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God of Tricksters
Chapter 1811 Determination

It turned out the one who called her was the President himself.

"Agata Mota, we are willing to negotiate the compensation for Theodore Griffith. As long as you are willing to accept—"

Before he finished, Agata stated with a cold tone. "I have nothing to say regarding this matter. I'm not involved with this problem, so if you want to discuss this matter, you should call Theo personally, not me. Thank you."

Agata didn't hesitate to hang up, thinking nothing about the President.

The President gritted his teeth. If he could reach Theo, he would have done so this whole time. But because he couldn't, he called her.

He wasn't aware that Theo wasn't in the base anymore since he had to increase his level.

But after that call, Agata never picked up any other call after that, leaving the President frustrated.

He thought he could convince Agata to persuade Theo to drop this matter, but it was impossible since Agata understood what Theo desired from this outcome.

Having no choice, the President reached Maya. Back then, Theo mentioned Maya's compensation after all, so he should discuss it now.

The situation wasn't looking good, so he couldn't hesitate.

However, when Maya picked up the video call, her gaze was cold and devoid of emotion. It felt like she was judging him after making that mistake.

They had given the government a chance, but it seemed they didn't take it.

"So, what are you going to say this time?"

"Maya Hamilton… We are willing to negotiate the compensation." The President gritted his teeth, lowering his head.

"Rejected." Maya didn't give him any face. Without even listening to his plan, she rejected him.

"Wh—" The President was stunned and tried to persuade her, but Maya had raised her hand, stopping him from talking. After that, she said, "You have thrown away your chance. Do you think we'll give you another chance?"

"Listen to me first—"

Maya snorted. "Listen to your reasons? I don't care. We have been generous this whole time, yet, you have chosen this path. You have to bear the consequences of your actions.

"There is no need for compensation. Even if you were to seal my company again, you couldn't gain anything other than the people's distrust. So, good luck with that."

Maya looked away and hung up the call. There was simply no need for negotiation.

Theo had told her that the government wanted to minimize the damage. In order to do so, Theo had to put down the grudge, making him lose some credibility.

In other words, the government wanted him to eat his own words. It wasn't compensation. Instead, the government wanted to hire him as an actor.

That was why Theo didn't care about the negotiation. Nothing could stop them anymore and if the government tried to raise an army to subjugate them, they would completely lose the trust of the soldiers.

That way, it wouldn't be strange if the current president were impeached.

"Well, it seems that the situation has reached this point…" Maya pinched the bridge of her nose. "By opening the airline, the real Theo and his grandfather might come here to destroy him, this time with a stronger force.

"Since I'm opening it three months from now, Theo will only have one year left to make his preparation since his enemies have to raise their own force here.

"I wonder if things will go according to the plan this time. The more it deviates from Theo's plan, the lower our chance of winning.

"Still, level 1,000, huh…" Maya narrowed her eyes. "No one has ever reached that level. If he truly reaches that level, I'm sure he will be able to defeat his opponent.

"For now, I have to prepare for everything. Even though I have reached the top of the business world, I still can't fight against Theo's reputation… Well, that's fine… The higher Theo reaches, the bigger my target is.

"Don't worry. Leave all the preparation to me, I'm going to give you a big present in that final battle." Maya smirked.

She had been trying to take Theo down in their little competition, but she ended up getting help all the time. Even reaching this point was according to Theo's plan.

But Maya wasn't that easy to break. She would never give up in her pursuit.

With that determination filling her heart, she started preparing for the final battle. This time, she was planning to make the biggest preparation that Theo had no choice but to admit he couldn't win without her help.

Meanwhile, Maya wasn't the only one who got motivated by this result.

Rea reached the same conclusion as Maya.

She was staying in a hotel, looking through the window.

She muttered inwardly, 'After the government is weakened, there will be a new enemy that will give him an opportunity.

'According to the Heavenly Sovereign's message, there are a lot of problems we're going to face in the next one to two years.

'I have to prepare for that battle. As for the second message…'

Rea fell silent. The Heavenly Sovereign told him that he should worry about his allies. And the one that would save him was probably the one who wanted to kill him.

She didn't understand what this meant, but it was clear that there would be a great catastrophe soon.

If they could withstand it, humanity would win and enjoy a peaceful life. And if they couldn't, they would be driven to their extinction.

Rea sighed. "So, who is the ally and who is the enemy? The one I'm most suspicious of right now is the Mafia Queen. Is this the reason why Theo hasn't revealed her information? This way, even if she betrays him, no one would think Theo had a spy in his group.

"But if the Mafia Queen is truly our ally, then… Who is the one that will betray us?"

No matter how hard Rea thought about it, she couldn't come up with a single name. It was truly ridiculous thinking there was an ally that would betray Theo after he built his group carefully.

"Well, I'm not like my teacher… I'm going to continue thinking this over. I hope I can help him in that big battle." Rea clenched her fists.

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God of Tricksters Chapter 1811 Determination