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Guide to raise my cutie husbands
Chapter 1010: If you betray Yu Dong bad luck starts haunting you

Chapter 1010: If you betray Yu Dong bad luck starts haunting you

" Yes you did a good job," Yu Dong knew that if she were in their shoes she would have done the same thing which was why she did not scold them instead she turned to look at Xiao Hua and asked, " Did you see who helped our family?"          


" I did," Xiao Hua nodded with a firm expression on his face. " Not only did I see those who helped us but I also saw the ones who were fanning the flames from the sides." He was not going to let those who tried to fan the flames on the side, did they think that just because they were silent when Yu Dong came, their actions missed his sharp eyes!? There was no way!      

"It's good that you did," Yu Dong nodded and then turned to look at Ye Liu, " Take out some money from the savings and go with Aunt Wang and Grandma Fang to compensate those who got hurt because of the brawl. For those who got injured, we will definitely compensate them with money for their medical expenses."     

" I understand," Ye Liu nodded and then went inside Yu Dong's room to take out the money from their common saving.      

" As for those who fanned the flames, Hua'er you write their names down on the list. From now on they are banned from coming to our house to take the manure and if they have a contract signed, then go and return it to them. Say that they have broken the trust of our family and we can no longer employ them under us… if they refuse then we will tell them that they need to come to the Yamen with us."      

Anger flashed in Yu Dong's eyes but how could she be not angry? Normally, she did not care about those who talked bad about her behind her back but she had to care about what happened today no matter what. Some villagers think that they can take advantage of her family and even bully her. That was impossible! If they were willing to act despicable then Yu Dong was going to teach them a good lesson as well.      

" Thats the right way to deal with them," Chen Mi huffed as he patted his brother-in-law. Their family was not full of saints, did they think that just because Yu Dong was in charge of developing the village, they could do anything that they wanted and Yu Dong would still help them? They were simply dreaming.      

The next day Ye Liu and Aunt Wang did as Yu Dong told them. Though Yu Dong was willing to hand over fifty taels as compensation to the families with whom she was breaking the contract, they all knew that it was they who were going to suffer. Those families asked around the village and town and knew that the price of Yu Dong's vegetables was really too high and that she could earn fifty taels in just one day easily.      

If they were to break the contract then they would surely suffer a huge loss!      

But no matter what those families said or did, Ye Li and Aunt Wang took the contract away along with the seeds. But some families refused saying that they were not going to hand the seeds to Ye Liu.      

"It's just seeds do you really have to be so stingy?" One of the women asked Ye Liu.     

The latter however remained calm and then rubbed the gourd-shaped vessel that was tied around his waist and stated, " You wouldn't be able to grow them even if you were to keep them."      

With that, he turned on his heels and then walked away.      

" What was that?" The woman muttered but she was happy to get the fifty taels along with the seeds However when she went to look for the seeds to make sure that they were all right she was going to start sowing them. The woman was stunned to find that all the seeds grew mold on them!      

It caused a huge ruckus in the village as those whose seeds grew mold rushed to look for those who were still holding the contract in their hands. They wanted the villagers to come with them and help them talk with Yu Dong but those who still had their contracts simply tilted their heads and asked in surprise,      

" What? The seeds grew mold? Haha, you are surely joking aren't you not ?" The villagers laughed at them.     

" My husband checked the seeds earlier this morning and they are fresh and ready to be sowed."      

" This morning? I am looking forward to sowing those seeds thus, I look at them every second hour. They are completely fine and dandy, Why are you asking about those seeds though?"      

Only then did the women who got their contracts revoked understand what Ye Liu meant when he said that they would not be able to sow those seeds. This was what they meant!      

Because of this incident, a new rumour started spreading in the Big River Village and it was —— if you betrayed Yu Dong, bad luck would start haunting you.      

After that, the women tried to contact Yu Dong but they only met with a furious Shen Li who reprimanded them all sharply, " What? Do you think our family is someone whom you can bully as you want? My wife does have the responsibility of taking care of the villagers and helping them but that does not mean that she has to act like a saint when there are people trying to pull her leg. She was honest when she asked you to sign the contract and yet you dared to call her unscrupulous. Please forgive me but this is something that I cannot forgive.  Our family is kind but we aren't foolish, do you understand?"      

With that, he closed the doors of the house on the faces of those women who tried to take advantage of them and were now regretting.      

On the other hand, Yu Dong was called to the Yamen.      

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Guide to raise my cutie husbands Chapter 1010: If you betray Yu Dong bad luck starts haunting you