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Heavenly Castle
Chapter 64 – Violette’s expectations, Yuri’s explorations

Chapter 64 – Violette’s expectations, Yuri’s explorations

Translator: Pink Tea Editor: Ryunakama



「Why won’t it open…!」

I pressed my hands against the round wall that was quite strange to touch and tried to open it somehow. However, neither pushing nor pulling produced any results.

I considered destroying it with magic but there was the golem sticking right behind me. It would be better to refrain from careless actions.

「…If only you could open it.」

I mutter while giving the golem a sidelong glance.

Then, the golem stood next to me and touched the wall.

Immediately after, without any sound, the wall has split in two and revealed that round room.

Entering inside the room I turn to the golem that followed after me.

「…Thank you. Then, please guide me to Taiki-sama next.」

Being asked so, the golem silently turned around and put its hand on the wall. Walls slid back, closing the passage, then a faint sense of floating could be felt.

And just a few seconds later. A surprising sight was revealed when the walls opened once again.

An astonishingly large rectangular window with a view of the imperial townscape.

Furthermore, it was a familiar sight of the Empire’s capital. Curiously, even though the huge window was mounted diagonally it showed the scenery with many people and carriages.

「…T-This is…?!」

Presented with that astonishing sight I involuntarily leaked a voice.

「——! General Violette?! How did you get here?!」

Hearing my voice, princess Ayla turned around and changing her face scowled at me. Her eyes were full of unprecedented hostility.

Contrary to Ayla, who was full of wariness, the person that I was looking for slowly turned his face to me.

And with a smile, like he was greeting his acquaintance in the morning, the King of Heavenly Country opened his mouth.

「Hello there, Violette-san. You came at a good time.」

That soft attitude and voice made me feel like a piece of ice had slipped on my back.

Taiki was completely unconcerned about me.

Not even talking about viewing as an enemy or an ally, he didn’t even see any threat in me.

That was the same feeling that I held towards the ordinary footman on a field of battle, indifference.


Involuntarily, laughter came out from my mouth.

If things go well, I might even have a chance to assassinate him. I was even thinking of taking over the Heavenly Country, but such ideas were soon easily crushed.

As I continued to stand without moving, Ayla kept staring at me with a grim look. However, Taiki, with the same soft smile, tilted his head slightly and said.

「Now, please, come over here.」

Saying that Taiki pointed at the spot beside him.

He is underestimating my power too much. In such a case, I might have a chance if I resolve to bet my life…

And the moment I thought so, a golem cut right in front of me. The golem that has guided me this far.

Furthermore, the golem standing next to Ayla also turned around to face me. Two golems stood on both sides of Taiki and Ayla, looking my way.

Without saying anything. Ayla is one thing, but Taiki maintained the same gentle expression.

However, it didn’t look like I can make a move at all. 𝘪𝓷𝘯𝙧ℯ𝗮𝘥. 𝗰૦m

So after all, even if I get lucky, I won’t be able to win?

「……Fine. I shall come over there.」

Laughing at myself, I approached. Standing right next to Taiki, I look at him.

Then, Taiki made an awkward smile, as if he was troubled, and looked at the huge window.

「You might not want to cooperate, but I thought maybe we can at least get some advice from you… Do you know where the elves are?」

After being asked that, my eyes involuntarily went wide.


And then I produced such a silly sound.



「Oh my, this place also has meat… People of the Empire really like meat. Fleida would have had more fish arranged though.」

Saying that Yuri looked at the shops lined up along the boulevard. In front of her was arranged meat on skewers, that was grilled with seasoning, which released a fragrant smell in surroundings.

「It smells delicious. Perhaps the elves would get lured by this smell and will come over here.」

Smiling brightly and talking aloud to herself, Yuri was walking along the main street.

Her outfit was the same as Ditzen’s and the others, with a hood lowered on her eyes, covering her face, but men walking on the street were occasionally turning around and following her with their eyes.

Seeing that sensual feminine figure that could be noticed even though the robe, some men showed indecent smiles.

Unaware of such sights, Yuri walked down the street while staring at the stalls lined up there.

Suddenly, she stopped and turned her head to the dim alley.

「…A presence of dense magic power. It resembles Aifa-sama. Is that an Elf?」

Saying that joyfully, Yuri looked behind her. Quite far back stood Taiki’s camouflaged robot, gathering stares from the people around.

「Over here~」

When Yuri quietly said so and gently waved a hand in front of her face, the robot slowly moved.

After looking at that with satisfaction, Yuri took a step inside of the alley.

「Taiki-sama’s golem is really clever. Even if you order them in a small voice that can barely be heard, they will properly respond right away. In such a case, it might be possible to order them even without saying anything, with gestures alone.」

Smilingly, Yuri was saying, as she walked deeper into the alley with light steps.

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Heavenly Castle Chapter 64 – Violette’s expectations, Yuri’s explorations