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Heavenly Castle
Chapter 57 - A turning point

Chapter 57 – A turning point

Translator: Pink Tea Editor: Ryunakama 𝙞𝙣𝗻𝒓𝗲𝓪d. c𝘰m


Seeing Aifa lying face up on the ground, Violette made a dry laugh.

「…For that Aifa to lose to a golem…」

To which Ditzen replied with a curious expression.

「What made you think that you can beat a golem created by a sorcerer who made an island that floats in the sky?」

Although Ditzen didn’t voice his question that loud, Violette turned eyes full of killing intent towards him.

Meantime, Ayla and Yuri were confirming the severity of Aifa’s wounds.

Not sure if it was intentional on A1 part, but because Aifa fell into the pool, no serious injuries could be found. It appears that he was able to deploy protection magic right before A1’s attack hit him, so he lost consciousnesses from the mere shock of impact from falling into the water.

Then, perhaps due to a bit of a rest, he naturally came to his senses.


As Aifa tried to sit up with a small groan, Yuri and Ayla assisted him.

After he sat up, Aifa looked up at the robot standing near him and then turned his gaze to A1 standing next to me.

After staring at A1 for a while, Aifa moved his jaw, as if he confirmed something for himself.

「…It was this golem that fought me?」

「Eh? Ah, yes. You managed to distinguish them.」

While a bit surprised I affirmed that, Aifa showed a soft smile.

「Strangely, this golem feels different from the others.」

Saying that he got up. It seems the damage isn’t as great as I thought.

「…I surely witnessed the power of the Great Sorcerer Taiki-dono. No, in the end, I didn’t have enough ability to see your true strength.」

While Aifa smiled with a refreshed expression, Violette spoke up with a frown on her face.

「It’s my first time seeing Aifa’s smile… It feels so out of place that it’s creepy.」

Ignoring that poisonous remark, Aifa stiffened in his facial expression and looked straight at me.

「…Taking your strength into consideration, I have a request for Taiki-dono.」

「Request, you say?」

When asked, Aifa nodded with a stern expression.

「…Save my family.」

Violette was the first one to react to the words that were so hard for Aifa to squeeze out.

「Hey, wait a minute! Aifa, you…?!」

As Aifa didn’t even react to Violette’s words spoken in a condemning tone, she clicked her tongue and took a step forward.

「Are you going to point a sword at the Empire?! Such ingratitude…!」

Aifa refuted without even glancing at Violette accusing him.

「I have never felt indebted to the Empire.」


As Violette was left speechless by Aifa’s words, I spoke up.

「What do you mean by saving?」

When asked, Aifa suddenly began to take off his clothes.

Taking off clothes from the upper half of his body, he turned around, showing his back.

Seeing that, Ayla, who stood beside me, gasped for breath.

A certain symbol was engraved on Aifa’s back.

「Is that a slave’s…?!」

To the words from Ayla, Aifa closed his eyes.

「I’m a slave of the Emperor.」

Hearing those words, Ayla stopped moving like she was frozen.

「Having a certain objective, the Emperor raided our village in the depths of the forest and made us his slaves. Originally, outsiders were supposed to be blocked by powerful monsters, preventing them from reaching us, but the Emperor searched through the forest with an astonishing number of troops. We were completely helpless before that army.」

Hearing Aifa speak those words in a powerless voice, I slightly tuck my chin.

「…So you want me to rescue other villagers that were turned into slaves?」

As I asked, confirming, Aifa affirmed while putting back on his clothes.

「I have served the Emperor for the sake of my family that became hostages. However, losing our original duty and just enduring, without a shred of self-respect, merely for the fear of own dear lives, brought the death of our spirit. Right now we are no different from the cattle with a needlessly long lifespan.」

Aifa said that and looked at me once again.

「My family and I bet our lives on you. Please. Free us from the Empire.」

Hearing those words, I pointed my finger to the ground and laughed.

「Would all of you live on this island? In that case, it certainly will be over without any sacrifices.」

After saying that, I look back at Aifa’s face, who was completely unresponsive, and breathed out a sigh.

「Is what I’d like to say, but it can hardly go that way. …So, your duties?」

The words Aifa spoke about the original duty. When saying that, Aifa certainly had a very pained face.

I don’t know what it is but I guess for Aifa and others that duty was their pride and the reason to live.

In that case, there is one hope for Aifa.

When I made a bitter smile with those thoughts, Aifa silently nodded.

