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Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister
Chapter 82 - Confidence Crushing

Chapter 82 - Confidence Crushing

When the duo reached the correct room, Kakashi was waiting for them in front of it.

"I can understand Sakura not coming, but what happened to Sasuke?"

Naruto shrugged his shoulders.

"They are both here, but Sasuke had to act cool, so they got delayed for a bit."

Kakashi nodded in understanding and proceeded to wait for them. While they were waiting, more and more teams kept pouring into the room. This also included Neji, who gave Yuna a death glare but didn't say anything.

'Should I "kill" him again? Seems like he still hasn't learned his lesson.'

Kakashi noticed Neji's glare and got a little curious.

"Do you have a grudge with him?"

"He has a grudge with me. He seems to think that he is some kind of heaven-sent genius, so I trapped him inside a genjutsu and killed him inside it."

"I didn't know you could use genjutsu as well."

Yuna shrugged and gave her answer.

"I can, but I never do. With my chakra control, using a genjutsu or two isn't hard, but I didn't put any time into training it. That guy could have probably broken out of it rather quickly if I didn't act instantly."

"Well, "that guy" was last year's top scorer and is said to be a genius."

Yuna only snorted at that.

"So he can answer a bunch of questions correctly, can use the three basic jutsu, can hit an unmoving target with shuriken and kunai, and the Hyuga clan is spreading propaganda about how awesome the members of the main family are. Big deal. If he were such a genius, then why is he still a genin?"

Now that Yuna had dismantled his statement like this, Kakashi couldn't help but feel a little awkward.

'Now that I think about it, that is true. Being the top scorer in the academy doesn't matter at all, without Sasuke, Sakura would be this year's top scorer, after all. I am not sure about the propaganda part, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Hyuga clan did something like this. I could probably ask Guy for more information, but I don't care enough to do it.'

A few moments later, Sasuke and Sakura arrived as well and Yuna really wanted to applaud Sasuke for how dedicated he is to his Dao.

`We left him alone for a few minutes and he somehow managed to get his ass kicked. Is he trying to break some kind of chunin exam record?'

After the group gathered, Kakashi gave them a few more words, wished them good luck, and then told them to enter the room.

As soon as they entered, a weak wave of killing intent hit them, but even Sakura didn't falter from it.

'Guess fighting those thugs during the mission in the Land of Waves toughened her up at least a little.'

"Wow, I didn't think this many people would be taking the exam!"

Yuna shrugged at Naruto's exclamation.

"Yeah, but most of them are small fry. I guess around ten will make it to the last round."

The killing intent directed at Yuna immediately increased, but she didn't care about that. People that can't even stand such a little taunt aren't worth her time.

Moments later, Naruto was hug-tackled from behind.

"Yo, Naruto, Yuna, we haven't seen each other for a while now."

Yuna gave the person, Ino, a nod.

"Hello, Ino. Guess you were just as busy as we were. We should have dinner together after the exams are over."

"I-Ino-chan, could you get off my back?"

While Yuna and Ino were chatting, Naruto felt something soft press into his back and he was getting more and more flustered because of that.

Ino quickly realized why Naruto was getting flustered and quickly took some distance from him with a small blush of her own.

This time, the killing intent directed at Naruto increased quite a bit and Yuna couldn't help but chuckle a little.

'Flirting in front of a bunch of single men is quite dangerous, huh?'

[I don't think you are really the right person to say that. Aren't you doing it all the time?]

'It's fine if it is two women. Trust me on that one.'

Yuna could feel Kurama roll his eyes, but he didn't say anything else.

Moments later, Shikamaru and Choji greeted them as well, followed by Kiba and Shino who had Hinata trailing behind them with a lowered head.

Yuna almost rolled her eyes at Hinata's antics.

'It's obvious that her so-called siblings are just as bad as the elders of her family. Instead of putting on an act to see that for herself, she should just bitchslap that "genius" so hard that his Byakugan turns into the Sharingan. Oh well, this is what she wants, so whatever.'

While the group was chatting with each other, someone else approached them.

"Hey you guys, you should be quieter."

The person approaching them had grey hair, black eyes, and black-rimmed glasses. Yuna tilted her head in confusion.


"You are fresh out of the academy, right? This isn't a picnic. Everyone here is nervous because of the exams. You should quiet down before you cause a scene."

Yuna, however, still had her head tilted in confusion.

"Why bother?"

The person in front of them was slightly taken aback by Yuna's nonchalant attitude, but he quickly collected his thoughts and was about to say more, when Yuna interrupted him. A disdain-filled sneer appeared on her face as she let her eyes wander over the crowd.

"If you lose your confidence because a few people are chatting with each other, then you might as well pack your things and piss off. If you think this will work out somehow and you can just muddle your way through it, then you might as well kill yourself right now so we can reduce the number of fodder and save some time."

Although quite a few people became angry at Yuna, there were also quite a few people whose confidence took a hit.

Moments later, three people charged at Yuna, two men, and one woman. All three of them had a headband that Yuna has never seen before.

"You sure have a big mouth, let me teach you a lesson."

After saying that, one of them attacked Yuna with a huge metal arm, while the other two tried to attack her from the side.

Yuna jumped over the first attack, grabbed the two people that wanted to flank her by the head, and threw them at a wall. Yuna noticed that the first attacker tried to direct a sound wave into her ear with his chakra, but she negated that instantly with her own chakra. She stomped her right foot down into the first attacker and smashed his head into the floor.

Three loud sounds echoed through the room almost at the same time when two people hit the wall and one was smashed into the ground. While the two people that smashed into the wall were still conscious, the third one was knocked out.

Yuna looked at the person who just attacked her with confusion and innocence in her eyes.

"So? What kind of lesson would you like to teach me? I am always open to learning something new."

The weird contrast between how arrogant Yuna acted and how innocent she pretended to be now, gave a lot of people an eerie feeling and rattled their confidence even further.

Looking at Yuna, who still had her foot on the face of a person that just attacked her and who, despite that, was still smiling innocently, certainly didn't improve the confidence of the people in the room.

Ibiki Morino, the examiner of the first test, was currently watching the spectacle inside the room through a one-way mirror and couldn't help himself but chuckle.

'Yuna Uzumaki, huh? I already like her. The exams haven't even started properly and yet, she has already shattered the confidence of about half the room. This makes my job much easier. I wonder if she is interested in the T&I department? Oh well, might as well get this started before things get out of hand. I wonder how she will react to my exam. Considering what I have seen so far, she will probably see through the first part, but what about the second one? This will be interesting.'

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Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister Chapter 82 - Confidence Crushing