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Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister
Chapter 71 - Gatous Unfortunate Accident

Chapter 71 - Gatou's Unfortunate Accident

Zabuza's eyebrow twitched a little when he saw how easily Yuna killed all those thugs. Additionally, he was rather surprised by the power of the jutsu she just used.

'It is not every day that you see an S-rank jutsu being used. Especially not, by a young girl like Yuna. Haku was already considered an incredible genius. Yuna, however, is on a completely different level. Just how far will she reach? Just how far does she want to reach?'

"Fine, I accept working for you from now on, but first, there is a question I would like you to answer."

"Haha, sure. Go ahead."

"What is your goal?"

Yuna chuckled a little when Zabuza asked that.

"Isn't that rather obvious? Where else could I aim but the very peak?"

Zabuza met eyes with Yuna and he couldn't help himself but shudder a little.

'Unquestionable resolve. Reach the peak or die trying. In other words, she is a lunatic. She has, however, already proven that her claim isn't just empty words. Instant regeneration of fatal wounds and an S-rank jutsu and she is like 13? Might as well see what will happen.'

"Haha, good. Very good. You are obviously crazy, but I am in. Let's see where this will end."

Yuna nodded in agreement.

"Indeed, I am completely insane, but it's fine, I got it under control."

Yuna admitting to being crazy certainly didn't boost his confidence in her, but he had already decided to get on this boat, so he will no longer retreat from it.

"Uhh, Yuna. You DO realize that Zabuza is literally a wanted criminal, right?"

Kakashi decided to say a few words as well, but Yuna only chuckled a little when she heard his remark.

"Hehe, don't worry about the details. How about you let me write the mission report? Don't worry. It will, naturally, only contain the truth."

Kakashi immediately grew skeptical when he heard that.

'Does she want to manipulate the report, so Zabuza and Haku look like the good guys? Although I won't claim to be a diligent shinobi, this isn't something I can agree to with a good con…'

"I will even give you that review copy of Garde…"

"I agree!"

'Having a fresh genin write some mission reports should be a good experience for them. If there are a few mistakes, it can't be helped. It is the first time they are doing it, after all.'

Everyone except for Yuna was giving Kakashi weird looks for how fast he changed his opinion. Each one of them wondered what kind of thing could bribe an elite jonin like Kakashi this easily.

Kakashi, however, didn't notice the stares, as he was currently imagining how he would receive the copy and how he would enshrine it at his home. While fantasizing about it, he had a perverted smile on his face, that nobody could see due to his mask.

Yuna shook her head at Kakashi's antics and then remembered something rather important.

"WAIT! What happened to Tazuna!?"

Everyone's eyes widened when they heard that. Even Haku and Zabuza had totally forgotten about that. They looked around and quickly found Tazuna standing quite far away from the battlefield with his eyes glued at the remains of Gatou's men with his mouth wide open in shock.

"Seems like he is alright. Guess he is still quite shocked from the battle."

Yuna walked over to the massacre she herself had produced a few minutes ago and picked up Gatou like he was a sack of potatoes.

"Well, let's get this over with. It is finally time for the last act."

Although no one knew what Yuna meant, everyone still followed her. They felt like something interesting was about to happen and they wanted to see exactly what it was. Even Tazuna was following them, even though he was still slightly dazed by the image of Yuna killing almost 100 people within a second.

After a few more minutes, the group reached the market square. Well, the former market square. Now that food was very scarce almost no one was willing to sell what they had, after all. With a quick earth jutsu, a podium was erected. Yuna jumped on it and waited for a crowd to gather. No matter the situation, people will always be curious, so after just 10 minutes of waiting an adequate amount of people has gathered inside the market square.

"Well, hello everyone, the name is Yuna Uzumaki and I have someone I want to introduce to you." 𝒾𝐧𝘯𝑟e𝒂𝗱. 𝒸o𝙢

Yuna bent down and picked up the still unconscious Gatou and showed him to the crowd.

"I'll introduce you to Gatou. The man who has been terrorizing your country for quite a while now."

This immediately caused an uproar in the crowd. Yuna could feel all kinds of emotions flooding her ranging from hatred to fear. Yuna chuckled a little and tossed him aside again.

"Well, he is the main event, so let's start with something different first."

The crowd was rather dumbfounded at how casually the mysterious girl in front of them tossed Gatou away and couldn't help but listen to each of her words in anticipation.

Yuna took out a scroll and tossed it to Tazuna who was standing nearby.

"That is a last will personally signed by Gatou. It states that all he owns will be inherited by his good friend Tazuna who has always supported him in times of hardship."

The crowd, naturally, knew that there was no way Tazuna was actually friends with Gatou, but when Tazuna opened the scroll, his eyes widened in surprise.

'When have I become friends with Gatou? Where in the world did this come from? What's with all these important-looking signatures underneath it? And even more important, how is my signature on it as well?'

Yuna almost laughed out loud when he saw the look of bewilderment on Tazuna's face. That last will was, naturally, 100% fake. Yuna copied Gatou's handwriting while writing it and put the signatures of a bunch of bigshots she memorized while rifling through Gatou's account books. If someone were to seriously look into it, the flaws would easily be revealed, but why would someone do that? No matter how incredible he pretended to be, Gatou was just a small-time criminal that just managed to upgrade himself to slightly above small-time. As long as his businesses were still working, no one would care about anything else.

Yuna picked up Gatou and tossed him into the crowd. This time, Gatou woke up and immediately started cursing everyone around him. Unfortunately, no one was paying attention to him, since they were busy listening to Yuna.

Yuna, however, was already done with this farce. She said a few more things to make her intentions clear and then left afterward.

"Oh no! It seems like Gatou fell and hit his head. I hope he doesn't die from this incident, otherwise, his good friend Tazuna would gain ownership over everything Gatou owns, but would lose such a good friend. Oh well, I'm leaving."

At first, everyone was rather confused by Yuna's sudden departure until the situation finally clicked for them. The crowd's eyes changed from confusion to understanding and then to hatred. Every single one of them looked at Gatou with murderous eyes.

It doesn't need to be mentioned that Gatou's "fall" was unlucky enough to take his life.

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Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister Chapter 71 - Gatous Unfortunate Accident