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Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister
Chapter 19 - Preparing the Pranks

Chapter 19 - Preparing the Pranks

It was currently nighttime in Konoha. Two cloaked people could be seen stealthily rushing through the shadows of the night. These two people were Naruto and Yuna. They were currently sneaking towards the academy, to make some preparations for tomorrow. Hinata decided to sit this one out, as she isn't that interested in playing pranks.

After approaching the academy, Yuna signed Naruto to stop and showed him a few hand signs they determined previously

'1 chuunin and three genin are guarding the academy'

Yuna already expected there to be only a few guards at the academy during the night, but now she has confirmed her assumptions. The twins could just stealthily move in and knock the guards out, but that would leave some suspicions, so the twins decided to go in quietly, without anybody noticing.

Yuna decided to give Naruto the lead in this mission. He might not be as proficient as Yuna is in detecting other people, but Naruto still developed very good senses after training them properly.

Naruto decided to go in through the roof of the building, so the two of them were currently climbing up the building while using chakra to stick to the walls. The 4 guards were just lazily circling the building, so Naruto decided to not bother with any elaborate strategies.

After just a few seconds of climbing, they reached the roof and Naruto immediately started to pick open the door. Picking open doors is actually something Yuna never taught him how to do, so he acquired the knowledge of it on his own. Yuna is pretty sure that Naruto dished out some payback for all the curses people throw at them when they leave the house. She naturally doesn't mind. As long as he isn't caught, she doesn't mind at all and actually approves of it. The best way to increase one's skill in something is to use it outside of training after all.

"It's open, Blue."

"Let's go, Yellow."

Naruto actually insisted on using codenames, which Yuna found quite cute, so she agreed.

They quickly made their way through the building and arrived at the teacher's office. Another short moment of lockpicking later and the door was opened and their preparations could start.

The started with the classics: pins on his chair, some diarrhea medicine into his coffee mug. a porn magazine into an opened drawer, that can easily be seen by anyone walking past their teacher's desk.

Next, the duo started to browse through his desk to find the tests they had written today. After finding them, they quickly did some additional "corrections" on their classmate's tests. They pretty much marked everything they could get away with as wrong and as a result, not a single person in the class even had a remotely good result. He will have to answer a lot of questions when the parents of big ninja clans come knocking at the school's door to demand an explanation.

After finishing this part, the duo left the teacher's office and went to their classroom. Now it was Yuna's time to put in some work. A slightly crazy smile appeared on her face, as all of her ten fingertips lit up with blue chakra. She immediately started to carve seal after seal into the floor, walls, and ceiling to create an incredibly complex 3-dimensional structure within the room. Apparently, students don't change their classrooms at all during their years in the academy. This is something Yuna will naturally use to her advantage. After finishing the last seal, every seal in the room emitted a blue glow before simply vanishing, leaving the room exactly like it was before Yuna started carving. She will have a lot of fun with this room in the upcoming years.

Yuna and Naruto were done inside the academy, so they quickly made their way back home. They easily returned to the roof and left just like they came in. Silently, without anybody noticing anything being off.

"Well done Naruto, you were never careless and everything worked out perfectly. Your infiltration skills have certainly improved."

"Haha, thanks, nee-san. Lately, I felt like it is much easier to understand where people are and how they are currently feeling."

'Oi, Kurama, did you hear that? Seems like your other side is slowly warming up to my little brother.'

[Keep dreaming, I bet Naruto is only imagining things.]

'Hehe, I'm sure he is'

"That's good, Naruto, just keep training and you will surely improve your abilities even further."

"Yes, nee-san! I will surely catch up to you one day."

"Haha, I can't wait."

Yuna was going to continue their chat when she felt something was really off all of the sudden.

'Oi, Kurama…'

[Yeah, I noticed. Anger. Grief. Hatred. Despair. All these emotions are running rampant at the same place.]

'Alright, let's take a look.'


'My instincts are telling me that this has something to do with the mysterious puppet master in the background. There clearly is a massacre happening inside Konoha, yet there seems to be no ANBU moving around at all. Something is going on and it is finally time to get myself some information.'

[Urgh, I would rather not go, but I can understand your reasoning.]

'Don't worry Kurama, I know what I'm doing, trust me.'

[I do.]

Naruto also noticed that something was off. He couldn't pinpoint it as well as Yuna did, but for some reason, he suddenly felt a little sick. After seeing Yuna actually having a serious expression for once, he immediately understood that something dangerous was going on.

"Nee-san, what i…"

"Naruto, please don't ask questions now. Go straight back home. Do not leave the house for the rest of the night. And absolutely don't follow me. I will return later, without a single hair lost, and explain the whole situation to you. Do you understand?"

Although Naruto certainly understood what Yuna said, he really wanted to go with her, however, seeing her purple eyes that seem to contain a blazing inferno, he however quickly discarded that idea.

'Nee-san would occasionally get serious, but that is usually for something silly I did, that she doesn't want me to do. At those times she might seem angry, but I can still easily tell that she is just playing around. Now the situation is actually serious for the first time and nee-san is truly serious for once. Nee-san has always done everything without the slightest mistake, doubting her at this point is just stupid. She clearly isn't playing around right now.

"Yes, nee-san. Good luck."

Yuna's serious demeanor instantly disappeared and she gave Naruto a proud smile.

"Haha, well said. See you soon!"

Upon seeing Yuna's smile that was still oozing confidence despite the apparently serious situation, Naruto instantly relaxed a little.

'Well, it is Nee-san after all. Everything will work out easily.'

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Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister Chapter 19 - Preparing the Pranks