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Heavenly Castle
Extra Chapter 2 – Ditzen’s days at laboratory, Part 2

Extra Chapter 2 – Ditzen’s days at laboratory, Part 2

Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

「In that case, I’m thinking of improving the efficiency of a water technique, I have already conceptualized a new idea and will get to giving it a form. But rest assured, the test will take place only three or four days from now on.」

As I explained so, His Highness Yanual moved his jaw, as if contemplating something and then murmured

It’s the overly suspicious prince we are talking about, he most certainly is thinking about what might be behind my words.

「...What improvements do you want to make to that water technique?」

Being asked so, you are not a researcher if you won’t answer fully.

I puffed my chest with pride and smiled with one side of my mouth.

「Volume and area adjustments to the conventional water technique. Those two. Other practitioners in their research only seek ways to reduce the expenditure of magic power while keeping this spell the same. But I want to add precise changes there!」

「...For power?」

His Highness Yanual got into it. To which I continued my talk with a bold smile.

「Yes, for power! Some sketchy practitioners would say that with the increase in volume the power would also increase. However, the increased volume would increase the power of water stream only that much! As with the adjustments to the area, unless you increase the amount of spent magic power the amount of emitting water would decrease so in the same way the power would not change that much.」

There, I raised an index finger in front of my face.

「However, were we to keep the volume the same but narrow the area, the force would increase exponentially. 」

When I stated this, His Highness Yanual looked right at me.

「Hm, I see. This sounds interesting. After all, unlike ice techniques, even if you try to narrow the area of effect, the water spell tends to scatter needlessly with an increase in distance. But if you manage to skillfully contain the effect from spreading then it will be able to go over a long-range with great force. 」

Although His Highness Yanual is not a practitioner, he has profound knowledge of techniques, probably due to his close relationship with his little sister, Her Highness Yuri. Thus, he proactively listened to my words, as his understanding of my explanations was overwhelmingly the fastest among the Royal Family.

This brings me joy.

「Yes. But it’s not like the power output would be anywhere near the same as the original spell. After all, if the area were narrowed to about the size of a fingertip, it should have enough power to slice the body of a golem. Isn’t that amazing?!」

As I said that, spreading my arms, His Highness Yanual exclaimed 「Ooh.」with wide-open eyes.

「...That’s amazing. Your personality is seriously flawed, but there is no doubt that you are a genius, Ditzen. Still, you absolutely must take experiments for that spell outside of the fortress, understood?」

As expected, even His Highness Yanual couldn’t help but admire my new idea.

「Yes! Then, I will immediately get to development in the laboratory!」

Saying that I bowed to His Highness Yanual and awaited his reply.

For a short while, he hesitated, but eventually, he signed in a somewhat reluctant manner.

「...Okay. From the morning of tomorrow, you are to appear daily at the castle with a report.」

「Yes, understood.」

I replied energetically, holding my head high.

Then, His Highness Yanual nodded, seemingly satisfied.


And after such a short reply, His Highness Yanual went back to the castle along with the soldiers escorting him.

After that, I closed the door behind me and sat on a certain favorite stool of mine. Next, I smiled.

「...Good. Goood, good, good...」

The voice came out of my mouth on its own.

「Gooood! With this, I gained leeway of a few days! As if I’d be wasting my time on the development of new formulas now!」

As I finally was left alone in the room, I screamed this at the top of my lungs and then bring out the item that was my top priority research, which I had hidden in the deepest parts of the laboratory.

It was that novel toilet that I’ve seen in Taiki-sama’ castle.

The shape was recreated faithfully enough to say perfectly. But there is no warming for the seat. There is also no sound. And what is most important, there is no water jet to wash the butt. This is vexing. There is absolutely zero progress in the replication of the features.

Attempts in adding heat to the seat resulted in burning my rear and I have no idea how to go about adding music.

I vividly remember how I tried to use the imperial style technique for water jet, and it almost destroyed me along with the toilet. The moment I activated the installed technique, the toilet was blown to pieces and I flew into the sky, breaking through the roof.

In a way that is how I got the idea to improve the power of the water technique by decreasing the area of effect, but if it is of no use in the development of the toilet then it’s irrelevant.

I caressed the toilet that I created with my own hands while thinking of my past mistakes. A smooth and slippery surface to the touch, it hardly resembles anything carved from stone. The seat and all other parts were handmade.

Perhaps the problem lay in the materials, this might be the reason I failed in heating the seat. And water jet that would shoot at the butt also ended in failure

But those two issues are still good as I at least have ideas. The problem was in music, as I didn’t understand what to do with it at all.

「...Should I control musical instruments using some formula? Yes, in that case, there might be a chance.」

Nodding several times to my own idea, I ran off in a hurry to get musical instruments.

As a result, what I managed to procure right away were a certain string instrument, a traditional drum and a set of flutes.

「Wind... If it’s the wind then I guess flutes would work.」

Concluding so, I take five flutes and arranging them next to each other, fix them in place.

Plugging different holes in each of them, I set them to produce a different sound.

Then I tried to emit a wind a bit away from the arranged flutes.

They produced a somewhat strange sound.

However, the volume was all over the place and I also made the amateurish mistake of blowing all of the flutes at the same time. However, such miss was within my expectations.

Next, to gather the wind in one place I made a mortar shaped bowl and put a hole in its center. Then, I passed a round tube through the hole and set up a pathway so it would go in order through the arranged flutes.

Now, if I use the wind technique aiming at the bowl, it should blow the flutes in successive order.

With those thoughts, I used the wind technique.

The wind technique was activated with the original power output, but since I made the bowl to prevent escape of the wind as best as possible, upon passing through the hole its strength increased drastically.

Strangely enough, it produced the same effect as the improvement for the water technique that I described to His Highness Yanual. Increased in force, the wind passed through the tube at a scary speed and one by one blew out all of the set-up flutes.

At the speed like that of an arrow shot from a powerful bow, they flew in all directions. Seeing that I reflexively tensed up and gulped.


I am not sure which came first, my scream or the steel flutes turned projectiles.

The shot flutes tore through the air and passed right next to me as I was sitting on the toilet, pierced through the roof of the laboratory and flew outside.

Quite the unexpected force.

Isn’t this result on the level that can be pretty much used as a weapon as it is?

「I might actually be a genius after all. Fu, fufufufu.」

Gazing at the sunlight passing through the newly opened holes in the ceiling I burst into laughter while giving myself high praise.

But in fact the launched flutes flew at a high speed through the air and penetrated the walls of private residences and merchants’ stalls.

As a result, it didn’t take long until His Highness Yanual barged in due to complaints from the neighborhood.

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Heavenly Castle Extra Chapter 2 – Ditzen’s days at laboratory, Part 2