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Heavenly Castle
Chapter 73 – Revolution

Chapter 73 – Revolution


Using Taiki-sama’s golem we escaped together. In the blink of an eye, we were already high up in the sky and the evacuation was complete. And after ensuring our safety we head to the Emperor, bringing Schwartz with us.

Is how I imagined it will turn out, but for it to become like this.

「Wind technique!」


「Should I throw a technique there as well?」

「Please do!」

Entering the castle we tried to help Aifa and escape, but for some reason, we couldn’t find him.

As a result, we are currently fighting head-on with soldiers and magicians that were crowding the castle.

No, in truth, we planned to have Schwarz’s mother, the Empress, say「Stand down. I have business with His Majesty」to stop soldiers and be done with it, but it didn’t go as planned at all.

After all, the strange men, who call themselves court magicians are giving battle orders from the back.

「Her Highness the Empress has gone mad! Everybody, seize her at once!」

「Did your love for your traitorous son turn you against the Empire? We take all responsibility! Don’t let them pass here!」

While shouting such words, they were using powerful techniques one after another. What a troublesome bunch.

「Ditzen-sama, you will get cut, you know?」


Hearing Yuri’s words I jumped backward without thinking. Then, a blade, silver in color, swung down right in front of me.

「Oh, Oh, O Wind!」

I rushed to use wind technique and blew away the attacking soldier along with the other soldiers, deeper into the corridor.

「You are pretty good!」

Schwartz said happily and slashed down a nearby soldier with a sword. Thanks to the great armor and sword that the Empress prepared, Schwartz’s appearance turned to that of a general.

Although I was impressed that he had the strength to fight in a heavy armor despite being in a jail cell just a short while ago, but now was not the time for such talks.

「Please fall back!」

Hearing a dignified voice I took cover near the wall.

This time, several large stones flew in front of me. The sound of collision and the soldiers’ screams echoed after a delay.

Turning around I saw Fiatora that just shot the stones and now was preparing to use another technique. Being a much stronger practitioner than expected, it was very reassuring to have her in this situation.

However, on our side, we had only me, Yuri, Fiatora, Schwartz and four female warriors who also served as the Empress’ maids.

On the other hand, inside the castle, just from the short glance, I could spot dozens of soldiers in front of us, and behind them three people that seem to be court magicians. In addition, from behind, dozens of soldiers were heading here.

「No, this is no good. We have to destroy this window somehow and escape outside......!」

「We can’t afford to do that! The lattice on the window can’t be destroyed that easily. Were you to try and break it, they surely will take that opportunity and capture us.」

Schwarz said from behind when I tried to destroy the window.

「No, as the things are we can’t win either way?!」

When I yelled back, he looked at me with a bitter expression.

「...If both advance and retreat mean the same. Then we should advance and die running forward.」

「So we are going to die, aren’t we?!」

I shout in lament to the words he spoke while tearing down the enemy.

What a mess! I was too careless because we had Taiki-sama’s golems.

We should have waited for the golems to return before invading the castle, no matter the circumstances. I hate myself for allowing Aifa to stare me down.

「So-Someone save me!」

As I was screaming I deployed a wind technique towards the large number of soldiers that were approaching.


As we descended from the sky to the Empire’s capital, the sight of soldiers running through the city came into view.

「......They look busy. Could it be that Aifa and others were discovered...」

The moment Schnee said that a sound came from the castle. Despite the considerable distance, the noise of destruction reached out ears.

Almost simultaneously with Schnee I turned to its source and saw that a part of the wall on the top floor of the castle has collapsed and has fallen to the ground.

I don’t know what happened, but Aifa and others must be there.

「Let’s break into the castle.」

Taiki-sama’s golem immediately changed course towards the castle after I said that.

「Wa-Wait?! That’s obviously reckless?!」

Schnee said with a surprised look. Receiving such reply I lowered my head and clenched my teeth.

It certainly is dangerous and I do think it’s a reckless choice.

However, there is no doubt that something is happening in the castle. And sure that it’s related to Aifa, Yuri and Ditzen.

In other words, the last elf should be in that castle.

My mission is to rescue the elf, so there is no option of drawing back here.

「It will be fine if we act together with Taiki-sama’s golems. It should go well if we rush inside, rescue them right away and escape.」 𝘪𝑛𝓃𝒓𝐞𝙖d. ᴄ𝒐𝑚

「I think it will be rough but...」

「If we don’t go in now, the elf, Yuri-sama and everyone else will be executed.」


Schnee groaned with a glum expression. And then shook his head with a sigh.

「Haaah...... I understand. It can’t be helped. I’ve already resolved myself to die once anyway. Let’s go for the last fight.」

「It’s okay, we won’t die.」

「Yes, yes.」

Schnee replied with a bit of a bitter laugh.

As I sat on the shoulder of Taiki-sama’s golem, I lightly patted the golem’s head and took a deep breath.

It’s fine. We have Taiki-sama’s golems, there is no way we can lose.

I said to myself in my mind and then turned to use my eyes and ears to probe the situation in the castle.

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Heavenly Castle Chapter 73 – Revolution