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Heavenly Castle
Extra Chapter 2 – Ditzen’s days at laboratory, Part 1

Extra Chapter 2 – Ditzen’s days at laboratory, Part 1

Translator: Pink Tea Editor: Ryunakama

For some reason, the development of a new magic formula that was basically neglected for half a year was rushed, and since the morning I confined myself in the laboratory.

Since the research of the equipment of Taiki-sama’s castle that I’ve been focusing on until now, was put on hold, I worked on the new formula while almost crying tears of blood at the injustice of this world.

I don’t have time to be afraid of failure.

I try every idea that comes to mind, I don’t care if the building will blow up or if the city will catch fire.

What was the most important at the moment, was to finish the assignment and make time for my own research.

And so, today as well I spectacularly blew up a shed built for testing purposes behind the laboratory.

Raising a cloud of dust big enough to cover up a two-story building, the wooden shed was blown to pieces, a second later, a dry wind created by the explosion scattered wooden fragments of various sizes in the surroundings.

As I still heard a ringing in my ears, I threw parchment to the ground where the flow of the research was recorded.

「Damn! So it exploded after all! Fine, next! On to the next test!」

Raising my voice in an attempt to motivate myself, I turned on my heel, headed back to the laboratory, and brought a parchment that had the formula with the best probability of success.

Techniques of the Imperial Country of Fleida are a bit different from the neighboring countries.

Well, each country had its own flavor to them, but I guess it can be said that the Imperial Country is a little more original in that aspect.

For usual spells one would use the necessary amount of magic power present in the body and emit it outside, then give it a form, transform, and control it.

However, Imperial techniques had an additional step to them.

Engraving magic formulas that stabilized the magic power on cloth or paper.

That step existed to make the use of emitted magical power more efficient, eliminating excessive expenditure.

The fact that not only the voice but letters and symbols also greatly influence magic power is widely known.

However, magic techniques making use of that fact to increase efficiency are special to the Imperial Country.

And, it can be said that the research of such techniques is the mission given to all imperial practitioners.

It’s not something to brag about but me receiving the seat of the first practitioner of the Eastern Fortress despite my hardly great magical power is the direct result of that research.

Fleida style magic.

And levitation magic that incorporated it.

For those two arts, I made what is also called Ditzen-style formula.

To be precise, a technique that I developed and created, a magic formula, about the size of a child’s widespread arms, engraved on a cloth.

As a result of that research, Fleida style spells and levitation magic can be used for two-thirds of the magic power that they originally took and have a half shorter invocation time.

This is truly revolutionary if I may say so myself.

Recognized by His Majesty I was transferred to the Southern Fortress to the post of the first practitioner.

Why despite me making an achievement that anyone would recognize, was I made to work at the Southern Fortress Instead of the Capital.

Normally, a common practice for first-class practitioners or practitioners whose accomplishments were recognized would be to settle them at the Capital or a neighboring town so their work would, first of all, affect the capital.

However, in my case, it was Southern Fortress, far from the capital.

According to His Majesty, the reason was the possibility of harassment I might receive were I to settle in the capital after having such success at such a young age.

But the real reason was different.

The actual reason was that the southern fortress now was under the authority of His Highness Yanual.

There were also family circumstances, it seems that for some reason prince Yanual, and Princess Yuri took a liking to me.

Knowing that, His Majesty sent me to assist prince Yanual, who was in charge of a more or less crucial border fortress.

His Highness most certainly knew that as well.

I’m allowed to perform my research with a tolerance that would be unthinkable in the capital.

For my research I can get some funds, personnel, and medicine. I even had thicker and higher walls than normal constructed for proving grounds, in case magic formula were to cause an explosion.

「Therefore, without being afraid of the failure let’s keep testing and produce results as soon as possible.」

With those words, I run to the testing grounds.

At the same time, I hear the sound of a heavy metallic door opening behind me.


With that shout appeared His Highness Yanual himself.

I turn around holding a test formula in one hand and say.

「Why are you here?!」

When asked, Prince Yanual’s look became even more stern.

「You fool, causing one explosion after another while it’s only the morning! Ah! On top of that, what happened to the building on the proving grounds? What happened to the workroom?! Don’t tell me what that mountain of debris is it?! So you finally blew it up, Ditzen!」

His Higness Yanual raged while shaking his hands above the head as if he went mad.

What could have made him this angry?

「Your Highness! Please don’t mind a building or two! Just a little more and a new magical formula should be complete!」

I desperately advocate for myself, trying to make him go back as soon as possible, but His Highness’ rage did not subside.

Pointing at the mountain on debris, where the clouds of dust were yet to subside, he yelled in anger.

「I will mind! Is this some kind of protest against the work?! There is a flood of complaints and not only from the people and merchants but from the troops as well! If you were aiming for public annoyance then you earned great success, Ditzen!」

Seeing the rare sight of His Highness Yanual being seriously angry, I frowned but held my dissatisfaction to myself.

I had plenty of complaints and dissatisfaction but since I was appointed to this Southern Fortress as a researcher, the development of new techniques was an unavoidable duty.

That’s why I held my complaints and replied to His Highness Yanual.

「Yes! I will hurry the development without fearing failure!」

「I just came to tell you not to cause any more explosions?!」

Looks like I made a mistake in my reply.

His Highness Yanual stomped on the ground and went into an extreme fury.

If I enrage him even further perhaps he might even take away the laboratory from me.

As inhumane as it might be, with one word from His Highness Yanual there is a possibility that I might be forced into a situation when I won’t be able to do any research.

What a cruel story.

「...Understood. Then, I will refrain from improvements on the fire technique, which was the target of the experiments this time.」

When I announced so, His Highness Yanual, still with a frown, replied.

「...A fire technique? What kind of improvement were you trying to make?」

Hearing that question I couldn’t help but start explaining with pride.

Practitioners fond of research love flaunting the amazing parts of their projects.

「To increase the efficiency with which fire spreads in the surroundings I want a fire to burst into flames which would, in turn, burst into even more flames which would turn into blazes. That is the type of technique I was working on. The advantage lies in what it would burn down a large area with only one use. An ordinary fire technique would create a pillar of fire the size of one person, but using this new technique one can envelop in fire an area ten times larger while expending roughly the same amount of magical power. I’m still yet to homogenize the spread of the flames but I feel like I’m gradually getting closer... 」

As I explained in high spirits, His Highness Yanual silently put a hand upon his head and said.

「...I see, this is a valuable research. But why didn’t you report the contents of the research beforehand? Why are you running the tests here? If you told me in advance I could’ve prepared testing grounds outside.」

「...Eh, but that’s such a bother...」


I felt that His Highness Yanual’s eyes faintly shined as I unintentionally spilled my real thoughts.

Hearing a shout full of indignation, that felt like it was coming from the very depths of hell, I waved my arms in panic.

「Ah, no, Your Highness, I meant that. I will continue my research without activating the technique, so there is no need to go outside. After developing several new formulas, I then will properly test them outside...」

「Obviously.」 𝓲𝐧𝙣𝓇ℯ𝓪𝐝 c𝚘𝒎

His Highness Yanual was very angry.

His eyes were already those of a monster.

Angering him any further wouldn’t be the brightest thing to do.

Thinking so, I decided to propose an idea on which I’ve been pondering for a while.

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Heavenly Castle Extra Chapter 2 – Ditzen’s days at laboratory, Part 1