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Heavenly Castle
Chapter 81 – His Majesty returns

Chapter 81 – His Majesty returns


A gentle breeze blew and caressed my cheeks.

When I turn my head and look at the scenery, an almost cloudless sky spreads in my sight. It’s a deep blue that can never be seen from the ground.

“Is something wrong?”

Being called out, I turn around.

A young man with a gentle atmosphere which is similar to the drifting wind in the surroundings was there.

The great magician who makes the island including this castle float and controls the countless golems all by himself.

The large number of astounding technological capabilities and the army of golems that even reaches several hundred that I saw in the guidance of Taiki-dono. His extraordinary magical power that slays even dragon’s with one blow.

Yet even if he knows that, he’s a person with a carefree atmosphere with no maliciousness that can be seen in his manner. He doesn’t even show off this power that lies within him and rather it even seems like he doesn’t care what people think of him.

He’s exactly a man like a wind that drifts above this sky.

“...... I once again etched the existence of the King of the Heavenly Country into my mind. From now on, I hope that we can form a solid friendly relationship. If you could come to my country, I will hold the best welcoming ceremony that I can make.”

“Ah, no, I will be going secretly at that time, so I will be happy if you could simply welcome me.”

Seeing Taiki-dono say that while laughing awkwardly, I reflexively laughed. 𝒊n𝙣𝓻𝚎𝒶𝚍. 𝑐𝗼𝓶

“...... I understand. I will do it moderately, but I promise you the best accommodation that I can give.”

I replied and laughed together with the unselfish supreme ruler of the sky.

The king of the Heavenly Country, the size of his vessel may surely be extremely unfathomable.


“Please be sure to invite me again.”

After leaving those words, Schwartz went to the ground with the elves.

While seeing them off with everyone until they disappeared, I stretch out my hands and straighten up my back.

“Ooh...... I’m tireeed......”

Although I just finished it, it is to accommodate the king of a large country. I tried my best to have a lot of conversations, but I can’t really grasp the feeling of it.

I turn to Ayla who smiles next to me and I laugh.

“How was it? Although I can’t bring out such things as dignity, unexpectedly I feel like I’ve been able to interact confidently, but...... no, maybe it’s in my imagination?”

I became embarrassed halfway and personally denied it, but Ayla shook her head from side to side and spoke.

“No, it was really excellent. The emperor was overwhelmed the whole time, but when I noticed it, he was smiling often and I think that good conversations were held. Even though Taiki-sama’s power was shown firmly, I think Taiki-sama’s personality was also fully conveyed.”

And that is Ayla’s extremely high praise.

“I think so too. Rather than to intimidate with overwhelming power, I think that Taiki-sama’s actions we will be able to build a strong alliance.”

Yuri agreed further and I hid my face with both hands in shame. It’s not a situation that I can say that I didn’t think about it that much.

As I’m fainting in agony at myself a few seconds ago when I became carried away, Aifa, who was refraining quietly until now, speaks.

“...... Then, Taiki-dono. It’s been decided that I will stay here, so I wonder if you have any work for me?”


I furrow my brows at the strange words of Aifa and turn around.

“Do you want to work?”

When I asked that, Aifa tucked his chin with serious look. It seems like he wants to work.

When the elves were about to return to the forest, I became an 『Elves’ friend』 through Aifa and Fiatora.

It isn’t something light as it sounds, but it promises a permanent friendship with the elf clan and if something happens, it is very firm that even an unknown elf will help me.

As a proof of that, an accessory made of wood and metal chains is worn around my wrist.

It seems to be a great item which is made of mythril and a branch of the Spirit Tree, but I don’t really know its value. I remember when I first saw it, the thought of a ‘hippie-ish bracelet’ somehow came into my mind and disappeared.

After that, the elves returned to the forest while saying many thanks, but the talk changed to who will remain in the Heavenly Country until the time that I changed my mind and said I want to see the Spirit Tree.

When I heard it, I thought that it would be nice if the little but beautiful elf girl, Fiatora, remains, but after a discussion, it was decided that Aifa, who had a somewhat long contact with me, will be left.

Aifa also somehow didn’t object to it. He even bowed to me with a look expressing that ‘it’s natural’ and made a strange speech,

“From now on, I would like to walk on the path of magic with Taiki-dono as the master. Please treat me well.”

Since then he began to use delicate words politely, but his face has a sullen look as usual, so he doesn’t have much of a disciple atmosphere.

For the time being, the place where he lives was a white house in the same area as Mea’s family.

However, there’s no way I can teach such things as magic to Aifa and it’s also impossible to teach how to make a robot.

Even if I give him a job, Torraine and the others are mainly doing farm work and castle chores, and there’s also no need for a bodyguard if I am at the top of the sky.

While I am being troubled, a certain idea crossed my mind.

“...... Hmm? Bodyguard?”

I mutter that and raise my face. Ayla, Yuri, Ditzen, and Mea’s family, who have come to see Schwartz and the elves off, are before my line of sight.

And there’s Aifa.

“If it is with these members, I wonder if it will be alright to go down on the ground?”

Until now, it was impossible because there were only Ayla and Mea’s family, but now there are Aifa, Yuri and Ditzen who are first-class magicians.

No, it may be better to have one person, who can become war potential, to remain in the castle, but isn’t there still a room from this number of people?

After I thought that, I unconsciously showed a smile without being able to contain my excitement.

And opened my mouth.

“Aifa-san, can I entrust you to be my bodyguard?”

When I said that, not just Aifa, but everyone tilted their heads confusedly.

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Heavenly Castle Chapter 81 – His Majesty returns