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Chapter 83 - The First Test

The whole room was completely silent. Everyone looked at the weird image in front of them without knowing what to think about it. Three people surprise attacked a single young girl and not even five seconds later, one is knocked out and the other two were repelled easily.

Naruto chuckled a little when he saw Yuna playing around like this.

'Seems like nee-san has dropped all pretense. Guess it's finally time to show off our real strength.'

Just when the tension in the room was about to boil over, a smoke bomb exploded, and killing intent started to flood the room.

"Sit down you worthless bastards!"

After the smoke was lifted, a group of shinobi was revealed. In front of them stood a tall man with broad shoulders. His face was filled with old wounds and scars and he wore a big black overcoat.

"I am Morino Ibiki, the examiner for the first test of the chunin exam."

Quite a few people swallowed hard when they heard who their examiner would be. As the commanding officer of Konoha's T&I department, he is well known even in other countries, after all.

Ibiki lifted up his hand and pointed at Yuna.

"I say this to everyone and especially to you: Fighting without the permission of the Examiner is strictly forbidden. Those that dare to disobey me will fail immediately. Did I make myself clear?"

The killing intent emitted from Ibiki got even stronger causing quite a few people to flinch. Yuna, however, only gave him a wide smile.

"Haha, you misunderstood. This guy under me really enjoys getting stepped on by me."

Yuna gave the person she was stepping on a few nudges with her foot.

"See? He is so happy he fainted."

Another oppressive silence filled the room as Yuna and Ibiki were keeping eye contact.

'I find her more and more likable. Guess Anko wasn't boasting for nothing. Despite keeping eye contact with me for this long and telling that obvious lie she shows no signs of nervousness.'

A smirk appeared on Ibiki's face.

"You got guts. Not bad at all, but enough playing around. Let's get this started."

"Haha, okay, okay. I am done anyway."

Most people in the room were rather dumbfounded by that instant shift in the atmosphere. At one moment, the two seemed ready to start fighting at any moment, and then, seemingly without reason, the mood shifted, and they started talking like nothing happened.

While most people were still in a daze, Yuna skillfully moved her foot underneath the person lying under her, tossed him up, and caught him by the scruff of his shirt with her right hand.

Next, one of the fingers on her left hand lit up with chakra and poked his forehead, causing him to stir a little. After that was done, she simply tossed him towards his teammates.

"Catch. He should wake up any minute now."

Yuna could feel two people glaring at her, but she ignored it and simply went to her seat and sat down. Moments later the person with grey hair who talked to her previously sat down next to her.

'Hehe, I am rather lucky, huh. Not sure what this guy's deal is, but he is quite suspicious. His chakra reserve is around low jonin level and he has a seal on him that reduces it to low chunin. Is he part of the exam, or is there something else going on? Guess I will invest some time in slapping a few seals on him during the exam.'

While Yuna was pondering, Ibiki was explaining the rules of the first test. While listening to them, Yuna's eyes almost glazed over.

'He sure likes to make it complicated, huh?'

Yuna glanced at the questions in front of her and couldn't help but chuckle.

'I can answer them, but I am pretty sure that even some jonin couldn't. Guess there are a few people spread around that know the answers and we have to get the information from them. Pretty good design. Guess I will just steal one of their answer sheets at the end of the test and put my name on it. They are rather easy to find since all of them have around a high chunin chakra level. The last question is rather suspicious as well, but I don't have enough information to make any conclusions about that yet. For now, time for a nap.'

Yuna folded her arms on her desk, put her head on them, and then closed her eyes.

Ibiki's eyebrows twitched a little when he saw that, but didn't say anything.

The test continued. More and more people were disqualified due to cheating and a while later, it was time to reveal the last question.

Ibiki noticed that Yuna was still sleeping, which completely negated the impact the first part of the exam is supposed to have. He couldn't help but be annoyed by it, so he took out a Kunai and threw it towards Yuna.

It was supposed to leave a light scratch on her cheek, but Yuna lazily swayed her head to the side and avoided it

"*Yawn* You have the same idea about pranks as Anko, huh? Please don't casually throw sharp objects at sleeping people."

Yuna scanned the room and couldn't help but feel weirded out. What the hell is that contraption on the ceiling? Why is one of the examiners a puppet?

"Wow, that puppet is still somewhat acceptable, but that mirror contraption on the ceiling is absolutely outrageous. If I tell Anko about that she will think you have grown soft."

Ibiki chuckled a little when he saw a few people stiffen after Yuna exposed them. He, of course, has noticed both of these things and agreed with Yuna's assessment.

"Well, these are just chunin exams after all. There were a few other equally outrageous things used while you were sleeping."

