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Heavenly Castle
Extra Chapter 1 – Yanual who was left alone, Part 2

Extra Chapter 1 – Yanual who was left alone, Part 2

We changed location and we are in a room inside the store. This place is made with high-quality timber of a darkish shade, with nothing made of metal so that it becomes a rather relaxed atmosphere. The carpet is also of a high-quality fur of white demon beast.

I sat down on one of the four chairs made of big beast fur which was located in the center. Lutz sits opposite me.

“So, what is it, about the Heavenly Country?”

Lutz usually prepares tea, but maybe because he is feeling very impatient today, I was told to get into the main topic as soon as I sat down.

“Well, calm down a little. First, let’s talk from that country’s overview.”

When I said that, Lutz stands up with a surprised face.

“A, ah! I am sorry for not serving you tea.”

“No, it’s okay. I’ll have it next time.”

“I, I see. Then, let me promise the best hospitality for the next opportunity.”

After looking at Lutz, who bowed deeply and sat back down obediently, I started talking about the Heavenly Country mixed with a bitter smile.

“Well, although I proudly said overview and so on, I didn’t really get enough information that I can tell. For now, I will tell you the situation that I saw from the outside. First, it’s location.”


Lutz repeats it after me.

“Umu. The location is above the sky. Located inside the big clouds.”

“In, inside the clouds? Do you mean, a ‘cloud’?”

I nodded while feeling good a little at Lutz who’s being surprised.

“Yeah. When we entered inside that clouds, an island was floating in a manner as if it was really lifted up from the sea. Was it about the size of a mid-sized city? We could hardly meet the inhabitants, but there were beautiful gardens, pure white houses and a big castle.”

“A, an island is...... there really is a country above the sky, huh......”

“Yeah, There is. It’s the resources that I am curious about, but it seems like they could obtain timber but metal and stone seemed difficult. I’m sure because I hadn’t seen a quarry or mine. It seemed like there were also no livestock and so on, but maybe it was indoors and I didn’t see.”

When I said that, Lutz face turns into a merchant’s face.

“I see...... Then, they may already be doing some trades with the neighboring countries. So far, I haven’t heard anything similar to your stories. In other words, it is very likely that the flying island is moving. I regret that I didn’t look at the movements of the clouds, but fortunately the Imperial Country of Fleida is a country on the edge of the continent. Perhaps, the place where the Heavenly Country had made a trade would be either the Blau Empire or the Azul Kingdom. And if their resources would run short, the next time they will acquire their resources will be in this Imperial Country...... ”

From the little information, Lutz quickly makes various guesses. After all, he has experienced things much more than I have. And it’s splendid thinking.

I answer while nodding at Lutz’s guess.

“Umu. I was also thinking that. However, both the city and the castle are so complete that I don’t have any complaints. Stone, timber and metal may not even be needed.”

“Complete, is it?”

Maybe because he caught something in my words, Lutz narrowed his eyes and tucked his chin.

“That is, do you mean that something is lacking in the castle or the city where we are living......... and that there is something more in the Heavenly Country?”

To such a question, I furrowed my brow and hummed.

“Hmm... It’s hard to say what is there. There were too many things that I couldn’t understand. But if I were to mention something, it is, the technological strength that we cannot possess in a broad sense and the equipment that was beyond my awareness in a lot of aspects. Even the roads, stairs, structure of buildings and decorations. I’m not emphasising it too much, but they are built delicately.”

When I said my evaluation, Lutz traced his chin with his fingers with a serious face.

“Technology...... I’m very interested in this. Equipment, decorations, construction of roads and stairs may be reproduced somehow, but technology can’t be imitated just by seeing it. If possible, I would like you to tell me its principle and mechanism......”

“Don’t ask me, okay? Because Ditzen, who went together with us, even examined it without sleep, but we came back without getting any clues.”

When I make such a reply, Lutz raises his head with wide eyes.

“Is it Ditzen-sama? I thought he was quite well versed not only in technical formula but also in technical tools, but......”

He said that and I frowned while shaking my head from side to side.

“It’s not such simple distinction. For example, with a size of... ah, maybe just like this room. What means are there to move a compartment as big as this room from the first floor to the second floor and the third floor respectively, in a situation where there are five humans and a single golem in the compartment?”

When I asked that, Lutz sharply narrowed his eyes and looked around the room. He lowered his gaze as if pondering for a while and raised his head.

“...... Usually, it is a pulley that is used in a water well and so on. However, if it is a big compartment and a golem are also the same, a big pulley mechanism and a number of people are necessary in order to lift it up. It also has to be lifted up while confirming the situation of the compartment from the outside, so a facility has to be prepared at the top and bottom of the compartment......”

I snorted and raised my eyebrows at Lutz who guess its mechanism while being troubled.

“Even I can come up with that. However, what I don’t understand is that it didn’t give off a sound. It’s completely soundless. The door also opens and closes by itself without a sound. There was also no sign like giving a signal in order to move. You could just push a square box with your index finger.”

When I said that, Lutz blinked his eyes and froze up.

Oh man. As I thought, I should have accepted the tea he offered. This is likely to be long.

I was waiting for Lutz to restart while thinking such things, but his recovery was quicker than I expected. When he recovered his expression, he spoke calmly.

“...... Your Highness. With all due respect, perhaps you were having a dream......”

