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Heavenly Castle
Chapter 80 – The new emperor arrived on the island

Chapter 80 – The new emperor arrived on the island

Welcome to the Heavenly Country.」

When I greet him like that, the new emperor of the Blau Empire, Schwartz, who just came down from the carriage, speaks.

「...... Are you, Taiki-dono?」

I smile wryly while becoming puzzled at his response like he couldn’t hide his confusion.

「So far, I’m calling myself with the name Taiki.」

When I answered that, Schwartz shook his head from side to side with a slightly panicked look.

「Aah, no, I’m sorry. I was imagining an old man who seemed to have surely live for hundreds of years, but...... No way, your appearance as I have heard is really......」

Schwartz muttered that and straightened up his back once again.

「I am the current emperor of the Blau Empire, Schwarz Blau. I feel grateful for your assistance during the previous revolution. For a while now, I have been making efforts in laying the foundations of the empire, but once it will be settled, allow me to once again hold a grand event for you as an ally. I would like Taiki-dono to participate on that occasion by all means......」

And, Schwartz begins his greetings with a low attitude unbecoming of the top position of a large country.

However, it may be something inevitable. After all, the Blau Empire is just after their revolution. They are probably occupied on their internal situations and must be wanting to reduce the hostile countries.

I’m told that originally, it seems impossible for the new emperor to go to other countries so soon, but this time he was able to come for a greeting and observation trip for a very short time of two days and one night.

I was thinking that if he was so busy, he could postpone it some more, but Schwartz seems to be quite concerned about this.

And while giving a sidelong glance at me who thinks about various things, Schwartz slowly looked around the surroundings and spoke.

「...... However, even though I finally set foot on the Heavenly Country, I don’t feel a sense of reality at all. Certainly, the clouds are lower than my line of sight and the sky is so much closer than I have ever seen. But at my feet is a beautiful cobblestone and a grassy road...... It’s a beautiful, but mysterious place.」

When Schwartz said such impressions, Ditzen nodded greatly and spreads his hands.

「Exactly, it’s a utopia at the top of the sky! Taiki-sama! Ditzen has finally came back! Please teach me about the abyss of magic again......!」

I wonder if I have ever talked about the abyss of magic?

Although I thought that deep inside, I returned a wry smile at Ditzen and raised a hand.

「Taiki-sama, Ayla-sama. We’re back.」

When Torraine said that, Mea, Rant, and Schnee, who stands next to her, makes a deep bow.

「Thank you for your hard work.」

When I return a compliment Torraine and the others look at each other with a smile.

「It’s been a long time, Taiki-sama, Ayla-sama. How have you been?」

Then Yuri greets us. I and Ayla nod and I give a reply.

「Thank you for your hard work as well, Yuri-san. Your cooperation has been really helpful.」

When I replied that, Yuri laughed delightfully.

「Fufu. It is me who should say that, because I have been given an experience that could hardly ever come. I was able to personally get acquainted with His Majesty of the Blau Empire, so I was able to get more than enough rewards.」

When Yuri said that and turned towards Schwartz, Schwartz was nodding while laughing awkwardly.

It seems like, he knew that Yuri is a royalty from the Imperial Country of Fleida. I wonder if I can sum it up like he became greatly indebted to them as an emperor of the empire?

While I am laughing at the complicated situation, Aifa finally came to the front. Then he knelt down on one knee on that spot. Beside Aifa, there are three elves and all of them are bowing at me.

While everyone shuts their mouths, Aifa spoke as a representative.

「Taiki-dono...... my families returned to the forest safely thanks to Taiki-dono. If you wish, we will introduce Taiki-dono to the Spirit Tree. I don’t know if the Spirit Tree will respond, but maybe if it is Taiki-dono, then...... 」

When Aifa said that, each one of them except the elves gasp in surprise. Well, it would be amazing to be able to personally see the existence which was being talked of as a legend.

However, it’s scary to actually come down inside the forest. There also seems to be some monsters.

I, who suddenly thought such things, raise one hand and shake my head from side to side.

「No, it’s a wonderful and a great honor, but I’d rather not. Because Yuri-san and Torraine-san’s family have worked harder than me.」

When I said that and laughed, the elves raised their head with their eyes round.

「How unselfish......」

「Is there such a person in the humans?」

When the two male elves muttered that, the female elf behind Aifa tuck her chin. If I’m not mistaken, her name was Fiatora?

「...... I see. I now understand what Aifa was saying. And if he is such a person, I want to introduce him to the Spirit Tree.」

As she utters such troubling words, Fiatora bowed again.

「Taiki-sama. I am aware its impolite towards Taiki-sama, the king of the sky......! But please, descend on the ground and touch the Spirit Tree......!」 i𝒏𝒏𝐫𝑒𝐚d. c𝐨𝗺

Fiatora says further and Aifa follows her lines.

「Fiatora is someone who can be called a shrine maiden who was personally taking care of the Spirit Tree. I assure that you won’t regret it. Please come there and touch the Spirit Tree by all means......」

Eeeh. I don’t like it.

Such words almost came out from my mouth reflexively, but I managed to swallow it.

「....... Thank you. But please go inside the castle first. Everyone should be tired, so I will treat you as a token of my gratitude.」

When I said that and smiled at them, the elves were exclaiming in admiration as if they received it in a good way for some reason.

Schwartz, who was watching that, whispered alone with a very complicated expression.

「My father was reluctant to give up for many years, but Taiki-dono is being asked eagerly by the elves instead. How ironic.」

Hearing the words that were spoken with a self-deprecating laugh, somehow the words of The North Wind And The Sun came into my mind. 1

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Heavenly Castle Chapter 80 – The new emperor arrived on the island