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Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister
Chapter 68 - Killing A Meathead

Chapter 68 - Killing A Meathead

As the battle raged on, Kenta couldn't help but frown. He was clearly stronger and faster than his opponent, and yet he was the only one being pushed back. It felt like every time he attacked, the young girl in front of him already knew how he would do it and how to counter it. The longer the fight continued, the angrier he got at being read this easily. With a loud roar, he slashed both of his swords down heavily which resulted in Yuna retreating a few steps.

"Haha, what's wrong, big boy? Already losing your patience?"

"Stop pretending to be tough, little girl. No matter how well you act, I can easily see that you are getting tired."

'Is he delusional? Oh well, might as well act the part to trick him.'

"Nonsense, I can do this for days." 𝐢𝗻𝑛𝓇𝚎𝚊𝘥. 𝙘o𝓂

Kenta interpreted Yuna's confidence as false bravado and couldn't help but smile.

"Hehe, how about you surrender and come with me. I swear I will treat you really well~"

'Now he is trying to make me angry? Does this guy have a problem with his head? Someone probably once told him that provoking your enemy can give you an advantage in battle, but instead of memorizing the whole process, he only remembered the first few words and forgot the rest. What a meathead. Well, the good thing about meatheads is that they are really easy to provoke, so let's go for it.'

"I have seriously no clue why you are acting like you are some kind of big-shot. You are being pushed into a corner by a 12-year-old and somehow still act like you are having an easy time."

Kenta reacted exactly as Yuna had expected, he got angry.

"Stupid little girl, I will make you regret those words!"

He attacked again, with both of his swords swinging downwards. This time, however, both of them were coated with lightning chakra. Although they were not made out of chakra metal, putting elemental chakra into a weapon would still make it much stronger and sharper. Kenta probably expected his swords to cut through Yuna's, but…


A loud sound rang out as two lightning coated blades met two wind coated ones.

A vicious smile appeared on Yuna's face, as she pushed away Kenta's swords and slashed out with her own. Although Kenta still managed to jump back at the last moment, two bloody, cross-shaped cuts appeared on his torso.

"Hehe, naughty, naughty, boy~ Haven't I told you not to underestimate me~"

Kenta, however, didn't answer at all. He was still looking at the wound on his torso in disbelief.

"What's wrong, little boy? Did that mean 12-year-old bully you? Want me to fetch your mo…"


Before Yuna could finish her taunt, Kenta's chakra burst forth in an uncontrolled manner and flooded the battlefield.

'What the hell? Seems like, on top of being a meathead, he also has anger issues. He didn't even let me finish taunting him. That is so rude!'


Kenta rushed at Yuna swinging around his two swords in a crazed manner. Yuna, however, easily deflected all of them with a bored expression on her face.

'He got faster and stronger but sacrificed his technique for it. How boring. If I wanted to fight a mindless beast, I would just search a random forest for one.'

Seeing how Yuna easily blocked all of his attacks, Kenta got even angrier and his attack grew even more furious.

'I am not surprised he became a missing-nin. With this kind of short temper, there were probably a lot of people that scorned him. Guess I will finish this. There is no point in fighting someone that can't even form a proper combat plan.'

Kenta, yet again, slashed at Yuna's neck in an attempt to kill her. Unlike the previous tries, however, Yuna was just a split second too late to block and Kenta's blade went through her neck, decapitating her instantly. Kenta, immediately, became elated by his victory, and the moment he relaxed, two blades pierced through his body from behind. One through his heart and the other through his neck.

"Someone who loses his rationality in a fight between shinobi, huh? You must have had a lot of luck to reach jonin level with that kind of pathetic self-control. I expected more from this fight."

Kenta, however, couldn't answer. Every passing second, he could feel his life seep out of his body. He was unwilling to die, but there was nothing he could do about that. Just like that, he died without any last words, while Yuna didn't even bother to watch his last moments. She was already on her way to take a look at the fight between Haku and Sasuke.

While walking over, Yuna noticed Anko who was currently paying attention to Kakashi's and Sasuke's fights, and would intervene if things went wrong. When Anko noticed Yuna, she glared at her, but Yuna only winked back and smiled at Anko and proceeded towards Sasuke's fight.

When she reached the location of the fight, Yuna couldn't help but marvel at Haku's method of attack.

'How curious. The mirrors seem to be capable of absorbing the one who summoned them. This cancels the user's inertia and reapplies it in the opposite direction when getting out of the mirror again. This makes it possible to move at insane speeds and in seemingly random directions.

Yuna's purple eyes shone in excitement.

'I wonder what it is like to be inside the mirrors. Although it looks like she can choose whatever mirror she wants as her next target, that doesn't seem to be the case. There clearly is a pattern. Does she have to calculate the angle herself or is the jutsu forcing her to take a certain pattern?'

Yuna's eyes moved from one mirror to the next. Even the slightest of Haku's movements is observed by Yuna and stored inside her mind. The slightest chakra fluctuation is recorded and stored as well. Not the slightest detail is escaping her eyes. Her curious eyes slowly become colder and more calculating as Yuna starts dissecting the new information about ice chakra.

'I see, I see, so this is how people from this world use ice chakra. It certainly is different from the way I use it. I see, if I move it like that it becomes easier to control. How curious, that doesn't make any sense, yet it still works. Need to put more thought into that at a later time. Oh? What was the reason for that chakra spike? Was that unintentional… It was. No improvement in circulation or creation. I see if I do it like that, I can improve the creation time by .03 seconds. Why did she…'

While Yuna was busy dissecting Haku's ice style, Sasuke wasn't having a good time at all. At the start of the battle, things were still rather even. Although he was surprised by the one-handed hand seals, he still managed to overcome that. But, when Haku started to use her [Crystal Ice Mirrors], things quickly got worse. Sasuke took quite the beating before it finally happened. He finally awoke his Sharingan. With his Sharingan, he managed to even out the battle quite a bit. He could finally see all of Haku's attacks and dodge them. The problem was, however, that he was slowly running out of steam. He was far from being familiar with using the Sharingan and his chakra reserves were dwindling at a fast pace. Every time he dodged the onslaught of senbons, he could feel them getting a little bit closer to reaching him. He needs to do something, or he would lose the fight and consequently, his life.

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Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister Chapter 68 - Killing A Meathead