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Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister
Chapter 86 - Fighting Orochimaru

Chapter 86 - Fighting Orochimaru

"Checkmate, huh? Kukuku, that is quite the bold statement."

Orochimaru's eyes wandered over the two newcomers and got stuck on Anko.

"To think my old student would visit me, how moving."

"Hehe, naturally. I need to pay you back for your kind teachings, after all. How about a nice sharp kunai straight into the heart. Doesn't that sound nice?"

Anko met eyes with Yuna and Naruto and gave them both a nod.

"You two support me. I will take him on."


Yuna and Naruto stepped back a little and took out some throwing weapons to support Anko.

If Kakashi were here, he would probably be laughing out loud at how obvious a trap the trio was preparing, Orochimaru, however, didn't know enough about the twins' personalities so he didn't know that they wouldn't be satisfied with a support role.

"Aren't you underestimating me a bit too much, Anko-chan?"

"We will see about that. "

As soon as she finished speaking, she took out a kunai and charged at Orochimaru with the speed she could reach, while she still had the seal on her.

A smirk appeared on Orochimaru's face as he formed a seal with his hands.

"Haven't you forgotten something imp… IMPOSSIBLE!"

Orochimaru's eyes widened in surprise when he realized that he couldn't activate Anko's seal.

Anko used the short moment when he lost focus to accelerate to her maximum speed, arrive in front of him, and stab her Kunai towards his heart.

Although Orochimaru was surprised by Anko's sudden increase in speed he didn't hold the title of Sannin for nothing.

He jumped backward to get out of Anko's attack range and was just about to counterattack when he felt a massive chakra fluctuation above him. He raised both his arms and crossed them over his head.

Moments later Naruto's leg coated in red chakra crashed down onto his arms, causing the ground under him to crack.

Orochimaru was just about to deflect the remaining force to the side, when Yuna appeared next to him and smashed her chakra-coated fist into Orochimaru's side, sending him flying.

Orochimaru skillfully controlled his center of gravity and righted himself in midair. He landed on his two feet and slid back a few more meters.

As soon as he came to a stop, a thin blade covered in water chakra pierced his back, into his heart, and came out in the front.

Despite the blade clearly being coated in chakra, nothing of it was leaking, making it impossible to sense, demonstrating how absurd the sword owners, Hinata's, chakra control was.

She arrived pretty much at the same time as Yuna and Anko, but instead of revealing herself, she covered her whole body in chakra to erase her presence and waited for the perfect moment to strike.

Hinata quickly pulled her sword out and retreated back to the rest of the group in case Orochimaru retaliated.

Orochimaru spat out some blood and then turned towards the group. He looked at Hinata with an incredulous look. His senses were incredibly sharp, honed even further through all kinds of experiments, and operations he put himself through. Despite all of that, he didn't notice that sneak attack at all, and even now, when Hinata was standing in front of him with chakra coating her whole body, he couldn't feel her presence or her chakra.

'What kind of absurd chakra control does she have? How can I not feel any of her chakra despite her coating her whole body with it?'

"Kukuku, impressive, truly impressive. For a normal shinobi this wound would be deadly, but not for me."

After saying that, Orochimaru opened his mouth and moments later a second Orochimaru crawled out of it, while the first one fell to the ground like a snake's freshly shed skin.

The group looked dumbfounded when they saw what Orochimaru just did. The first one to break the silence was Yuna.

"Holy sh*t! Did he just birth himself out of his own mouth? That's seriously f*ed up!"

Naruto and Hinata, meanwhile, looked slightly sick from seeing this spectacle, while Anko's eyebrows were constantly twitching.

'Orochimaru, while you were my sensei you were still human. A very creepy human, yes, but human nonetheless. Now, however…'

Anko could only shake her head to get rid of her thoughts. This wasn't the time to ponder about stuff like that.

"That was quite the impressive combination. How about you show me some more tricks?"

When Orochimaru said that, Yuna immediately felt like something was off.

'Why is he suddenly acting like he no longer has any time pressure? Did something change? He lost quite a bit of chakra while performing that jutsu, but, that is normal, right? I mean, something this f*ed up should need quite a lot of chakra, right… I honestly have no clue. 13 years isn't enough to understand what needs a lot of chakra and what doesn't.'

Yuna was just about to start the next attack, when Orochimaru bit his finger, went through a few hand seals, and then put his hand on the ground.

