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Heavenly Castle
Chapter 78 – Violette’s intention

Chapter 78 – Violette’s intention


As expected, the golem daringly took my invitation and approached us.

That young man called Taiki has no atmosphere of a King. However, he is not mediocre.

I’m also able to catch a glimpse of his qualities as a politician at the part where he didn’t kill me or Aifa just because he became an alliance of the Azul Kingdom.

He prioritizes the benefits of his own country.

This is the first requirement of a politician and precisely because he understands it, he doesn’t easily enter into a war with the Empire.

His power was shown by his intervention in the previous war. Normally, the Empire will not take an aggressive position to the Heavenly Country by that alone and will rather move actively to become a friendly country.

I’m sure that precisely because he thought that, Taiki allowed us to stay in the Heavenly Country.

However, there was one miscalculation. It is the temperament of the old man called Konigs Blau.

He is a lunatic who doesn’t care if his country will be ruined if it is for the sake of his own desire and he is the Blau Empire’s Emperor who is also an extraordinary strategist.

In contrast to that, the person called Taiki was a softhearted person and a pacifist to the point that it makes me yawn.

Perhaps, he intended to negotiate with the Emperor after taking away all the elves and announce it so that the Emperor doesn’t make a move on the elves. Whereas the Emperor will surely think that Taiki is aiming for the Spirit Tree which the elves protect.

If so, the Emperor will definitely not release the elves.

In other words, the only future that the Empire and the Heavenly Country have is to fight.

I was grateful for the part where I led the soldiers to crush the small countries and lived elegantly with the looted money and treasures, they were very enjoyable days.

But that’s the end. Unfortunately, if we go to war against Heavenly Country, it will only be a loss for the Empire.

While I’m thinking that and becoming slightly sentimental, the Emperor spoke while looking at the approaching golem.

「Stop there.」

Being told that, I raise one hand toward the golem.

However, the golem doesn’t stop. It is walking straight towards the Emperor without slowing down.

It’s natural because I haven’t taken control of the golem.

「General Violette! His Majesty said to stop the golem......!」

Realizing that there’s no sign that the golem would stop, the surroundings gradually started to make noises.

「...... Oh my, it won’t stop? How did this happened......」

When I said that, the soldiers start to move in order to defend around the Emperor and the imperial court magicians start their chanting to attack the golem.

「I knew it, she betrayed us!」

「Protect His Majesty!」

All present start moving noisily. Even though there are also other golems, I wonder why everyone has their weapons towards the approaching one, but it is convenient for me.

While expressing a smile at my former colleagues who tried to unleash their greatest magic despite being inside the castle, I quietly follow behind the golem.

「...... O supreme one, freeze and stop his time with your glorious power......」

While chanting quietly......


I can’t read the intention of Violette.

It’s unlikely that she can control that golem of Taiki-dono, but did she really betray the Empire?

However, Violette can’t turn against the Emperor because of the slave mark just like me.

Then the golems would be an essential point, but it’s not necessary for Violette to come to this place. If she wants to use Taiki-dono’s golems to dominate this place, just these golems are enough.

No, surely if these golems will rampage, there will be a possibility that me and Fiatora, who have become hostages, will die, but will Violette care about such things?

I thought that far and hit upon something.

It’s the nature of the person called Taiki.

Perhaps, that gentle King of the sky is planning to capture the Emperor and make the Emperor listen to what he says. Since the Emperor is not killed, there will be no confusion within the Empire and a civil war is less likely to occur. And the elves will be released. Did he imagined such ideals?

「It’s too optimistic, but it’s possible.」

After muttering, I clench my teeth and knit my brows.

If Taiki-dono is aiming for it, I must say that it is a poor plan. It will certainly have an undesirable consequence later.

No, what am I saying in this situation right now?

Everything is up to Taiki-dono. He saved most of my family. I have no regrets in my life now.

However, I wish that at least Fiatora could safely return to the forest......

The magic of the three magicians are being invoked in front of my eyes as I give a prayer to the Spirit Tree.

A round pillar with flames of destruction that can melt even stones, a spear of gigantic stone that can smash even strong castle walls into smithereens and a wind slash which compressed a windstorm to the point that it can be visualized.

