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Heavenly Castle
Extra Chapter 1 – Yanual who was left alone, Part 1

Extra Chapter 1 – Yanual who was left alone, Part 1

Three days after unwillingly seeing off the two people from empire and one traitor flying up to the sky.

I am roaming about inside and outside of the castle again today, with a parchment with letters written on it. As soon as I came along the familiar stone wall and a wall of wooden boards arranged side-by-side, I quickly go to the Eastern Fortress’ wealthiest merchant.

「Your Highness. Should I call the merchant for you?」

It was a soldier that asked that. The Eastern Fortress is not only far away from the Imperial Country Capital, it is also a defense base near the border. Although it has never been involved in war, there have been few merchants who take the risk to set up shops in such a place so far. At the most, it is at least merchants who come after hearing the condition that the Imperial Country will prepare a building and give preferential treatment in terms of tax.

However, the one who has a store in the Eastern Fortress is Lutz, the third son of the big trading company owner in the Imperial Country Capital.

His is 25 years old. He is almost the same age as myself. He looks like an unreliable feeble man with brown hair, but he is a hardcore merchant with 20 years of experience, who had been an apprentice of a salesman from the age of 5, worked as a peddler from the age of 12, and a merchant who set up a store from the age of 20.

That is Lutz, but he was also an acquaintance that I knew since he was in a position as an apprentice in a store. Originally, any trading company was showing disapproval towards opening their company store in the Eastern Fortress, but it was implemented because Lutz declared that he will personally go. As a result, a lot of different kinds and quantity of commodities are available at the Eastern Fortress compared to the transaction from a peddler.

Obviously, Lutz is working hard to secure a number of teas that are produced in the Imperial Country Capital that I always buy. In other words, we can’t hang out or call him to the castle because he is busy.

I who rode in a carriage and arrived right in front of a big building, looked up and spoke.

「Lutz! Are you there!」

When I shouted that, the people who were prostrating themselves in my surrounding, raise a chuckle. If they do such a thing to a royalty such as those self-assertive lumps of vanity like my brothers, everyone will probably receive heavy punishment.

However, I don’t feel bad because I feel like they have a feeling of familiarity to the royal family for me. And it is also the same for Lutz.

「Your Highness Yanual, hello hello. You visited me yesterday, but do you have any urgent order? Will you order tea as much as possible from Imperial Country Capital as usual?」

With a gentle face, Lutz showed himself in front of the store with such a loose-lip. A gentle-looking man with brown hair that was trimmed somewhat short and a merchant’s clothes which was made using high-quality purple cloth, was worn in order to show the dignity of the big trading company. It’s the usual Lutz.

「Do you think I will come here by a carriage for such a thing? It’s another matter.」

When I told him that with my arms folded, Lutz nods while laughing.

「That was very rude of me. Well, then let’s go inside.」


When I and Lutz are having such a normal conversation and going inside the store, there were chuckles raised again behind us. I wonder why even the escort soldiers were laughing for some reason. I will ask them why later.

When we entered inside the store while I’m thinking such things, large quantities of goods, that were organized splendidly as usual, came into view. Foodstuffs, clothing, arms, daily necessities, and even luxury items are precisely arranged.

Whether it is a big city where the likes of peddlers, knights or mercenaries come and go or not, it is solely due to Lutz’s effort that so many goods are all available in such a remote fortress.

In addition to his ability to manage the goods, ability to manage the store and organize the employees, Lutz also has another excellent talent.

That is the talent in interior design of stores or houses.

Lutz daringly used a few cheap woods that are low quality to make walls and shelves in the store so that the products are easy to see. Nevertheless, the overall atmosphere became something much more sophisticated than the other stores that used high quality woods and metal such as silver everywhere to not make it look cheap.

This is completely Lutz’s unique idea and it is something that draws a line from the other merchants’ stores in the same big trading company. By the way, the other merchants usually use the highest quality wood and stones that they can buy to build their stores. For this reason, some people in the imperial city are doing something like ranking according to the materials used in the store, but I think I would like to see the store of Lutz more as for me.

「As always, it’s splendid.」

「......? Pardon me?」

When I said my impression aloud, Lutz looked back at me curiously. I return a laugh and casually examine the surroundings.

It is also almost afternoon, so there seems to be few customers.

「There are few people. It’s just right. Let’s talk right here.」

When I said that, Lutz laughed awkwardly and nodded.

「Your Highness as always, has a nice personality.」

「Hmm? What do you mean?」

While I’m am puzzled at Lutz’s words that I don’t understand the meaning of, Lutz speaks while bowing his head.

「No, it is nothing. What I’m saying is I really like Your Highness.」

「Thank you for that.」

I gave thanks because I seemed to have been praised, but Lutz laughs delightfully. I wonder what’s so funny?

No, Lutz is always strange. I pull myself together and continue the conversation.

「Anyway, let’s move on to the main topic. Have you heard about the island that was recently flying in the sky here, the Heavenly Country?」

When I asked that, Lutz’s eyes grew slightly wide open.

「....... Of course, I know, but isn’t it confidential? Even though everyone is talking about it as a rumor, the reality is out of grasp at all. Even though it isn’t because there is a gag order being imposed, this must be a really serious secret that is only being exchanged between some Imperial Country senior executives. I thought that, but......」

Unusually, Lutz spoke what’s in his mind freely. It seems like the existence of Heavenly Country seems to strongly stimulate the curiosity of Lutz as well.

「Oh, that’s why you didn’t ask me about the Heavenly Country yesterday?」

When I said that, Lutz admitted while smiling bitterly.

「Yes, that’s right. Hearing Your Highness bringing up that subject, means that you are going to tell me about the Heavenly Country, right?」 𝙞𝚗n𝓇𝘦аd. 𝗰𝘰𝚖

Lutz said that with a gentle smile, but his eyes were shining. While smiling at Lutz who can’t suppress his excitement, I nodded.

「That’s right. It’s regarding that Heavenly Country, but if possible, I’d like to have Lutz accompany me next time. After all, it’s nothing but unusual things for me and I came home without understanding almost everything. A first-class merchant’s eyes. I judged that I need very good eyes that will assess the great number of foreign goods.」

When I said that and looked at Lutz, Lutz erased his smile and swallowed his saliva with a serious expression.

「...... Your Highness, if your time allows, could you let me listen to your story carefully inside?」


When I gave an immediate reply, Lutz hurriedly turned on his heel.

「Well then, right this way, please.」

The always cool and collected Lutz goes inside with movements that suits well in describing a ‘thud’ thud’ ‘thud’. His receding appearance felt fresh and very amusing, but let’s keep that secret.

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Heavenly Castle Extra Chapter 1 – Yanual who was left alone, Part 1