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God of Tricksters
Chapter 1827 A Ruler?

"I am Theodon, the god of reality and uncertainty. Nice to meet you."

"!!!" Theo was dumbstruck. He was aware of the identity of the guy before him through the myth. Theodon was the god of reality and uncertainty. He was born from the primordial deity Nyx, the embodiment of the night.

His power could bend reality. Unlike him, who bent reality through Magic Power, his power could actually bend fate and fortune.

Even with the current mastery of Reality, Theo couldn't do anything against him.

He just realized that the voice he heard earlier came from the power of reality. There were a few possibilities like Theodon bending fate and making something whisper his voice.

Either way, it was clear that Theodon's mastery of reality was too far ahead compared to Theo's.

"…" Theo was hesitating, but remembering he came here because of an old friend, Theo couldn't help but ask, "May I know why you called me?"

"You can't even decipher the seven rings…which leaves me disappointed. That guy had asked me for those rings, believing you could realize their strength. But seeing how you couldn't do anything about it left me speechless. I guess I ask too much from a new Reality user." Theodon sighed. "To put it simply, you're too weak. So, I'm here to bully you a bit."

"…" Theo was speechless when Theodon gave him the short version. Bully him? What could he do against Theodon?

Theo thought about tricking him, but he knew Theodon didn't mean any harm to him. If he missed this opportunity, he might not be able to learn anything from the former God of Reality.

Theodon smiled, looking at Theo's confused face. He asked, "What is Reality to you… Ehm, we have a similar nickname, so I'm going to call you newbie! So, what is the reality to you, Newbie?"

Theo knew he was like a toddler before him, so he didn't plan to rebuke him for using 'newbie' to call him. Theo ignored that part and answered him, "Reality is Existence. Your existence, my existence, the system that controls this world, and everything that builds this reality."

"Is that so?" Theodon smiled and shook his head. "For me, reality is uncertainty. That's where I got my nickname."

"Uncertainty?" Theo widened his eyes in surprise. Although the wording was a bit different, the meaning between Theo's and Theodon's Reality was completely the exact opposite. For Theo, the reality was everything that existed. Meanwhile, for Theodon, Reality was something that could be changed. They might exist but might not at the same time. Everything was according to his will.

That was probably the reason why he could twist reality, resulting in a change of fate and fortune.

"However, I'm not going to tell you which one is correct and which one is wrong. After all, we both know that our understanding of reality is correct. We just have a different opinion." Theodon waved his hand, telling Theo he wasn't wrong to believe it.

Theo looked down, contemplating. It felt like he understood something. "Are you telling me that we both are correct, not because the answer can be everything, but because we can bend reality to accept that answer?"

Theodon was surprised for a moment. His smile became bigger before he chuckled. "It seems I can understand why he wanted me to meet you. But yes, that answer is correct. Well, whatever you're going to say, I'm going to say it's correct."

Theo gulped down. For Theodon, reality existed to serve him. Of course, he planned to bend everything to match his needs.

Theodon raised his hand. "I'm going to ask you two questions. I hope you can answer it carefully."

"I understand." Theo nodded. His expression turned serious.

"What do you think about this reality? Are you the ruler, or are you just someone being controlled by your reality?" Theodon smirked.

This was a tricky question. Theo seemed to be a ruler of this reality, but it felt like he hadn't become a true ruler compared to Theodon. If he answered he was a ruler, it felt like he would be partly lying. But Theodon would be disappointed if he chose the other option.

Theo closed his eyes for a moment, thinking about his answer. Suddenly, he remembered something. He replied with another question. "I'd like to answer it, but I'm confused about something. Do you mind if you answer it first?"

"Hoh? Questioning back. What a daring newbie… But you're quite amusing, so I'll allow it."

"Have you ever ventured to other realities? Have you ever thought about someone controlling you? Just like how you can control this reality, what if there is someone who controls this reality, including you?! Can you say you're a ruler?"

Theodon nodded in understanding. "I see. So, that's the reason why I chose you. Well, to answer your question, I don't have any desire to do something about that. But I do feel it. As for whether I'm a ruler or not, yes, I'm a ruler. At the very least, I won't let anyone interfere with this reality…"

"This reality…" Theo stopped for a moment, realizing his words. "So, is this the reason why you only exist in one reality?"

By existing in only one reality, he could concentrate on his own fate there. This way, no one could control him. And if there was another being that tried to manipulate reality, he would know and fight back.

"However, the fact that you know him means…"

Theodon nodded. "Yes. I'm aware and that's the reason I'm participating in his little scheme. I only have one purpose."

"And that is?"

"I want to see someone sitting on the greatest throne. The throne that controls the whole world where you can do everything you want with just a flick of your finger. This is the true master of reality. And that answer is…" Theodon smiled and looked at Theo.

"Hmm?" Theo pointed at himself and realized the answer was him. "Me?"

"Yeah. I believe you already know how to do it. That's why I want to ask you, what are you, Theodore Griffith? A ruler? A peasant who can only be controlled?" Theodon smirked.

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God of Tricksters Chapter 1827 A Ruler?