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Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister
Chapter 75 - Talking With Hinata

Chapter 75 - Talking With Hinata

Later that night, after everyone went to their respective rooms, Yuna approached Hinata's room. Yuna lightly knocked on Hinata's door and started to speak quietly.

"Hinata, it's me, Yuna. Can I come in?"

A weirdly muffled scream came out of her room before Hinata's barely audible voice answered Yuna.

"P-please come in."

Yuna opened the door and saw that Hinata was currently sitting on her bed while she had her blanket wrapped around her. When she saw Yuna enter the room, her mind, immediately, went into turmoil.

'Why is she here? Is she angry at me? Or maybe…Is this the famous night visit I read about? Hehe, that might not be too ba…nonono I am not ready! What should I do?'

Yuna chuckled a little when she saw how Hinata's face was constantly changing expressions but decided to intervene before things could get out of control. Yuna started to speak with a soothing voice.

"Calm down, Hinata. I am just here to talk and nothing else."

Yuna could feel a mix of disappointment and relief from Hinata and moments later Hinata took a big calming breath and relaxed a little. Yuna sat down next to her and softly leaned her shoulder against Hinata's own. Hinata was surprised for a moment but quickly leaned into Yuna as well.

They sat there for quite a while without anyone saying a word. The more time passed, the more serene Hinata felt. She didn't even notice how much pressure she felt from what happened earlier. The thought that Yuna might hate her for what she had done almost crushed her without her even noticing it.

Now that she thought about it with a calm mind, she almost chuckled at her own stupidity. Yuna abandoning her? What a joke! Yuna picked her up when she was at her worst. There was no way she would ever abandon her for a little incident like this.

Now that she has significantly calmed down and had time to analyze everything that happened, Hinata realized that Yuna could have stopped the situation at any time. Yuna was never flustered. She always had the situation under control when it mattered. If Yuna wanted to prevent the kiss, she could have done so with ease.

This, however, led Hinata to another conclusion.

'No way, Yuna didn't mind being kissed by me? Does that mean…'

Hinata glanced at Yuna and could see Yuna smiling at her happily. Yuna's hand moved, and casually wrapped around Hinata's shoulders.

Hinata couldn't help but release a content sigh when Yuna drew her even closer to herself.

Yet, again they spent a long time like that without saying a word while Hinata calmy analyzed everything that happened so far. So far, Yuna hasn't bothered with saying anything. Hinata was a smart girl and the best way for her to understand her feelings was to think about them while Yuna was simply here with her.

A while later, their eyes met, and as soon as her eyes met with Yuna's ocean-like, deep purple eyes, that seem to radiate confidence and unbendable determination, Hinata couldn't help but chuckle to herself.

'I am really stupid, aren't I? She said it the very first time we met:" Isn't your trust in us too low?". To think it is still the same after all these years.'

Hinata chuckled again and shook her head to get the unnecessary thoughts out of it. She lifted her head and stared deep into Yuna's eyes. Eyes that have always been watching her and were always looking after her with care.

"Yuna, I've fallen in love with you. In love with you, who is always confident. In love with you, who does everything to protect those close to you. In love with you, who likes playing pranks on people. In love with you, who has always treated me like family. In love with you, who occasionally acts a little bit insane. And in love with you, who piles burden after burden onto yourself so others won't have to carry them."

Yuna didn't say anything, she pulled Hinata closer to herself and gave Hinata a deep kiss. This time, Hinata was actually ready for it. While being hugged by Yuna, her own hands moved as well, and started to hug Yuna back.

After a few moments of hugging and kissing, the two separated. Hinata's face was deep red and she had a goofy smile on her face. Yuna on the other hand didn't blush at all, but she still had a satisfied smile on her face. She licked her lips and her smile widened a bit further.

'Her lips are quite tasty, but I don't think I should push it too far.'

Yuna lifted Hinata's chin and gave her another kiss. This time, however, the two separated rather quickly.

"I love you too, Hinata, but you still remember it, right? One of my dreams?"

At first, Hinata was rather confused by what Yuna meant, but after a moment of contemplating she realized what Yuna was talking about.

'No way, she was serious about the harem?'

Hinata's face became conflicted. She thought some more about it and then started to blush, just to switch back to being conflicted again. She had no idea how to deal with the current situation.

Then, however, she remembered another one of Yuna's dreams: "My dream is to surpass everyone who stands in my way and eclipse this world's most powerful being.". Hinata never thought too deeply about what that actually meant. She always dismissed it as: She wants to become the strongest but never thought about what Yuna truly meant with that sentence.

'She isn't aiming to become the most powerful shinobi or some kind of invincible empress. She said "being" after all. She wants to be unsurpassable. Rather than an empress or a powerful shinobi, does she want to become…a goddess? Someone that surpasses everything a world has to offer, what else could it be but a goddess?'

Hinata's whole body shivered for a moment.

'She is completely insane… I already knew that, didn't I? Yuna never bothered to hide it after all. All these years it was in plain sight, but I never noticed, huh? From day one Yuna was abnormal, but I always filed it away under " It's Yuna so it's fine.".

From day one, she has always shown her real self to me. How could I shun her for that? She has never hidden her goal of creating a harem away from me, and yet I still fell for her, so isn't it fine? Besides, I read a few scenes in Garden of Lilies involving more than two women and I have to admit that they were pretty ho…*cough* intriguing.'

After Hinata's face changed through a multitude of different facial expressions, she finally settled on a content smile. She was still hugging Yuna, so she pulled her down resulting in both of them laying in bed next to each other while Hinata nuzzled her head into the nape of Yuna's neck.

"As long as you stay with me, I don't care about that."

Yuna chuckled a little while wrapping a blanket over both of them.

"You should have realized by now that I don't abandon those, I consider close."

Hinata hugged Yuna a little closer before answering.

"I did."

Kurama, meanwhile, was completely dumbfounded by what just happened.

[What the hell!? You basically didn't speak at all! You entered the room and sat down next to her, waited, hugged her, waited, said you want a harem, waited, and then she just accepted you. I will say this again: What the hell!?]

'Geez Kurama, can't you tell you are destroying the moment. Hinata is someone who tends to overthink. I already knew that she loved me and I can't deny that I have grown rather fond of her as well. As long as I show her my sincere feelings, she will naturally react positively to them. There is no need for grand schemes or complex speeches in a situation like this.'

Kurama was just about to answer when Yuna decided to say a few more words.

'I call it: [Ancient Supreme Seduction Technique: Single Gesture Transcending A Million Words].'




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Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister Chapter 75 - Talking With Hinata