed as she went forth.

(This is bad, Hikaru. I guess I can’t hang on for 10 short minutes myself.)

Koremitsu grumbled quietly as he watched her back.

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Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Itakoro…… Volume 10, Special Chapter - The Flawed Secret Room, Koremitsu and Honoka’s After Story