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Heavenly Castle
Chapter 79 – Unnoticed revolution

Chapter 79 – Unnoticed revolution


Everyone stared dumbfoundedly at the Emperor and the golem who turned into ice statues.

「His, His Majesty......」

Someone muttered and Violette spoke as if responding to him.

「Now, the dream of the beautiful female general of the empire is over with this. It is both sad and somehow refreshing...... it is a complicated emotion.」

She spread her hands with dramatic appearance and turned her back to the ice statues.

「But it is something that is inevitable. The empire doesn’t have a chance to win anymore. Even if the emperor is replaced or the empire is taken over by the Heavenly Country, the battlefield that I like will be lost.」

Violette keeps talking clearly and walks between the crowd.

And she nimbly jumped up on the center of the hall.

「Well, farewell. I will go on a journey to find a country that’s in a war.」

「......!? Wa, wait!」

「Violette, you bitch......!」

A little after, the voice of those standing still resounded, but it is already too late. Violette, who moved as if to pass near the golems of Taiki-dono on purpose, flew out while everyone is at loss.


While I can’t help but lose my words at scene that’s being displayed on the screen, Violette disappeared in no time.

All that’s left is the Emperor and robot who have their time stopped inside the frozen ice pillar.

Unconsciously, I try to operate the robot inside the ice.

Then, the robot easily broke the ice and came out from within. At that time, the emperor’s body also comes out of the ice and collapse onto the floor.

The soldiers rushed with a panicked look, but the Emperor seems to have died as expected.

Ayla also wasn’t able to talk easily due to the unexpected flow of events, but she opened and closed her mouth several times, and eventually spoke to me.

「...... What are you planning to do?」

「How about...... We rescue Aifa and the others first?」

I look up at the screen while answering that and I move the robots. However, maybe because the soldiers are at the height of confusion, they were suppressed without much resistance.

One of the magicians became frantic and was releasing magic, but he ended up being defeated crushingly by a single robot.

「I wonder what will happen in the future.....」

I whispered that, a little with the intention of speaking to myself, but Ayla honestly gave me a reply as if she heard it.

「The direct subordinates of the former emperor are demoted or relegated...... Those who hold too much power will be executed or marked as slaves. The sooner he takes control of the Imperial Capital and inherits the throne, the less chaos there will be within the Empire. On the contrary, if various obstacles enters and slows them down......」

「The empire will be in a lot of chaos as civil wars erupt and devides it, right?」

I muttered that by continuing the words of Ayla and lost myself in thoughts.

Certainly, if it is known that the empire that overbearingly invaded its surroundings is shaken by the death of the Emperor, a rebellion will definitely erupt.

No, I’m sure that a rebellion will occur within the Imperial Capital before that.

「...... It can’t be helped. We should lend a hand so that the empire will not turn into chaos. But the condition is that the new emperor is a good person.」

When I said that, Ayla looks back at me with her eyes wide open.

「That is, in other words, to become a guardian of the new emperor...... no, it was nothing. If it is Taiki-sama, even the empire will surely become peaceful. It will also lead to the tranquility of the surrounding countries.」

「No no, that’s such an exaggeration. But if I can, I’d like to meet the person who will become the new emperor. We should ask when Mea and the others returns.」

「Tha, that’s right. There will be no problem if you actually met.」

While becoming puzzled at Ayla who nods many times over, I place my finger on the control screen.

Then only a few days after that. The new emperor had succeeded, the rebels were also suppressed by Aifa and the others along with the robots and the Empire seems to have regained its calmness in no time.

I was checking a little on the screen restlessly, but it seems that the elves, who escaped from the Imperial Capital, were moving in cooperation with Mea, Yuri, and Ditzen. i𝗻𝚗re𝗮𝐝. 𝙘𝑜m

Well, from my point of view, all I could see was aristocrats being completely threatened, but they seemed to be plucking the buds of rebellion afterwards.

And two more weeks after that.

Maybe because various things have calmed down at last, the appearance of Mea and the others coming back was being shown on the screen.

The elves also including Aifa, are being accompanied by four people and the new emperor has also joined them.

Or rather, the new emperor only brought one maid like an attendant and didn’t even bring an escort soldier.

「...... First of all, I wonder if I’m prepared to welcome them?」

When I muttered that and stood up, Ayla nodded solemnly.

「For this last two weeks....... you have been studying diligently for this day. For example, when the Emperor of the Blau Empire is the other party, please always hum.」

After making such exchanges, I and Ayla headed to the kitchen with extraordinary determinations.

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Heavenly Castle Chapter 79 – Unnoticed revolution