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Heavenly Castle
Chapter 66 – Imprisoned Elven Village

Chapter 66 – Imprisoned Elven Village

Translator: Pink Tea Editor: Ryunakama


Sticking her face out of the carriage window, Mea looked onwards.

「There it is! Over there!」

When Mea shouted, the two elves poked out their heads from the opposite window and looked ahead. Before their eyes was a part of the arm of the robot, that was carrying the carriage, a fleeting landscape, and a light brown field with a number of simplistic tents lined-up on it.

「So many already…!」

The male elf said in an almost ecstatic tone.

Everywhere, near the tents, and near carriages, that stood in line in their surroundings, people could be seen, and all of them appeared to be elves.

Seeing the two delighted elves, Torraine, who quietly sat inside the carriage, now also had a smile on her face.

Soon after, the carriage with Mea and the others stopped in line with other carriages, to which the other elves immediately flocked.

「Litt! Shall!」

「You were alright as well?!」

With such voices being heard, the two elves jumped out of the carriage.

「Turk! How many years have passed already……!」

「Haha! Hahaha! It’s like a dream!」

As a tall male elf said that with a laugh, the elf called Litt nodded with tears welling up in his eyes.

Then, seeing a female elf, who half running came from inside of tent, Shall made a loud shout and started running.


Yelling that, Shall hugged that elf. Crying, the hugged elf put her hands on Shall’s shoulders.

「Shall… I’m so glad that you are fine. To think we were able to meet again…」

Mea and Torraine, who just got off the carriage, also couldn’t hold back the tears after seeing that touching reunion.

And the robot, which carried the wagon here, silently watched over that scene.



「This is so touching, Taiki-sama…」

Nodding to Ayla, who said that while sniffling, I spoke.

「Yeah. But anyway, are these two sisters? It didn’t look like there is much of a difference in their age……」

Ayla awkwardly laughed when I said that.

「I can’t determine the age of elves. Despite that youthful appearance, they can appear to be the same age as their grandfather.」

Hearing those words I once again became aware of the elven longevity.

「Is that how it is? Even so, no matter how you look at them, they appear to be around their twenties, I would be really surprised to find out that they are sixty or older. M? If that is the case, maybe that child that seems to be in the late teens, might be older than me?」

Elves are scary. As I, filled with a sense of wonder, was looking at the screens, the elves projected on the screen all turned in the same direction.

The robot also changed its orientation, and the image on the screen has shifted.

What was now shown there, was a new carriage and a robot flying while carrying it. In addition to elves, figures of Rant and Schnee could be seen from the windows.

「Rant-san and others came as well. It took a while because the town was far away from the capital, but everyone looks fine.」

While I felt relieved about that, Violette, who had been silent until now, spoke up in a low voice with a sharp look in her eyes.

「…From the town of Abrau to the capital city in half a day… I don’t even feel like getting surprised anymore…」

For some reason, Ayla responded to those words with a nod.

「In the last few days you should have realized that even having the Empire’s power, one cannot compete with Taiki-sama. Now, for the sake of the Empire as well, tell us the location of the last remaining elves.」

When Ayla said that, Violette shrugged and shook her head.

「…I wonder, how should I tell you something I don’t know. And if the Emperor doesn’t give up, then the conflict cannot be avoided. In the end, whether I help you or not, nothing will change anyway, right?」

「Uh… T-That’s not true. For example, if you, the general, were to propose the peace, the Emperor might waver on…」

「That’s just impossible isn’t it.」


That slightly irritating tone caused Ayla, who was the one to bring this up, to back down.

Unable to just watch that scene, I said.

「For example, what if I personally brought up the peace to the Emperor? I cannot yield this castle to the Emperor, but it’s possible to bring profits to the Empire with a trade. I think it will be more for our mutual benefit than strife.」

When asked so, Violette contemplated for a while.

I observed her casually, but it does seem like Violette puts a distance between us.

I don’t know if it is due to her status as the Empire’s General, but she doesn’t seem to be willing to cooperate with us.

And while I was thinking that, Violette calmly opened her mouth.

「…I understand. If so, let’s arrange a document specifying your requests. I will take it directly to his Majesty. I cannot make any guarantees for the results though…」

After answering so, Violette looked intently at me, observing my reaction.

While feeling a little uncomfortable under that gaze, I responded with an agreement.

「In that case, let’s prepare right away. However, that will be after your side releases all of the elves.」

Hearing my answer, the corners of Violette’s lips curved up in a smile and she answered with 「Understood」.

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Heavenly Castle Chapter 66 – Imprisoned Elven Village