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Heavenly Castle
Chapter 62 – Time Limit

Chapter 62 – Time Limit

Translator: Pink Tea Editor: Ryunakama



Watching the scenery projected on the screen, I silently breathe a sigh.

On the screen was a figure of a robot, that blew away surrounding soldiers in the blink of an eye, and a little further, the backs of Mea and Torraine, actively running away.

When they got surrounded by soldiers and a sparking blaze from an electric discharge or something similar covered the screen, I panicked a bit, but soon, the robot eliminated the enemies with no injuries to Mea and Torraine.

However, Mea, who ran away leaving the robot behind was clearly in danger. The robot will catch up to them soon enough, but I can only hope that they don’t do anything reckless in the meantime.

And, while I was thinking that, Ayla, who stood beside me, spoke up.

「…So, this will reach the emperor in at least two weeks…」

「Yup. They were saying that it’s possible to reach the capital in a week if you have a fast horse. Since it’s the Emperor, he might realize Heavenly Country’s involvement.」

When I replied like that, Ayla nodded with a difficult expression on her face.

After all, there are two cat beastman with an abnormally strong golem abducting the elves. No matter how you look at it, he will judge that there is someone behind this.

Will he see it as an individual or organization opposing the empire, or maybe he will see it as an act of rebellion from Aifa?

No, the emperor will deduce that there is Heavenly Country involved, merely by hearing about this golem.

Now there is a necessary to heavily accelerate our plans.

I turn to Ayla and let out a short sigh.

「Can’t help it. I considered the possibility of this happening, let’s seize whereabouts of elves in the capital as fast as possible. For now, when they finish with the rescue of the elves from this town, let’s have Mea and Torraine return here.」

As I donned a faint smile after saying that, Ayla slowly nodded.

「Torraine-san is fine, but I feel that Mea doesn’t seem to be suited for stealth missions. So leaving Mea here, this time I will…」

「No, this won’t do.」

When I told this to Ayla, who spoke like she resolved herself to something, her eyes went wide.

Then, making a wry smile again, I shook my head.

「In your case, Ayla, there might be people who know your face. Despite living on the territory of the empire, she lived quietly in a pretty remote place, so Mea is more suited for infiltration.」

Hearing that, Ayla nodded reluctantly.

To tell the truth, I also was worried that were they to discover a princess of Azul Kingdom, that her own episodes with the Empire, they might turn their weapons at Azul Kingdom as well.

And most of all, I can’t imagine careless Ayla infiltrating the capital and skillfully saving the elves.

And with such incredibly rude thoughts, I was looking at Ayla with an awkward smile.



The number of passing people was steadily increasing. The figures of the soldiers that took the elves were still in sight, but they were unlikely to catch up with us any time soon.

「Catch them!」

「I don’t care if you kill them!」

Bloodthirsty voices were coming from all directions. Soldiers that had elves were yelling while running away, gathering patrolling soldiers.

I can’t deal with each and every one of them, but soldiers that were quick to respond already drew their swords and were attacking us. I took out my knife, fended off one such sword, slipped through hands what tried to catch me and ran.

Soon, the sounds of clashing swords came from behind and the next moment a muffled male voice was heard. It’s mother. She is making a follow-up attack on the soldier whose sword I fended off.

Thanks to that, I don’t have various soldiers chasing me from behind.

Mother is always so. She just cleans-up after my failures without saying anything. She will always correct my mistakes only to gently reprimand me later.

How frustrating.

Looks like I, without realizing, became conceited that I can do anything.

Being praised for my housework, teaching Ayla, who is a princess, how to cook, getting praised for my magic talent by Yuri-sama.

And now, asked by Taiki-sama, I’m taking part in the rescue of the elves. And that is while borrowing one of Taiki-sama’s golems.

I just went and decided on my own that I’m an adult now.

It’s so embarrassing that I want to cry.

I put those rising emotions into running and keep dashing. Avoiding incoming swords, parrying attacks with a knife and jumping over the soldiers charging at me.

Gradually I caught up with the elves and the solders that were surrounding them.

「I certainly won’t let you escape!」

Shouting so, I accelerate even more. Soldiers’ backs are right in front of me already.

「Mea! Be careful!」

Mother yelled from behind.

Reflexively, I roll sideways. Immediately after rolling to the ground shoulder first, I fixed my posture and raised my face to see a big pillar of fire rising right in front of me.

Instinctively I’m taken aback by the roaring flame.

Then, I noticed. That flame was from the magic tool used to attack the golem a while ago.

Looks like one of the fleeing soldiers threw it without me noticing. Were those soldiers some exceptional elites?

「That was dangerous.」

Turning upon hearing those words, mother was there. With a strict expression, she was looking at the soldiers, who were running away.

「I felt like they were about to do something, and decided to call out to you, thank goodness, I made it in time.」

Said that mother gave me a warm smile.

「…Mother, I, well…」

I wanted to apologize, but the words just wouldn’t come out. Then, mother, who was watching, narrowed her eyes and raised her head.

「Mea, we have no time to chat. This time we shall catch them.」

And as mother said so, Taiki-sama’s golem appeared at her side, as if it were waiting for those words.

「…Yes. This time I will catch up with them.」

I said and got up.𝒾𝙣𝚗𝐫𝑒аd. ᴄom

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Heavenly Castle Chapter 62 – Time Limit