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Heavenly Castle
Chapter 59 - Elves’ whereabouts

Chapter 59 – Elves’ whereabouts

Translator: Drey Editor: Ryunakama



In order to trace the elves secretly, I moved while hiding myself reasonably. Although I’m in disguise, I don’t think that it will have a great effect because I’m with a big robot, but luckily my search is going smoothly.

The Blau Empire is a big country that is extremely prosperous, but the liveliness of people is not even a fraction of it. In the main street peddlers are pulling their carts back and forth, and you can hear lively voices from the crowded stores. Buildings, roads and clothes of people. Their technology might be better than our country in every aspect.

However, there were also many poor-looking people enough that I can see the difference in their appearance. Those people are moving on the corner of the street with almost no exception.

“I wonder if they are the second-class citizens?”

I heard that the people, who were the citizens of the countries that were invaded by the Empire or the countries that surrendered and became a vassal nation, are being treated as second-class citizens of the Empire, so I felt that they are those.

There also seems to be some slaves, but many of them have lost their arms or legs. Perhaps, they are the soldiers of the country that lost in war. Sometimes, it is advantageous to massacre the soldiers of the enemy country. In short, the Empire may be tolerant.

However, even if they survive, it will feel no different from the death penalty if they are sold as a slave in the end.

In fact, most of the slaves have lifeless eyes.

While looking at them, I shrugged my shoulders and passed by hurriedly.

“Scary, scary. If I get caught, I will definitely have the most terrible experience.”

I muttered a monologue and shuddered in fear of the future that I imagined.

In any case, I am a practitioner of the Imperial Country of Fleida which the Empire has not taken yet. I will definitely be tortured repeatedly.

“…… Uwaa, I want to run away. I terribly want to run away……”

I muttered that while trembling, but I continued to search without running away in the end.

“This is also not for my motherland, but for that magnificent Heavenly Country. And also for myself. I will not search for them if it is for that unknown elf.”

Saying that, I encourage myself and step further into the Empire.

When I look at my back, Taiki-sama’s golem is following me with almost no sound. I probably barely keep my cool thanks to this existence.

When I look ahead, the soldiers surrounding the elves are advancing on the street quickly. It seems like the width of the road is getting narrower little by little each time we turn the road. At first, it was wide enough for two carriages to pass at ease, but now even one carriage is uncertain.

And, the more narrow the road became, the traffic and the number of shops becomes less.

“Crap…… My strategy to mix in the crowd of people is……”

While muttering, I hid my body by sticking on the back of the building.

An instant after Taiki-sama’s golem also moves to my side. What’s amazing is that even if I don’t give any instructions to it, it is hiding itself in order to be unnoticed just like myself.

No, Taiki-sama, who’s moving the golem from a far distance to the point that his figure can’t be seen, is also amazing, but this golem, that moves by understanding my intention even though I didn’t say anything, is also amazing.

What kind of order did Taiki-sama give and how much can this golem move voluntarily?

Don’t tell me, Taiki-sama actually also came nearby and is controlling it while watching my movement? I heard that there is something called camera, but it is absolutely impossible to see my situation and give a new command with magic from the top of the sky.

I look up at Taiki-sama’s golem and hummed.

“…… The more I look at it, the more mysterious the golem becomes. I want to try to disassemble it……”

I muttered that really faintly, but Taiki-sama’s golem turned around at me as if it was a human and took a step away.

“It, it’s a lie. I’m sorry.”

I reflexively apologize to that natural behavior. I laughed at myself and think ‘what am I apologising to a golem for’, but the golem raised its face and came close at me.

And, It stopped moving as if to wait for me to move.

“…… Did you forgive me?”

When I try to ask that, the golem quietly turned its face at me.

I am surprised.

It may be coincidental, but the golem showed a response to my abstract statement.

I’ve wanted to try various things for a bit, but currently there’s something I have to do.

“Damn…… I have to try various things later”

Secretly determined, I showed half of my face from my hiding spot and look at the receding figures of the elves.

However, not just the elves, there are also no receding figures of the soldiers who were supposed to go further down the street.

“…… Oh no!”

It seems like more time has passed than I thought from being distracted by Taiki-sama’s golem.

I hurriedly run further on the street, but the street has an intersection from there and I look at the four sides, but I can’t find them.

I felt like cold water flows on my spine and my face turns white.

“How, how could this happen……! How, how will I explain this to Taiki-sama……!”

While saying that, Ditzen, who wandered around in the middle of the intersection, suddenly raised his head and turned around towards the robot.

And, he kneeled on the ground and bowed his head.

“I’m sorry! I will hurriedly search from now!”

Ditzen shouted that and prostrated to the robot.



“…… Taiki-sama. Ditzen-sama has prostrated on the ground in the middle of the street, even though there are few people passing by…….” i𝒏𝐧𝒓ea𝚍. 𝘤𝗼𝓶

Ayla reported that awkwardly, but I’m also at a loss even if she tells me.

“…… He’s, he’s standing out, isn’t he? Should I ask Ditzen-san to search on a different area? Let’s dispatch another person there.”

Saying that, I changed the image on the screen while thinking who I would dispatch.

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Heavenly Castle Chapter 59 - Elves’ whereabouts