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Chapter 3: Reborn

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She, who had become a soul, had been following this man. She could not understand what this man was thinking, but from the moment he found out that she had died, his face was expressionless and terrifyingly dark.

Qin Pan was very grateful to him. Not only did he bury her, but he also took good care of her mother in the hospital and made good arrangements. Even if she wasn’t around in the future, her mother would live well.

She had thought that everything was over and that she could leave in peace.

Unexpectedly, this man came to her grave alone and took out a gun.

“What do you want to do?!” Qin Pan shouted.

She was flustered and had a bad feeling that this man would not be thinking…

That’s right, the man confirmed her guess the next moment. He raised his gun and committed suicide in front of her tombstone.

“Who are you?” Qin Pan’s eyes were red. Why was this man like this? “Why did you…”

In just a few days, Qin Pan knew that this man had an unusual relationship with her. But who was he? Why didn’t she know about him before?

The man on the ground stared at the tombstone with a satisfied smile. He muttered, “I can finally meet you. Wait for me.”

The man’s hand hung down weakly. His clenched hands opened and a simple red string accessory appeared in Qin Pan’s sight.

“This, this is…” Qin Pan was speechless. “Little crybaby.”

So it was him. And it should be him.

Everything seemed so natural.

Qin Pan didn’t know why she had such a thought. She wanted to get closer and take a closer look at the red string, but her body floated backward.

She even wanted to wait for the soul of the man on the ground to appear, but it was too late.

She turned back. A huge vortex appeared behind her. She kept getting sucked in and out of control.

She could hear some intermittent beeps and some unintelligible voices.

“The contract has been signed. Beep, beep, beep…”

After working hard for a long time, Qin Pan seemed to have heard a sentence. She kept struggling in the darkness. Her soul felt like it was being torn apart. When she saw a beam of light, she rushed over with all her might.

Breaking through everything, Qin Pan struggled to open her eyes and looked around. The smell of disinfectant told her that this was a hospital.

“Could it be that I’m not dead? Is it all an illusion?”

“No, you’re dead,” the machine said in her head.

Qin Pan was shocked and quickly asked, “Who are you?”

“I am your Exclusive System. Your soul has signed a contract with me due to fate.” The machine voice in her mind was emotionless as it briefly explained the situation.

It turned out that she had signed a contract with the system, and as her greatest returns, she was reborn.

It was not a revival, but a return to her youth.

At this moment, she had yet to become a God of War. She had yet to become a traitor. She had yet to lose everything. There was still time for everything.

With this in mind, Qin Pan felt that no matter what price she had to pay to sign the contract, she could bear it.

Since she had the chance to take revenge personally, she would definitely not let go of everyone who had bullied and humiliated her in her previous life.

And that man.

Qin Pan’s ability to accept things was very good. She accepted everything very quickly and started to recall what time it was now.

She had not been hospitalized many times, and judging from the current situation, there was probably a fire next door. Her family was implicated, and her room shared a wall with the affected unit. Before she could run out, she fainted from the smoke.

“Juanjuan, pay attention to your attitude when you see your cousin later.” A familiar voice came from outside and Qin Pan snapped out of her thoughts.

Qin Yajuan’s gentle voice was filled with jealousy and viciousness.

“Cousin? Tsk, what cousin? This b*tch has always acted like a high and mighty lady. Why didn’t she burn to death? It’s best if she never wakes up.”

Hearing the voice at the door, Qin Pan laughed coldly. She must have been blind in her previous life to not realize that this family was so vicious.

This really was a bitch who lived in her house.

Qin Yajuan, who pushed open the door and came in, immediately put on her pretence after Qin Pan pretended to be asleep and woke up. She was gentle and sweet, full of worry. “Cousin, you’re awake? Do you feel better?”

“I just woke up, I’m fine.” Qin Pan’s tone was cold. She looked at Qin Yajuan’s father and scolded, “Uncle, how did you handle things? Aren’t you taking care of everything in the house? What’s going on?”

“Xiao Pan, it’s not Uncle’s fault, this…”

“Shut up. Who are you to call me Xiao Pan?” Qin Pan stared coldly at this person whom she had always treated as her biological uncle. “Do you think you are the master of this family just because I call you Uncle? I am just giving you face.. You have to know where you stand.”

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