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Heavenly Castle
Extra Chapter 3 – Mea’s magic practice, Part 1

Extra Chapter 3 – Mea’s magic practice, Part 1

Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Dressed in a cute and somewhat revealing outfit with a lot of frills that looked both like a traditional dress and a dancer girl’s attire, Mea stood with her eyes closed, holding both of her hands in front of her. The location had nothing in surroundings being the central passage of the heated pool on the northern side of the island.

Mea stood silently, without any change.

A light breeze blew, shaking Mea’s beautiful cat ears. Her tail also kept swaying without rest, almost transmitting her silent nervousness to the observers.

In fact, Torraine, Rant, and Schnee, who were intently looking at Mea, and Ayla and Taiki, who stood a bit away, were watching her, holding their breath.

Without even glancing at the audience, Yuri, with her usual fluffy demeanor, narrowed her eyes and nodded contently.

「Yes, good, you are getting better bit by bit. Is it because of the sharp instincts of a beastman? You are successfully regulating magic power. Both Ditzen-sama and I spent quite a long time before achieving this level of control over magic power. Perhaps, Mea-sama might become the most amazing practitioner of all.」

Seeing Yuri somewhat happily say that, Torraine softened her expression a bit and looked at Mea.

Behind her, Rant and Schnee exchanged surprised looks.

「Amazing, to think Mea can become a magician...」

「Isn’t this first even among our relatives?」

Whispered Rant and Schnee, while Ayla and Taiki also showed signs of admiration.

「Is it rare for a cat beastman to be a magician?」

Ayla strongly nodded in response to Taiki’s question.

「I think it’s extremely rare. You might not know this as you have spent most of your time among the skies, but almost all of the known magicians these days are humans. Only a few of them are elves, but even that can be called unusual. After all, most of the elves live in the woods and won’t come near human settlements.」

Hearing that explanation Taiki hummed.

「Does that mean that beastmen genetically have scarce magic power? Or they just don’t have foundations to become magicians?」

As Taiki muttered those words, Ayla slightly lowered her head with a glum look.

「I’m not familiar with the word genetically, but beastmen mostly settle among the same race, so they might not have many opportunities to learn magic.」

Hearing Ayla Taiki gave half-heated「hmm」of a reply and continued observing Mea.

「I see. However, in that case, any race should have many of those missing their chance to learn magic, living in remote or poor settlements.」

After saying that, he mumbled in a small voice 「Even on Earth, apart from advanced countries, the people unable to go to school were more numerous.」Ayla was unable to catch that and only tilted her head, but Taiki didn’t respond to her and while smiling wryly shifted his gaze to Yuri.

「Even so, Yuri-san is mysterious, her ability to sense the flow of magic is pretty mysterious as well, but you wouldn’t suspect that she is of royal blood from her attitude at all. There is also no hint of discrimination towards beastmen that you mentioned earlier.」

As he said so and laughed, Ayla looked at Yuri, narrowing her eyes.

「...Indeed, I don’t sense even a speck of malice or ill intentions from Yuri-sama. I feel like she is treating everyone as equal.」

Ayla replied while her eyes looked like she was looking at something radiant, to which Taiki nodded and said.

「Yes. Just like you, I think it’s amazing.」

「Eh, ah, y-yes...? T-thank you very much...」

Though a bit bewildered by sudden praise from Taiki, Ayla gave her thanks and then when silent. Perhaps not sure how she should have reacted, however not only her cheeks but even her ears also went red as she looked down at the ground.

Then, the ears of Mea, who until now was silently concentrating, dropped to the sides.

And suddenly, a strong wind swept, with Mea in its center.


Yuri said, raising one hand, and the wind that was about to ravage the surroundings instantly started to calm down. As Mea opened her eyes, the wind above her turned into a swirl, and finally grew into a small tornado. The tornado gradually gained more and more power and began to absorb water from the pool.

「Here we go.」

Exclaimed Yuri in a carefree tone, and swung down her raised hand. The next moment, the tornado that shrouded Mea gradually dissipated, as if it melted into the air.

It left only the exhausted and heavily breathing Mea there.

「You did your best. You maintained concentration a lot longer than at the beginning, and your control and precision is also on another level.」

While giving praise, Yuri approached Mea sitting on the ground. Mea raised her head to see a gentle smile directed at her.

「Are you okay? No one except you would know how much magic power you have left, so if you feel sick, drained or some other anomaly, then you should take a rest right away. 」

Yuri advised kindly, to which Mea silently shook her head.

「I’m fine. Though just now, when the wind grew stronger I felt as if... My magic was pulled somehow...」

She said without much confidence, hearing that, Yuri put her hands together and exclaimed in awe.

「Oh my! That is amazing! You feeling that is the proof that you sensed the flow of some of my magic power! With that sense, there is a possibility that you might be able to sense special characteristics or structure of techniques of other countries! I can sense the flow of magic power as well, but I can’t feel special traits or formations of foreign techniques. But you, Mea-sama, there just might be a chance...」

She spoke excitedly, gradually drawing closer to Mea’s face, and as if pushed by that pressure, Mea leaned back.

「Eh, ah, y-yes...?」

As she for some reason produced the same reply as Ayla a moment ago, Mea dropped her gaze in embarrassment. And covertly sneaking a peek at Taiki, tried to confirm his reaction.

On the other hand, Taiki, who heard the words Yuri spoke in excitement, stood there with round eyes.

「Oooh, amazing. So in a way, it’s Mea’s special power? That’s amazing, she might be able to become a good magician.」

Saying so he looked to the side, at Ayla, who was listening with her mouth shut, she awkwardly smiled and agreed.

「Yes. Mea-chan is amazing. She is good at cooking and cleaning, and I’ve also heard that she’s good at hunting, and now even magic...」

As the two were having such conversation, corners of Mea’s mouth slightly twitched. Her tail also swayed from side to side.

On the other hand, Ayla cast down her eyes sadly and lowered her head.

「...I’m not good. My cooking doesn’t improve, as for cleaning, I was barely able to do the basic stuff only after you personally taught me. If only there was a job where I could be useful...」

Flustered, Taiki rushed to comfort the dejected Ayla.

「N-no no. You are working really hard, your cooking is also getting better lately? Mea surely was taught by Torraine since she was a child, so of course, you wouldn’t catch up to her that easily. You can just gradually improve from now on. I’m also looking forward to seeing how your dishes will get more and more delicious.」

As Taiki stated that, Ayla looked at him with an upturned gaze.

「...Looking forward? To my cooking?」

As Ayla asked in a small voice, Taiki gently smiled at her.

「Yes, a whole lot.」

The very moment Taiki said that Ayla’s face bloomed into a bright smile like a flower. And putting her two hands on her chest replied.

「Yes! I will do my best!」

Ayla said in a loud voice and then once again cast her gaze down, but she appeared completely different from a while ago, now producing faint 「Ehehehe.」. With her cheeks colored red she muttered「I have to work hard and make delicious cuisine for Taiki-sama...」and swayed restlessly where she stood.

Mea, who was watching that scene, frowned and narrowed her eyes. Gloom could be seen on her face, ears on top of her head dropped their angle and are now lying horizontally.

As if reflecting her mood, ripples appeared on the warm water of the pool, noticing that, Yuri placed one hand at her mouth and raised her head.

「Oh my?」

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Heavenly Castle Extra Chapter 3 – Mea’s magic practice, Part 1