「…We elves are also called the forest folk. Divided into dozens or hundreds of villages we live while protecting and growing special trees in various forests.」

「Special trees.」

As I voiced those words while musing over them, Aifa showed his assent.

「You surely know. It’s all about Sacred Trees.」

Nope, never heard of them.

I almost gave an honest answer without thinking, but before I could do that, Ditzen raised his voice.

「Sacred Trees! I heard about them only in rumors, it’s those trees that only elves can see?! Uwaa, I really want to see them!」

Next, Yuri opened her mouth, laughing at Ditzen’s out of place excitement.

「It’s a very famous story. It became a fairy-tale even in my country. The Founding Emperor went to the elven village and gained great power by touching the Sacred Tree… That’s the adventure tale that Yanual-niisama is very fond of.」

Hearing that explanation from the cheerfully laughing Yuri, I nod in understanding.

Then, Aifa shook his head horizontally and turned to Ditzen and Yuri.

「No, this is not a fairy-tale. This is what actually took place in history.」

Yuri and Ditzen blinked hearing Aifa’s plain announcement.

「…Then, by touching a Sacred Tree you really get a great power?」

Asked Ayla with a surprised expression, but Aifa shook his head once again.

「No, most likely the stories told in various countries are largely exaggerated. The power of Sacred Trees is nothing that simple. We spend many years with Sacred Trees, little by little receiving magic power from them, but I’ve seen no such drastic changes.」

「Eh? And that’s all?」

Seeing Ditzen’s all too honest reaction Aifa furrowed his brows a bit.

「…Sacred Trees are very special trees for us, in fact, only elves are capable of communicating with them. Sacred Trees always respond to our voices and when new elves are born they receive blessings. Among elders of our clan, most believe that elves are capable of having offspring thanks to Sacred Trees.」

「I-I’m very sorry!」

Opposite to Ditzen, who went to apologize at the speed of light, Violette opened her mouth with a sharp look in her eyes.

「This is way too stupid. To think that you would rebel over some old fairy-tale, after elves, who were hermits in forests, were settled in the empire’s capital and were even given dwellings…」

To Violette’s voice oozing with anger, Aifa sighed and shook his head.

「…One who was born and raised in the Empire wouldn’t understand this. It’s a pride for the elves to be together with Sacred Trees.」

Agreeing with those words, I also smile wryly.

「So you want me to free those that became hostages and bring them back to the forest?」

I ask in confirmation and Aifa nods without saying a word.

Seeing that I fold my arms and hum.

「Hmmm… But in that case, you will end up living while fearing the empire.」

「In order to prevent us from revolting, we are set to live in different parts of the capital. There is surveillance from guards, and on top of that, every child is isolated. But the story would be different were all of us to return to the woods.」

「Even if the empire were to attack, you will be able to repel them?」

「Of course.」

Though Aifa gave a clear answer, all I could do is nod with a bitter smile.

Present empire should be more powerful than it was when it attacked the elves. There should also be a larger number of soldiers, magicians, and golems they can mobilize.

Perhaps, putting elven pride at stake, Aifa and the others will be able to repel the empire, but without a doubt, the cost of doing that will be considerable.

However, saying that I will save them also feels strange. It may damage the self-esteem of the elves and it may also bring a lot of resentment from the soldiers, who risk their lives, fighting under the command of the Empire.

Probably, most of the people of the empire care the most about their own living and don’t care much about invading other countries or catching the elves.

Thinking that far, I have only one question.

「…If the Emperor believed in the legends about Sacred Trees and attacked your lands because of that, then what happened to the Sacred Trees?」

If he was seeking the power of Sacred Trees, maybe the Emperor cut them down in fury…

I asked with those thoughts, but words that came from Aifa sounded somewhat prideful.

「No, the Emperor didn’t hear of the location of the Sacred Tree. We will protect the Sacred Tree even if it means our annihilation.」

Hearing Aifa’s declaration, I understood why the elves were captured alive.

The Emperor has not given up on the Sacred Trees.

Since they are living apart from each other, it is possible that other elves are going through the gruesome tortures, without Aifa even knowing about it.

In the worst case, there is no telling what happened to the Sacred Tree. In that case, there might be no time to consider the sentiments of soldiers and citizens of the Empire.

「…… For now, it seems it would be better to collect information.」

Softly muttering that I looked at Aifa.

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Heavenly Castle Chapter 57 - A turning point