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God of Tricksters
Chapter 1813 See

United Asia.

Zhao Jia received a message from Theo and immediately rushed to her teacher.

The Heavenly Sovereign was meditating on top of a boulder. The birds perched on his shoulders and head as if they were treating him as an object.

His breath had assimilated with nature to the point Zhao Jia felt his presence was disappearing.

The closer she was to him, the more she realized the natural energy in the environment.

"…" The Heavenly Sovereign suddenly released a little bit more Magic Power, startling the birds that ended up flying away.

After that, he asked while still keeping his eyes closed. "What's wrong?"

"I've received a message from Theo." Zhao Jia explained with a serious expression. "He's inviting us to the US Base."

"Hoh? When?"

"Approximately nine to twelve months."

"I see. It seems we don't have much time left." The Heavenly Sovereign sighed.

"…" Zhao Jia looked down, hesitating. She remembered what the Heavenly Sovereign said to Theo back then, so she couldn't help but ask, "Is our enemy that strong?"

The Heavenly Sovereign smiled. "If I have to fight that enemy by myself, I will probably last only a few rounds."

"!!!" Zhao Jia's body shuddered. Even though her teacher was the number two, he hadn't fought the Time God to the very end. So, she still believed her teacher was equal if not stronger than the Time God.

Yet, he actually claimed that he couldn't last a few rounds against this enemy. How could humanity survive?

The Heavenly Sovereign smirked. "Don't worry. We have Theo this time. I'm expecting a lot from him."

"Is he going to become your equal?"

"His real body has to become my equal, so his clone can exert more power. However, it will be hard to surpass me and the Time God even for him." The Heavenly Sovereign sighed. "We simply don't have enough time. If we have another decade, Theo would have fully grown…"

Zhao Jia looked down. His teacher was already hailed as the greatest genius in their county, yet, he held Theo in higher regard. "Teacher. What do you think of him? Is he that…"

The Heavenly Sovereign smiled. "Theo, huh… He is a miracle born in the modern world."

"A miracle? No, wait. Modern world?"

The Heavenly Sovereign smirked. "Yeah. If he was born on the other side, it wouldn't be weird to have that kind of talent. But our world simply lacks Magic Power.

"It feels like someone was pulling some strings and giving all that Magic Power that he needs to fully form his talent before he was born.

"I don't know how he does it… Maybe it's the Time God who did it… He paused the time of Valerie's womb to accumulate the Magic Power needed." The Heavenly Sovereign smirked. "I don't know…"

"Huh? It's possible to do that?" Zhao Jia gasped, never expecting this kind of revelation.

"I'm not sure myself since I'm not the wielder of Time… But the theory is possible. Of course, one has to have high potential first to achieve Theo's talents."

"But if it's possible, then doesn't it mean Theo has been frozen in the womb for a while?"

"That is possible as well." The Heavenly Sovereign nodded with a serious expression. "There are many unknown things in this world. Even I am not capable of learning all of them. But I sure know that…

"Theo is a miracle of this world, the one who is destined to stand at the top. You could say that the apocalypse and everything that is going around right now is because of his existence."

"What?! If he's the cause, should we—" Zhao Jia suddenly fell silent, realizing something. 𝑖𝓷n𝘳ℯ𝐚𝐝. 𝒄om

"It seems you have realized. This world is reaching its end even without him. So, why not create an existence that can stop it?"

"…" Zhao Jia shuddered. She didn't know how her master knew all this, but her master seemed to know everything despite his claim. He never told anyone about his secret, even her.

The Heavenly Sovereign pointed at the sky. "Look at the bright sky, what do you see?"

"Huh?" Zhao Jia was confused for a moment and answered with what she literally saw. "Nothing? There's no cloud and the sun is not there… There is only the sky."

"Yes. There is nothing… Even beyond that sky. I always wonder why we're alone in this world. Why, despite having many planets around us, none of them have intelligent beings like us? Are humans alone in this universe?"

"Teacher. I'm afraid I have to say this… What you're talking about is not scientific."

The Heavenly Sovereign. "Not scientific, huh? What if I tell you, it's not that my words are not scientific, but it's that we're unable to prove it because it has been designed that way?"

"Designed so that we can't prove it?" Zhao Jia looked down, frowning.

"In the past few years, I have been thinking about Theo, the God of Mischief, and their reason for bringing the apocalypse. In addition to my knowledge and insight, I know they exist.

"The beings who have created us, controlled us, and exterminated us. We have been playing on their palms this whole time.

"And the God of Mischief was turning Theo into an existence that couldn't be controlled by them."

The Heavenly Sovereign became more and more excited as his body subconsciously released Magic Power.

The amount of Magic Power made Zhao Jia shiver. It felt like she was seeing the sun itself.

She gritted her teeth and tried to stop her teacher, reminding him that she was there.

But when she reached him, Zhao Jia saw the Heavenly Sovereign's eyes.

There was a bright yellow star in his pupil, shining like the sun. It was the one oozing all this Magic Power.

She had never seen this pupil in her entire life. And it was probably the core of the Heavenly Sovereign's knowledge.

The Heavenly Sovereign was staring excitedly to the front as if he was looking at something.

He said, "Jia… I can see it. Your teacher can see it."

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God of Tricksters Chapter 1813 See