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Chapter 69 - Fighting Haku

Inside a cage made of ice mirrors, Sasuke could be seen frantically dodging senbons.

'Just a bit more. I can almost dodge them perfectly. Just a bit longer.'

As the fight continued, he got more and more used to Haku's attack patterns, with his Sharingan significantly decreasing the difficulty of such a feat, he had it almost figured out.'

Just when he prepared himself to dodge another onslaught, the senbons rain stopped and Haku started to speak.

"As expected of the Uchiha bloodline, the longer we fight, the stronger you get, but this battle is my win. You can barely stand on your legs anymore. Surrender, and I promise you that I won't take your life."

Sasuke could only smirk at that.

"Won't take my life? What a joke, I am just a step away from defeating you. Do you think I would be tricked this easily?"

After hearing how confident Sasuke was, Haku could only shake her head at his ignorance.

'I guess I have no choice. I gave him plenty of chances to surrender, but if he insists on being stubborn like that, I have no other choice but to kill him.'

"Fine, you leave me no other choice but to finish this. I gave you quite a few chances to surrender, but since you dismissed all of them, I have no other choice but to finish you."

As soon as Haku finished her sentence, her chakra spiked and she threw out another volley of senbons.

Sasuke's Sharingan immediately started to scan and analyze the situation and a split second later he understood the situation.

'Faster and more complex than every single attack I have seen so far. My enemy has been holding back all this time. I can't dodge this one… Is this… my end?'

Moments before the senbons were about to pierce through him, however, a blue and red blur appeared before him.

"Haha, what's wrong Sasuke? You seem to be quite troubled by your opponent."

Yuna appeared in front of Sasuke while holding every single senbon that was hurled at him in her hands. Sasuke's pride, immediately, took over when he answered.

"Why are you here, Yuna? This is my fight; I was just about to fi…"

Before he could finish his sentence, the adrenaline coursing through his body vanished and his fatigue kicked in, resulting in him immediately fainting in exhaustion.

Yuna casually caught Sasuke before he crashed headfirst into the ground and could only shake her head.

'This guy sure is stubborn, isn't he? Even though he has been on the brink of collapse for quite a time, he still kept pushing himself. If he wasn't so hellbent on his revenge, he might be someone worth training. Guess that doesn't matter for now. Let's chat with Haku for a bit.'

Yuna carefully put Sasuke on the ground and then looked at Haku.

"Hello, Haku. It has only been a few days, but nice to see you again."

Although Haku was slightly bewildered by how easily Yuna saw through her disguise, she still accepted the little defeat and took off her mask.

"Yuna Uzumaki. As I said last time we met, I am not looking forward to fighting you, but I will still do so if it is for Zabuza-sama's sake."

"Haha, then come! Although your efforts will be useless, you should at least give it your all before being defeated!"

The moment Yuna finished her sentence, a massive amount of senbons were launched at her from everywhere at once. Yuna could only smile at that.

"You held back against Sasuke quite a bit, huh? Oh well, in the end, it doesn't really matter."

Yuna's hands blurred and moments later, she held dozens of senbons in her hand while even more were scattered around her.

Haku's eyes widened in surprise when she saw how easily Yuna defended against her onslaught.

"How is that possible? How could you possibly block my attacks this easily? Even with the Sharingan, your teammate had trouble seeing through my attacks."

Yuna couldn't help but chuckle at that.

'These people sure love their bloodlines, don't they? Just because someone with the Sharingan couldn't see through it, Haku thought it would be impossible to do so.'

"It is because I understood your technique. All of it. How you enter your mirrors, how you exit them, how you attack out of them, everything. Daring to use ice-based attacks in front of me? You are doomed to fail."

Yuna's purple eyes shone with wisdom unbefitting of her current age as she snapped her fingers and as soon as she did, cracks appeared on the mirrors, and moments later every single one of them shattered.

Haku experienced something she has never felt before. The chakra she used to control her mirrors seemed to simply surrender to Yuna and decided to obey her without question. It felt so natural, that Haku didn't even know how to complain about it. For some reason, that Haku didn't understand herself, it felt only natural for her ice chakra to be subdued by Yuna. Like it was a law of nature for that to happen like that.

"See? I told you ice won't work. What will you do now?"

"I see. Seems like you are much stronger than me. I am already on my last leg, so I guess it is my loss. It is a pity that I can no longer be of help to Zabuza-sama. Do with me whatever you want."

[I feel like she shouldn't have said it that way.]

`Haha, I have no idea what you are talking about.'

"That is good. In that case, you will be serving me instead of Zabuza from now on."

"WHAT!? You are not going to kill me?"

Yuna only looked at her in confusion.

"Pretty sure I never said I would. How could I possibly kill the first natural ice user I meet?"

"I am sorry, but the only one I am willing to serve is Zabu…I have to go. There is still something I need to do."

Haku went through a few hand seals and a mirror appeared under her in which she sunk immediately.

Yuna instantly became annoyed.

'What the hell, Kakashi? You have been playing hide and seek with Zabuza for this long and now you suddenly decide to go for the kill?'

Red chakra immediately started to cloak Yuna. She grew two tails and fox ears out of chakra, while her facial features grew more savage. She jumped towards Haku's mirror and, while approaching it, seized it for herself as she did earlier. She jumped inside, just like Haku did moments ago, and vanished as well.

'You'd better not kill my precious first ice user, Kakashi. If you do, I will sneak some false intel to the old man that you are the reason my second book hasn't been released yet.'

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