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Heavenly Castle
Chapter 65 – Spotting elves after another

Chapter 65 – Spotting elves after another

Translator: Drey Editor: Ryunakama


“Ah, they found elves again.”

“Again!? Haven’t they already found nearly 10 people……?”

As I say that, I turn my gaze to the right screen. Then, there were certainly two elves sitting in a chair inside a room with no windows. The elves looks at her with widen eyes and has a slightly scared expression.

However, Yuri walks quietly towards them, and after a brief conversation, the two elves nodded together and stood up.

What kind of talk did they have in a short time? When Yuri showed a smile, turned her back to the elves and left the room, the two elves immediately followed her afterwards.

While watching that scene, I exhale deeply.

“…… She’s like a great detective, isn’t she? I get a feeling that I caught a glimpse of Yuri-san’s unexpected talent.”

Then Violette spoke discontentedly when I muttered such things.

“…… Was my information unnecessary?”

She said that sullenly and I reflexively wave my hand to deny it while smiling wryly.

“No no. The Imperial Capital is wide, so it is thanks to Violette-san for narrowing down the location to some extent.”

“Aren’t you very convincing?”

I returned a vague smile at Violette who said that while snorting to my words, and I looked at the screen again.

In fact, the speed of finding the elves had greatly increased thanks to the information of Violette, but Violette seems to be skeptical at my words.

Well, it can’t be helped because we actually have a hostile relationship.

“Oh, Rant-san and Schnee-san have also secured the elves safely, huh?”

On the left screen, there were the figures of Rant and Schnee who were searching elves in another city. It’s two elves who unusually wore an armor. They are carrying each a large bow and arrow on their back.

“They are using a bow?”

When I muttered that, Ayla nodded.

“The elves have many people who have an aptitude as a magician, but I hear that the elves are also excellent in using a bow, so that elves should definitely be excellent archers as well.”

Hearing her explanation, I nod several times approvingly. Everyone in the elves race are slender and they are suited to fight in a long distance, so I am convinced. However, if they were living in the forest, I feel like it’s a disadvantage in battle because there are many obstacles, but I wonder what should I do?

From the way Aifa said it, it’s unlikely that they will fight recklessly that would damage the trees in forest and that also seems to be the reason that they were defeated by the Imperial Army.

While I’m thinking such things, I push my back against the chair and stretch my back.

“Anyway, everything is as planned. Should we move the elves to the evacuation site? With this, it’s 15 elves, right? If this is the case, it looks like we will somehow find everyone in a week.”

When I said that while feeling relieve, Ayla made a ‘Yes’ response with a smile.

Then, we can hear a stifled laughter.

“Fufu…… Well, do you really think so?”

Ayla turns her sharp gaze towards Violette who said that suggestively.

“What do you mean?”

Ayla asks in a forceful way, but Violette completely ignored her without even turning her eyes at her.

Because of that, a heavily tensed atmosphere spreads in the wide room and I cleared my throat inside the awkward atmosphere.

“Aah…… Maybe it’s about the last person.”

I answered that to Ayla instead of Violette. Then, not only Ayla, but also Violette turned towards me.

“The last person?”

Being asked by Ayla, I nodded while knitting my brow.

“Yeah. Based on the information that Aifa-san investigated and the information that Violette-san taught me…… I found out that the whereabouts and the number of the elves were more accurate than I expected after combining the two information. That’s how I can tell the missing one by looking at the number of elves who have been found until now. ”

“I, I see. At first I had a bit suspicion, but the information that General Violette gave was certainly useful.”

“Right. I was convinced thanks to that reliable information. It was unclear where and how many people are there in Aifa-san’s story, but Violette-san’s information is making me know the number of elves only within the Imperial Capital, so when I calculated the remaining number of elves, one of the elves turns out to be missing.”

When I said that and exhaled shallowly, Ayla’s expression became clouded.

“…… No way, one elf died……”

“There is also that possibility…… However, I haven’t heard a talk of an elf’s death. Now then, I wonder where is the last person……”

Showing a vicious smile, Violette laughs as if to snort.

It seems like she know something, but I can’t forcibly get the question out of her and I’m also worried that she will tell a lie. I can never do something like torture, so I have no choice but to search by myself.

Though, it’s probably okay because I can guess the location somehow.

As I look at the screen while thinking such things, Ayla annoyedly look sideways at Violette.

“Taiki-sama. General Violette definitely knows the location.”

“Maybe, but we can’t also make her speak forcibly……”

“However, for the sake of helping the elves……”

“Well, it’s okay. I don’t want to do terrible things, so I should search by myself.”

When I said that to soothe Ayla, Violette snorted with her arms folded and showed a smile triumphantly

“Can you really find an elf with such an easy-going thoughts……? If you say so, then there is no need for cooperation, but……”

“…… Do you want to negotiate?”

A strong vigilant expression is mixed on Ayla’s expression. Violette spoke while looking happily at her face.

“It is not much a request to be called a negotiation. I am just getting tired of staying above the sky and all I want is for you to take me down to the Imperial City……”

“!! Such thing, there’s no way we will do that!”

Reflectively, Ayla rejects the request of Violette. On the other hand, Violette frowned and shrugged her shoulders.

“Ara? If Ayla-sama isn’t a citizen of your own country, I wonder if their life and death is trivial for her? Certainly, it would be troublesome if I joined the Imperial Army. I don’t care about the Practitioner, but if it happens that Yuri-sama loses her life by making a mistake, I am sure that you will be hostile to the Imperial Country of Fleida where you have been building a friendly relationship. The elf village, which is less than 100 people, is not a big issue, but the relationship with the whole country is different…… ”

“Eh, I didn’t say that the elves are trivial!!”

Violette speaks provocatingly, and Ayla’s face becomes red and raises her voice.

While smiling wryly at Ayla who was completely deprived of initiative by Violette, I spoke out.

“I’m interested in Violette-san’s information, but I won’t accept your negotiations.”

When I told that, their eyes turned towards me.

“Ta, Taiki-sama, but……”

Ayla speaks anxiously and Violette glares at me with eyes filled with anger.

“…… As one would expect of the Heavenly King. So, you are saying that you don’t want to negotiate with me for trivial matters such as the fate of the people on the ground……”

Being told that in a sarcastic way, I speak while blinking my eyes.

“Eh? I’m not thinking such things, you know? But the last person seems to be in the castle, so I think that there is no need to negotiate with Violette-san……”

When I said that, Violette spoke.

“Wh, why are you……hn!? Don’t tell me, that you know it from the beginning……?”

Seeing the surprised Violette, I gently nods with a smile.

“As I thought, so it was inside the castle, huh? I was guessing that the emperor would never let go of the elves, so I was thinking that he would probably keep one or two near him.”

When I said that and laughed, Violette, who noticed that she was tricked, glared at me with killing intent in her eyes.

On the contrary, Ayla looks at me with shining eyes.

As I returned a laugh at Ayla, I contemplated.

One person hidden inside the castle.

When push comes to shove, it would be an important person who can prevent all the elves from moving.

Maybe the elder or his son.

If he hides them, it should be a place that can’t be found by Aifa who lives in the castle. Basement, hidden room…… or, the Emperor’s personal room?

“In any case, is it definitely going to turn into a war with the Empire?”

I muttered that in a small voice which no one can hear and sighed deeply.

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Heavenly Castle Chapter 65 – Spotting elves after another