After he said that, his gaze swept over a few people who couldn't help but avert their eyes when they met Ibiki's.

"As long as they don't try to blatantly look at someone else's sheet, I'll allow it."

There was a small commotion after Ibiki said that, but he quickly stifled it with a glare.

"Anyway, let's get to the final question! Before you can take it, however, there are few additional rules for it."

Yuna immediately zoned out a little when she heard that there were even more rules.

'This guy sure loves his mind games. Banned from becoming a chunin for life, huh? That is quite the bold lie, but considering how much pressure most people in the room must feel by now, I guess quite a few will believe it. I guess this is about being willing to take a risk that involves your own life permanently, something that could happen on a mission. Oh well, guess I don't have to steal an answer sheet then.'

After cranking up the pressure some more and making a few more people leave the room, Ibiki finally ended the first exam and told everyone still in the room that they had passed the first test.

What followed was an explanation of what happened to shinobi that failed to gather information properly and to those that get caught and interrogated for information. He finished his speech by removing his headband and revealing the numerous scars he had on his head.

Ibiki was just about to explain the next step when the window burst open and someone jumped in through it. Four Kunai flew in different directions and spanned a banner in front of Ibiki. The banner had "The sexy and taken Anko Mitarashi" written on it.

Anko walked in front of the banner with both her hand at her hips.

"Don't celebrate yet, I am the examiner for the second test, Anko Mitarashi. Everybody follow me!"

An awkward silence descended onto the room which was broken rather quickly by a certain person…

"*Whistle* Damn, so sexy! Look at those hips! Too bad she is already taken! I wonder who the lucky person is. That person must be incredibly attractive. *Whistle*"

That's right, Yuna was shamelessly catcalling her, while praising herself.

Anko's smile immediately widened.

"Haha, it's good that you understand. Good job!"

Anko felt a little bit of Hinata's killing intent hit her, but she didn't mind. Yuna would just have to tell her that she was cute and that would be enough to pacify Hinata.

That was when Ibiki pushed away the banner with an awkward expression.

"Err… I wasn't done yet."

Although Anko blushed a little when she heard that, she still pushed forward.

"Whatever, in the next exam I will cut the remaining number of people at least by half. All of you follow me. This will be fun."

A vicious smile appeared on Anko's face that intimidated quite a few people, but everyone still followed her obediently.

Ibiki, in the meantime, started to collect the test papers. This has somewhat become a tradition for him. Collecting the papers that weren't relevant in the first place. He always found it amusing to read some of the hastily scribbled down answers that, occasionally, were bizarrely wrong.

After a while of collecting and reading, he reached the test he was most interested in. Yuna's test.

Considering she slept through the whole thing, Ibiki expected it to be totally empty, but his instincts were telling him that there was no way it was this simple.

When he looked at Yuna's test paper, his eyes widened in disbelief. Not a single question was answered, which didn't surprise him too much, but there was a very childish-looking crayon drawing that filled the whole paper sheet.

It was a stick figure whose only discerning futures were his round black-rimmed glasses and grey spiky hair.

A certain person immediately came to Ibiki's mind when he saw that stick figure.

He took a better look at the drawing and noticed that there were a few arrows with labels pointing at different parts of the stick figure's body.

For example, there was an arrow pointing at his eyes that was labeled with "black". 𝒊𝓷𝐧𝗿𝚎𝘢𝒅. Com

While he was reading through the labels, however, Ibiki got more and more serious.

While most of them simply described how he looked, quite a few of them were rather…unusual.

One arrow was pointing at his heart. It was labeled with: Seal to reduce chakra from jonin to chunin.

There was another one pointed at three curved lines above his head which were labeled: smells like a snake.

And lastly, there was one pointing at his right ankle which read: tracking seal I placed on him.

The next thing Ibiki noticed was that there was some marking on the bottom right corner of the page that indicated that this was just page one, so Ibiki flipped the sheet around and saw that an arrow that was drawn with crayons was drawn on it.

At first, he had no idea what this was supposed to mean, but when he lifted up the piece of paper to hold it against the light, his eyes almost popped out.

The childish-looking crayon arrow was spinning around and, after a bit of testing, Ibiki found out that it was always pointing in the same direction.

'N-No way. Is this the tracking seal? There is no way, right?'

Ibiki had, naturally, some basic knowledge about seals, but he couldn't even begin to fathom how someone could create something like what he was currently holding in his hand.

'If the information on this is true, then it is very likely that Kabuto is a spy, but can I really use such a childish-looking drawing to convince anyone? She did that on purpose, huh?'

Ibiki gritted his teeth and decided to report the matter to the Hokage for now. Even if he will feel like an idiot while presenting Yuna's crayon drawing to the Hokage, the safety of the village comes first.

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