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Chapter 78 - Fooling Around

It took Anko around 5 minutes to calm down and then another 10 to get her blushing face under control.

'What the hell is wrong with me? Why did I c… Why did I almost start crying? Seems like that damned mark put more pressure on me than I thought. Speaking of pressure, I feel absolutely amazing. I can't even remember whether my body has ever felt this light before.'

Anko let go of Yuna and casually stood up. After dusting off her clothes a bit, Anko started speaking.

"*Cough* A-Anyway, thanks I guess."

Yuna smirked when she saw how Anko wanted to dismiss everything like it was no big deal. 𝓲𝓃𝐧𝓇𝗲𝒂d. 𝑐𝐨m

' Does she really think it is that easy?'

"Haha, no need for thanks. I already got my payment after all."

Yuna made a slapping motion with her right hand. Although Anko blushed a little, she started to glare at Yuna as well.

"I will definitely get my revenge for that."

"Hehe, you can come at me anytime you want. I actually thought that you wanted your revenge right away, but it turned out you just wanted to be hugged."

"N-Nonsense! I… Tripped. That's right! I tripped and fell on you. Since it was comfortable, I decided to use you as my body pillow for a while. You should feel honored."

Yuna gave her a sage nod.

"Indeed. It is only natural to be comfortable when touching my body. The honor I bestowed onto you made you so emotional that you even started to cry. Totally understandable."

"C-Crying!? I was definitely not crying!"

"Don't worry Anko, it is only natural. Let me tell you a secret: Do you know of those stories where nations went to war because of a woman's beauty? Those stories were about me. Just crying and not fainting is actually already pretty good."

"Can you be any more shameless?"

"Easily. There was this one time when I was wa…"


"Haha, it's good to see you are back to your energetic self, Anko."

"*Tsk* Whatever."

Anko approached Yuna, grabbed her waist, and then gave her a deep kiss on the lips. Yuna, naturally, wasn't someone easily surprised, so she mimicked Anko's movements and reciprocated the kiss.

After they separated, the duo licked their lips while having a rather similar-looking grin on their faces. After a moment, however, Anko started to frown.

"Is it just me or has it gotten colder?"

"Hinata is spying on us with her Byakugan and that is her killing intent."

Anko pondered for a while and then nodded her head.

"Got it."

And then, without a moment of delay, she leaned into Yuna and gave her another kiss. This time, Yuna could feel Anko's tongue invade her mouth, so she started a counteroffensive, and moments later, their tongues were dancing together.

Yuna really wondered whether Hinata can stop herself from breaking open the door or not. 'Hinata knows what a huge impact it is to get a seal like Anko's and her own removed, so she probably doesn't want to disturb Anko. On the other hand, our kisses so far were rather tame, so she is pretty jealous of Anko. Oh well, I'll enjoy myself for now.'

A while later the two separated themself from each other with a satisfied smile and slightly heavy breathing.

"For some reason, I feel like we should stop here."

"Yeah, Hinata is already gathering Chakra."

"Haha, that little girl sure has a fiery temper. Since we will be sisters soon, I should probably spend some bonding time with her."

"Yeah, but I don't recommend bandit hunting as we did. Drinking tea and eating sweets together should be more appropriate."

"Yeah, yeah. Nothing to worry about."

Anko smirked and then gave Yuna another small kiss before quickly making her way to the door.

As expected, as soon as Anko opened the door, she saw Hinata glaring at her.

"Hehe, no need to glare like that. We both know that you are jealous, rather than angry."

Although Hinata's glare got even fiercer there was a slight shade of pink on her cheeks as well. Anko was just about to leave, but when she started thinking about the current situation, she could only smile wryly.

'The little girl, Hinata, is surprisingly compassionate, huh.'

Anko gave another look at Hinata and met her eyes. Although Anko spoke rather quietly. Hinata could still understand her easily.

"Seriously, Hinata, thank you."

Then Anko turned around and left. She wanted to move around a bit to get used to the new lightness of her body.

Hinata, however, couldn't help but deflate a little. How was she supposed to keep being angry at Anko when she gave her such sincere gratitude?

She glanced at the door to Yuna's room and couldn't help but notice that Yuna was still inside. She sheepishly glanced left and right and then entered Yuna's room with a fierce blush on her face.

A few days later, another big event happened. The group finally decided to move out of the flat and instead buy a house. The trigger for that was actually Naruto. While Yuna, Hinata, and Anko were snuggling on the couch, Naruto snapped. He jumped up with an annoyed expression while pointing at Yuna.

"Nee-san, can you show some restraint, please!?"

Yuna, who was currently getting a lap pillow from Hinata together with Anko, while the two were snuggling with each other, had, at first, no idea what Naruto meant. After a while, however, she realized that having three women constantly flirting in front of him was rather stressful.

[If his sister wasn't involved he would probably be in heaven, but instead, he is in hell.]

Anyway, since Yuna obviously couldn't show any restraint, she decided to buy a house instead. There are few problems you couldn't solve by throwing money at them after all.

Inside the house, Naruto and Haku both got their own little flats, while Yuna, Hinata, and Anko decided to live in the same space together. The trio pretty much got the first floor for themselves, while Naruto and Haku took one-half of the ground floor each.

Naruto was rather happy that he could enjoy some peace now. That happiness, however, was broken rather quickly when Anko mentioned that Naruto, now, could finally spend some free time with his girlfriend, while pointing at Naruto's right hand.

Although Naruto quickly left in embarrassment that day while Anko was laughing, Naruto's revenge was swift and deadly. The very next day, Anko learned that embarrassing a seal master while living in his house wasn't a good idea at all, as prank seal after prank seal activated with every step she took. If Yuna didn't step in to pacify the two, they might have actually collapsed the house. With Yuna as a mediator, the two quickly came to an understanding: Small pranks and jabs are fine, but nothing too outrageous.

When the duo heard the rather loose term "nothing too outrageous", they both smiled, but when they saw the demon-like smile on Yuna's face, they quickly dismissed whatever fancy plans they may have had.

Their instincts were telling them that if they went overboard, Yuna would join the prank war. Something which would have rather devastating consequences for Naruto and Anko.

Just like that, a few more months passed, and it was finally time for the chunin exams to start.

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