Each of them is a top rank magic, also called a maximum magic.

Normally, just one blow can slaughter thousands of soldiers and crush dozens of golems.

At the same time as the roaring sound reverberates, my field of vision was dyed in red. A part of the anti-magic floor and wall are blown away, and the castle’s roof has big holes due to flames and wind slashes.

The heat wave arises in the surroundings, but most of the heat was being condensed toward the center of the destruction. The visibility is temporarily lost because the debris from the dust smoke and destroyed roof are whirling around.

That scene was cleared away by wind magic which someone used.

And what appeared was Taiki-dono’s golem that steps forward while basking in the sun that came from the hole in the roof.

「Im, impossible......」

I heard a groaning voice.

I can’t blame them. The force is a blow from the greatest destructive power that the imperial court magicians, who are not inferior to me, released all at once.

However, Taiki-dono’s golem had received all of it head-on. They thought that one arm or leg would be missing, but even if there was a part that could not be seen due to the slightly remaining dust smoke at its feet, they could predict that its probably intact from its walk.

With that, they have no longer any means that they can use. In addition to its extraordinary robustness, its strength is strong and can move at an unstoppable speed.

They can see that this single golem is comparable to a higher rank dragon.

The soldiers, who finally realized that fact, retreated each time the golem steps forward and avoided it to the left and right as if to open a path naturally.

The Emperor narrowed his eyes and gazed at the golem without criticising them.

「Your, Your Majesty...... Please run away!」

One of the soldiers said that, but the Emperor snorted.

「How stupid. What happens after I run away from this Imperial Capital? I’m not young anymore, so I don’t have time to plan revenge later.」

While he said that and laughed out loud, he looked at the approaching golem and spread his hands.

「This power...... if I have this one, everything will come true. And it’s more than ten...... ku, kukuku..... How frustrating. I want this. Both the castle above the sky and the Spirit Tree...... it seems like I’m going crazy at my own greed. HAH, HAHHAHAHAHA! Alright, how are you going to kill me? Do you want to cut my neck with your herculean strength which doesn’t suit your slenderness? Or flatten me from the head? Anyway. Show me how you kill me!」

It was exactly the word of Konigs Blau.

While predicting his own death, he was stimulated by his curiosity to the point that he desires the power of Taiki-dono’s golem and he shows a beaming smile while personally shouting to kill himself.

The golem stands in front of the Emperor and begins to slowly extend its hands.

When the golem’s hands tried to touch the Emperor, Violette appeared from behind the golem and spoke.

“...... ice crystal with frozen time.”

Immediately afterwards, a glittering ice fog swayed around the feet of the golem. The ground is dyed in white in an instant and the golem’s body also became frosted.

「Violette, you......」

When the Emperor glared at Violette with wide eyes, the person herself expressed a fierce smile like her mouth was stretched from ear to ear, tucked her chin.

「Yes, I understand. I also think that now is the time I’ll help His Majesty. With this ice magic that freezes everything, I will put the golem in the ice, so please be at ease...... Ara? But won’t Your Majesty, who is near it, will also become entangled with this......?」

Violette said that and laughed with a troubled face.

「I’m sorry, Your Majesty. I can’t cancel this magic anymore. Let’s see, there is probably only a dozen or so seconds left until you freeze...... Please have a good dream, Your Majesty.」

With those words as a sign, the golem and the Emperor’s feet started to freeze while making a sound. While his ankles, knees and thighs are being covered in ice in an instant, the Emperor glares at Violette with a fierce look and the corner of his mouth lifts.

「...... Ku, KUKUKUH! Not bad, lass. You couldn’t turn your hand on me, so you created my distinct opponent, huh! How amusing! I hadn’t thought that there’s that kind of a loophole! Aah, what a fine state of affairs! Events that enriches my heart this much keeps on happening just before my death! Fate is ironic! There’s so many things that I want, but none of it enters in my hands! Ha, hahaha! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!」

While laughing as if he were insane, Konigs Blau, the Blau Empire’s Emperor, died inside of an ice grave.

Everyone could only watch his magnificent end without speaking. No, only Violette was letting out a laugh while her shoulders are shaking a little.

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Heavenly Castle Chapter 78 – Violette’s intention