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Heavenly Castle
Chapter 58 - Empire’s information

Chapter 58 – Empire’s information

Translator: Pink Tea Editor: Ryunakama


Investigation of the captured elves. No matter how you look at it, you won’t be able to find them by merely gazing from the sky. However, sending a drone into the empire will certainly reveal the involvement of Heavenly Country.

Having said that, I also don’t want to do something as scary as infiltrating there myself.

Then what do I do?


Looking at the exotic scenery displayed on the screen I opened my mouth.

「Is this all right… Wouldn’t it be better if I went there myself…」

After I muttered that, Ayla, who stood beside me, shook her head with a troubled look.

「You can’t. If Taiki-sama goes to the surface, then who will manage Taiki-sama’s golems?」

「Well, you are right, however.」

I smiled wryly and took a look at the screens on my left and right. The large screen on the north side had stone buildings lined-up on it, but screens on east and west had wooden houses scattered here and there.

「Empire’s capital and other towns. The atmosphere is a little different after all.」

「Yes. They might be increasing the number of stone buildings at the capital as a countermeasure to fires in case of war, but to think they are this thoughtful…」

Ayla said nervously. From Ayla’s point of view, it’s a frightening country that once tried to destroy her homeland, but from my point of view, it’s a pretty interesting place.

They often appeared in the history of Earth as well, countries that suddenly got several steps ahead of their neighbors and then expanded their territory by aggressively invading surrounding territories and putting them under their dominion.

What’s interesting about them is how one person or one invention become a trigger for that.

For the Blau Empire, that became powerful by expanding its territory with great momentum, the cause was most likely the current emperor. Most likely there are very talented people at his disposal, but it was him, the Emperor, who used them to make the country strong.

And for that emperor, the elven Sacred Trees took precedence over new territories. He won’t give up on it easily.

And to back that, the emperor thoroughly manages the elves.

Most of them are in the Empire’s capital, but it seems that a small number of them who possess power, live in the surrounding towns and serve as magicians.

If we were to save only the elves living in the capital, then it’s entirely possible for other elves to be killed as a result. The opponent is an extraordinary invader, who annexed surrounding countries in the span of his lifetime. No doubt that he cannot be judged by common sense.

That being the case, I decided to move swiftly and yet as stealthy as possible.

「…Ehm, Taiki-sama?」


Being called, I turned around and saw Ayla pointing at one of the screens with a somewhat apologetic face.

It is a screen on which the image of the capital was projected.

「Elves, looks like you found them.」

「Eh, isn’t this too fast?」

Surprised, I took a closer look and saw Ditzen, dressed in a merchant-like manner. And far behind him were figures of soldiers in armor and two elves walking along with them.

The elves were dressed in black robes and just as Aifa, had splendid blonde hair. I can’t tell whether they are male or female, but their beauty is astonishing.

On the edge of the screen, Ditzen was trying to show with gestures that he found elves.

「…Somehow, we found them way too easily. Be that as it may, they have a really big escort…」

Having said that, I involuntarily imagined the worst-case scenario.

Maybe we just witnessed a very serious scene?

「……Okay, first we will have Ditzen-san tail them.」



With a hood lowered deep on Aifa’s eyes, he lightly surveyed the town and lamented that every single person in the city was staring at a certain spot.

Because everyone’s gaze was directed right behind him.

Looking back, he saw a giant squarish figure.

At first glance, that thing, that looked like a number of grey stones stacked up to resemble a humanoid, appeared like a simple golem. It seemed to have something glass-like embedded in the chest, but even with that, the plainness of impression couldn’t be overwritten.

Its movements, matching that appearance, also were dull, inviting very conflicted looks from the surrounding people.

「…Somehow, that golem doesn’t look too strong.」

「That magician is also pretty gloom, hiding his face like that.」

「Idiot! Don’t you dare to say such a thing! Since he doesn’t have Empire’s crest on his robe, it means that magician is a stray.」

「Stray Magician……Better not get involved.」

Hearing such a conversation coming from somewhere, Aifa once again quietly sighed.

「…Looks like no one realized that it’s me.」

Muttering that in a small voice, Aifa walked deeper into the city.

As Aifa went ahead, the square Golem also followed behind.

And people around continued to look at that sight giving them strange stares.

「……Wasn’t there any less conspicuous way to do it?」

Mumbling that, Aifa went into the alley as if trying to escape.



「…It’s too huge.」

After voicing her complaints, Mea, with her eyes concealed by a hood, dropped her shoulders and looked around.

Though not as big as the capital, this town also was quite big and thoughtfully built. The cobbled streets are in good condition and the houses seemed to be sturdy.

In a bustling city with lots of hawkers, Mea was walking around with the same golem as Aifa had.

As Mea looked very tiresome, Torraine, who was concealed by a hood in the same fashion, furrowed her brows.

「Mea, this won’t do. At last, we were given an important job by Taiki-sama, so let’s fulfill our duty properly.」

Softly admonished, Mea pouted her lips and began to walk.

「Yes, yes.」

Seeing Mea walk around with a golem, Torraine, first smiled to herself, but soon narrowed her eyes and tilted her head.

「One for Mea and I. One for Rant and Schnee. One for Ditzen-san. One for Yuri-san. One for Aifa-san… In addition, one beside him, and one watching over Violette-san staying in one of the rooms… And giving such complicated orders to each one of them, doesn’t it burden Taiki-sama?」

She muttered, lowering her voice, then shook her head.

「Thinking about this won’t get me anywhere. Now, let’s do our best.」

Switching her thoughts Torraine noticed Mea, who was waiting slightly ahead while puffing her cheeks and hurried to catch up with her.


※By putting boxes on robots they were disguised to look like golems. Drones, hidden in the chest area, project image to the operation room where Taiki is located.

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Heavenly Castle Chapter 58 - Empire’s information