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Chapter 5: Beauty Saving Heroes

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No matter what she said, the system didn’t respond. Qin Pan could only give up and think of another way. There was enough time now. She still had time.

’That handsome guy in ward 105 is really handsome. He’s so handsome even when he’s asleep.’ A few nurses started gossiping.

This sentence resonated with the rest. ’That’s right. He speaks so gently. His name is Xi Ce, right? His name is so cool too!’

Set? The man who appeared last was called Xi Ce, right? Could it be him?

He was the one who killed the person who hurt her. He was the one who hugged her corpse and went crazy. His eyes were red. Such a brave man actually cried.

It was also this man who arranged for the last of her family members to be at ease.

What she could not forget the most was the blissful look on the man’s face when he killed himself with a gun. What kind of feelings could make a man follow her to this point?

Whenever Qin Pan thought of him, her heart would beat uncontrollably.

She couldn’t ignore this man.

Qin Pan stood up and covered her mother with the blanket before leaving the ward softly.

A man was sneaking around the corner outside ward 105. Qin Pan only glanced at him and did not want to be nosy. This was not the time for that.

’Stop right there.’ But the man stopped her. ’Who are you? What are you doing here?’

There was only one ward here, which was 105. It was considered a high-class ward.

’I’m here to find a friend.’ Qin Pan didn’t know the situation and said casually.

’There’s only one high-class ward here. The patient needs to rest now. Leave quickly.’ The man pushed Qin Pan.

Seeing Qin Pan avoid him, he threatened, ’This is not a place you can come to.’

Qin Pan narrowed her eyes and attacked directly. With a side flip, the man was already on the ground.

Ignoring the man on the floor, she rushed into Room 105.

She happened to see a man holding a syringe and was about to inject it into the person on the bed.

’Stop.’ Qin Pan grabbed one of her shoes and threw it over.

By the time the man dodged the shoe, Qin Pan was already in front of him. Her movements were fast and she didn’t hesitate at all.

’Speak, who are you?’

Qin Pan grabbed the man’s arm with one hand and placed it behind his back. She pressed her hand on the man’s shoulder and pushed him against the wall.

’I’m the doctor here. Who are you? How dare you stop the doctor from seeing a patient? I will sue you.’ The doctor in the white coat kept struggling.

Qin Pan increased the strength in her hands and the man cried out in pain, ’Let go. Someone, kill her.’

’Go ahead and call for your people! I want to see if anyone says you’re a doctor from this hospital.’ Qin Pan sneered. ’If you are, I can apologize to you. What do you think?’

a’?Damned bitch!a’?

The man glared at Qin Pan angrily. If it wasn’t for this woman, he would have succeeded in injecting him.

’You’re not pretending anymore?’ Qin Pan smiled gently. ’Since doctors treat illnesses, this medicine must be good stuff. Why don’t you try it?’

’No, I can’t. Ah.’

Without giving the man a chance, Qin Pan had already plunged it into him and pushed the medicine in.

The effects of the drug were immediate. The mana’TMs face was rapidly darkening, turning purple, foaming at the mouth, his body convulsing, his eyes white.

Qin Pan looked at him with disdain.

Qin Pan immediately arranged for her bodyguards to lock down the place and protect Xi Ce.

After everything was arranged, she returned to the ward and observed the person sleeping on the bed seriously.

’It’s really you.’

The current Xi Ce was still young, but Qin Pan recognized him immediately. It was this man who appeared in her life when she was in despair.

Even at the last moment of her life, her heart was still deeply touched.


’It has been scanned. The medical analysis has been sent. Check the control panel.’ The system replied instantly.

Qin Pan closed her eyes and looked at the contents on the panel in his mind. She heaved a sigh of relief. Luckily, these drugs could be found by the hospital. She just had to pay attention to them later.

’System, give me some medical books.’

’Yes, host.’

She used to be a high and mighty God of War who was omnipotent. Her enemies fled at the sound of her voice, and she used her military skills like a god. But who would have known that as a God of War, she used to study at a medical university?

She had not studied medicine for many years, so she had to learn more. Since she had the medical system now, she had more advantages.

’Wake up soon. I’ll be waiting for you.’

Qin Pan didn’t realize that when she was talking to Xi Ce, her tone was gentle and her face was gentle.

Not wanting to complicate matters, Qin Pan didn’t stay for long. With her people here, she felt assured.

His mother’s condition was still in the early stages and Xi Ce’s body was fine. Qin Pan was in a good mood.

However, her good mood only lasted until she reached her ward.

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