"[Ninja Art: Summoning Jutsu]"

A massive smoke cloud appeared and as soon as it disappeared, a huge snake was revealed.

"Let's see how you handle something like this."

Seeing the arrogant smirk on Orochimaru's face, Yuna could only shake her head and speak up.

"I really wondered why you are acting like that. Our first exchange ended with you getting your heart pierced by a sword. How about you roll over and obediently let yourself be captured and in exchange, we won't kill you."

"Oh? You think you have won this because you managed to catch me off guard once? You don't really think it is this easy, do you?"

As soon as he finished that sentence the huge snake under him started to charge at the group.

"I'll deal with the snake you take Orochimaru."

The other three nodded after hearing Yuna's command and got ready. All of them could feel Yuna gathering chakra into her mouth and had a pretty good idea what jutsu she would use.

When the giant snake was just about to reach Yuna, she fired off her jutsu.

"[Water Style: Heaven and Earth Slicing High-Pressure Water Stream]"

This time, instead of cutting horizontally, Yuna shot the jutsu vertically.

Orochimaru's eyes widened in surprise when Yuna's jutsu cut through his snake like a hot knife cuts through butter.

He noticed that the water stream would reach him as well, so he quickly jumped off the snake's head towards Hinata, who he deemed to be the most troublesome.

He flared his killing intent and wanted to paralyze Hinata with it. Hinata, however, didn't even flinch and tried to stab Orochimaru with her sword.

Although Orochimaru dodged the attack, that moment of delay was enough for Anko and Naruto to reach them and attack Orochimaru together.

The combined blow sent Orochimaru flying again, but just like before he managed to right himself in time to land on his feet.


Yuna appeared behind him and, this time, instead of stabbing his heart like Hinata did, she tried to behead him.

A smirk appeared on Orochimaru's face as he easily dodged the attack like he knew it was coming.

"Hehe, I won't fall for the same trick twice."

The five fingers on Orochimaru's right hand lit up and smashed into Yuna's stomach.

'Let's get rid of the Kyuubi's chakra for now. That should make it easier.'

"[Five Elements Seal]"

As soon as Orochimaru's fingers hit Yuna's stomach, the red chakra coating her vanished and she staggered forward.

While falling, Yuna's back was "coincidently" pointed towards Orochimaru and before he could even fully understand what was going on, three snow-white chains pierced through his body and sealed his movement.

Not even half a second later, Anko appeared next to him and cut off his head, and then burned his body with a fire jutsu, making it impossible to revive himself again.

The seal Orochimaru put on Yuna's stomach dissolved within seconds, as an eerie silence descended onto the battlefield.

"That, somehow, didn't feel right."

Anko nodded at Yuna's assessment.

"I agree, that was too easy."

Naruto and Hinata felt the same but didn't know what to say either.

Seeing the slightly depressed look on everyone's face, a smirk appeared on Yuna's face.

"Well done, everyone! Everyone performed perfectly without a mistake. Although I don't think we truly killed him, we certainly drove him into a corner. I am proud of you!"

Yuna's words immediately shattered the bad atmosphere as smiles appeared on everybody's face.

"Haha, nee-san is right. Did you see his face when Hinata stabbed through his heart? Hilarious!"

"Gahahah, true. I also liked how he looked when his snake was cut in half vertically by Yuna." 𝓲𝓷nr𝒆𝚊d. 𝘤𝑜𝘮

Hinata nodded in agreement to Anko's sentence and said her own opinion.

"I like how you predicted Yuna's feint and were instantly ready to make a lethal blow, Anko."

"Haha, we all did a good job, but this time the MVP is definitely Naruto, who stalled Orochimaru long enough for all of us to arrive. Well done."

Hinata and Anko nodded their heads in agreement, while Naruto blushed a little from being praised like that.

"Alright, Naruto, as a reward the next 10 weeks will have an additional "Ramenday""

At first, Naruto wanted to act humble about being the MVP, but when he heard about the reward, his eyes shone in excitement.

"Haha, yes! I can't wait! Let's finish this quickly, so I can get my first serving of ramen as soon as possible!"

Yuna only chuckled and shook her head when she saw Naruto's seemingly unending craving for ramen. A gesture that was mimicked by Hinata and Anko.

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Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister Chapter 86 - Fighting Orochimaru