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Heavenly Castle
Chapter 69 – To the Lady’s Mansion

Chapter 69 – To the Lady’s Mansion

Translator: Pink Tea Editor: Ryunakama

One of the corners in the castle courtyard suddenly collapsed, opening a hole. From that hole a human-like hand sprouted, following that, a head covered with a hood appeared.

「…Numerous soldiers and practitioners. However, it looks like everyone is heading to the dungeon and no one seems to have taken notice of us.」

When Ditzen said that, Aifa’s voice came from below.

「Then hurry up and get out. Speed is the key to success.」

「Just whose fault is it that we have to use such a strategy… Ah, no, I’m sorry. I’m getting out right away.」

Perhaps he was told something, but Ditzen made full use of his limbs like some insect and quickly crawled out of the hole. After him utilizing flying magic appeared Aifa and Yuri. Speaking of which, Schwartz, who took Yuri hostage, was grabbing onto her shoulder and went up with her.

Seeing that, Ditzen knit his eyebrows.

「I don’t care what happens if you won’t go easy on your arts. If you can’t use them when something happens it will be terrible.」

「It’s fine.」

「It didn’t seem like I can climb this.」

Hearing their responses Ditzen hung his head with a sigh and shrugged his shoulders. Without paying even the slightest attention to Ditzen, Aifa walked towards the castle gate.

「Following straight down this passage you will see lady’s mansion. I will aim for the top floor while rampaging as much as possible. If I don’t fight head-on with the other court magicians it should work out somehow.」

Ditzen’s face twitched as he looked at Aifa talk while walking.

「……And we are?」

「Infiltrate lady’s mansion, find my family and carry them away.」

「T-that’s absurd…」

Leaving only「I’m counting on you」to the pale Ditzen, Aifa returned to the castle without looking back.

Immediately afterward, the pillar of ice broke through the stone wall, shaking the earth, following, screams and angry shouts resounded.

「First floor!」

「No, they are going up!」

Several such shouts from the soldiers were heard, then, with more roaring sound, the wall of the second floor collapsed.

「R-Rampage indeed…」

Ditzen, who uttered such thoughts in astonishment, came to his senses in a few seconds and looked around. There stood Yuri with her neck still grasped by Schwartz.

「Crown prince-sama, would you please let her go already?」

Asked by Ditzen, Schwartz only narrowed his eyes and shook his head.

「……I know your aim. And also know that it would be in our mutual interests for us to go together, just as we are.」

「Mutual interests?」

With a grim face, Schwarz nodded to Ditzen, who looked at him in doubt.

「Anyway, just get moving for now. Time is everything.」

「Whoa, this again?」

Said Ditzen with a frown upon receiving such instructions. However, Yuri also gave her agreement with slightly strained smile.

「It can’t be helped. For now, we too should act. If we don’t hurry soldiers might come here as well.」

「So you allow it, Yuri-sama…」

After answering bewildered Ditzen with a laugh, Yuri began to walk together with Schwartz.

「Fufufu. I think there is a lot of guards, so let’s intrude quietly, without getting noticed.」

「They will notice. It’s just impossible. There is no doubt that they didn’t make it that easy to trespass.」

「Oh my.」

When Ditzen complained in disagreement, Yuri blinked a couple of times and then donned a somewhat triumphant smile.

「It was a secret, but I can walk without making a sound.」

「No, that’s not what I’m talking about…」

As Ditzen gave a reply devoid of strength, Yuri actually began to move in front of him without making any sound. Schwarz was surprised by Yuri, who moved without moving her limbs as if sliding around, but Ditzen objected with a pout on his face.

「Aren’t you just floating? That’s cheating.」

「You exposed me.」

Yuri laughed after having her little trick pointed out, Ditzen, in turn, looked at her with half-closed eyes. As Schwarz watched the interaction between the two, he suddenly raised his head.

「…That’s right. Invading from the walls or windows will be difficult, but the rooftop of lady’s mansion has a secret entrance that only the royal family knows about. I’ve never used it, but from there it might be possible to break in without getting noticed.」

「I-Is that true?」

Hearing Schwartz’s words Ditzen opened his eyes wide.

「Yes, it should be. Lady’s mansion is also the last refuge for the royalty. It’s made so even after the gate is closed it’s possible to enter for those who were late to come.」

「That’s great! That being decided let’s immediately approach it from above.」

In contrast with Ditzen who was cheering in joy, Yuri whispered with a clouded expression.

「……That’s not too exciting.」

【Improvised elven village】

「Twenty people can fight. And there is also mother, Rant and two of Taiki-sama’ golems that will be left behind.」

When Mea said that while counting the number, Rant nodded in agreement.

「We will be fine here. Mea and Schnee, please take Taiki-sama’s golems and hurry to the empire’s capital.」


When Mea accepted, Schnee folded his arms and looked behind him.

「Since the golems that were attached to Yuri-sama’s group came here alone, it means that they are doing something at the capital. It might be dangerous if they don’t return soon.」

After he said that, Schnee jumped on the shoulder of the robot, that stood behind like he was pretty used to it.

「Yeah, I know.」

Said that, Mea jumped on the robot as well, and three units rose up in the air.

That sight raised a small commotion among the elves that lined up behind Torraine and Rant.

「……The person named Taiki seems to be an outrageous magician. I never even imagined a flying golem.」

「Well, there is that as well, but the number of those golems is frightening too. And as I heard, he is operating every golem by himself.」

「As if such an absurdity is possible. Most likely the person named Taiki is supervising and other magicians are inputting commands.」

「In any case, the fact that a magician operates multiple golems from far away is terrifying. If such a person were to put his mind into invasion…」

Perhaps hearing the voices coming from the elves, Mea twitched her ears. Rant and Schnee also showed a slight reaction and narrowed their eyes.

Not aware of the reactions of the three, the elves kept expressing their awe and fear in small voices, but when Torraine looked around those whispers disappeared.

Surveying the elves, Torraine spoke with a smile.

「The unknown seems to scare you. But Taiki-sama is a kind person.」

Uttering only those words, Torraine turned away from the elves and once again looked at Mea.

「Be careful. Don’t wander off from Taiki-sama’s golems.」

「Yup. I’ll be going.」

As the two were having this exchange, the elves looked at each other with awkward expressions.

Then, one of the male elves raised his head and looked at the beastmen.

「……Our words were rude towards our benefactors. No matter what kind of power do you wield it doesn’t change the fact that you are the great benefactors that set us free.」

As the elf made his clumsy apology, other elves also assumed humble looks.

Seeing that scene, Mea chuckled.

「……I’ll go save the last person.」

When Mea said that, the three robots carrying Mea and Schnee flew off to the empire’s capital.

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Heavenly Castle Chapter 69 – To the Lady’s Mansion