“Don’t say nonsense. Why would I lie?”

I return a complaint to his unexpected conclusion. Lutz’s speculation is no more than abandonment of thoughts. Maybe he is different from me? I want Lutz to think from a different angle.

I fold my arms and look firmly at Lutz’s face again.

“In addition, a tap that produces cold water and hot water just by turning a rod on its side, a surprisingly clean multifunctional toilet that uses a large amount of water and pure white soft paper, golems that can fly in the sky, black boxes that let you show and see far away places on the spot...... and the same goes for food and alcohol. The bread was so soft that I couldn’t feel it when I chewed it, and the alcohol was so clear and easy to drink but surprisingly strong...... there were only things that are impossible from my understanding. However, only its awesomeness can be understood clearly. I want you to see it.”

When I said that, Lutz raised a dry laugh.

“Ha, hahaha...... if Your Highness’ words are true, I’m not sure whether I can do it, but......”

Hearing such words that were almost a weak voice, I narrow my eyes.

“I didn’t say right now. Let me know if you have come up with it. I’m not saying to give me a perfect correct theory. Show me the possibility that you might be able to make it. If you can do it, I will also take you to the Heavenly Country with me by any means.”

Hearing my words, Lutz straightened up his back with a surprised look. And bows his head.

“...... I’m sorry. I could not understand Your Highness’ thoughts and I easily spoke an unwanted answer. Your Highness wants to bring back the technology of the Heavenly Country to the Imperial Country by all means, so I will not be able to repay the favor if I don’t have the same attitude as Your Highness. Allow me to change my attitude and do my best.”

Being told that by Lutz with a strong tone, I furrowed my brow.

“...... Favor? To me? I don’t have any recollection, though.”

As I am recalling, Lutz laughs out loud.

“Your Highness may not be bothered, but for me it was a big event and a crossroad in my life because I opened a store in this Eastern Fortress.”

He said that and I frowned.

“I’m thinking that it was hard when I asked you to a remote area. That’s why I try to give preferential treatment as much as possible.”

Lutz looked at me with round eyes.

“N, no no. It is not that I hate it, but I am really grateful. After all, I didn’t have a place to go. There is a main store in the Imperial Country Capital, and there are already store in the nearby big cities and distant trading cities. So cutting in will snatch away the profits of the seniors.”

Looking at Lutz who said that and showed a bitter smile, I asked a question.

“You’re the son of the big trading company. Even without worrying about it, I think you can be able to have a store in the Imperial Country Capital on a place where it won’t get in the way, right?”

When I asked that, he returned a vague smile.

“Apart from the company’s ideology that it is more important to raise a profit, there is an implied rule that whoever harms the interests of their companions will be ostracized. My father, told me to be independent by my own strength and become a merchant who makes a bigger profit than anyone else, but it would take a very long time for a merchant to do it alone. Therefore, while I was working at the main store in the Imperial Country Capital, I managed to find my own personal connections, market channels and capable people. At such a time, Your Highness had especially called me by name, and even gave me help to buy a store. I would be out of my mind if I am not grateful”

While stammering, Lutz narrated that.

Even if I’m looking at his expression or hearing his voice, he is so sincere that I can tell that there is really no lie. Therefore, I nodded greatly and replied.

“I didn’t know that. You were called to the Eastern Fortress where business is very difficult and I thought that it would be inevitable even if you are resenting me. But now hearing your sentiment, I would like to take you all the more to the Heavenly Country. The days of obscurity that I personally devised in order to pursue benefits greedily as well as your sincere appearance as a merchant who aims to grow more even if you currently own a store. For sure with this, I will be able to negotiate first with the unknown country and obtain new technologies and products.”

While I was saying that and kept nodding satisfyingly, a doubt within my heart had occurred.

I take another look at Lutz who has a delighted look and I raise a brow.

“...... Hmm? Perhaps, did my bad habit of speaking out my inner thoughts happen again?”

When he heard that, Lutz shakes his head from side to side while laughing awkwardly.

“That’s not true. Even I said what I was thinking honestly. Besides, if Your Highness says that you would not take me along with you, I will use any means to find a way to go above the sky by my own means. Because my family’s motto is, to choose any means for the benefit of the trading company.”

I returned a dry laugh while feeling something chilly for the first time from Lutz who said such an unthinkable thing and laughed lightly.

“Ha ha ha...... If I’m unlucky, It seems like we’re going up to the sky even if you take me as a hostage, huh?”

When I asked that jokingly, Lutz laughed with his eyebrows in ハ. 𝘪𝑛𝒏r𝘦𝚊𝐝. 𝒄o𝐦

“I would not do such a thing. Our trading company was born and raised in the Imperial Country, so we believe that the royalty and titled nobility are our most important customers.”

“Oh, I see. Then if I don’t become careful in order not to lose power in the Imperial Country, the merchants would likely to turn away in the blink of an eye.”

“Hahaha. It would be my pleasure to do what little I can to become an assistance for the Imperial Country to achieve further progress. Therefore, I will definitely go to the Heavenly Country, for sure...... ”

“Umu, I see. HAHAHA”

When I laughed, Lutz burst into laughter in the same way.

While laughing happily together on the surface, I once again carved in my heart the dreadfulness of the existence called merchant.

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Heavenly Castle Extra Chapter 1 – Yanual who was left alone, Part 2