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Chapter 25: Don’t Mean What They Say

People say that seeing is believing. When you don’t really understand something, don’t judge.

Yang Yuele was deeply moved by what happened today. It was a deep lesson for her.

She thought that she was a wise and farsighted person. She didn’t expect that she would still be having a prejudice against Qin Pan all this while.

“Did you hear what I said?” The dean looked at the person who was being scolded and was furious. “Why are you still distracted? Yang Yuele, tell me what you’re thinking about.”

“I’m sorry, Teacher,” Yang Yuele apologized immediately.

The dean was furious, but she was a victim. He could only try his best to persuade her. He said helplessly, “You’re a smart child. You have to be careful when you do things. Girls have to protect themselves when they’re outside. Don’t get distracted easily, understand?”

“I understand. Thank you for your guidance, Dean,” Yang Yuele nodded and thanked him.

After talking about Yang Yuele, the dean looked at Qin Pan. Why did she have to be the last one to be dealt with? Well, Qin Pan was a special student in the eyes of the teachers and her status was known. He was in a difficult position.

“Qin Pan, tell me, how can a girl fight?” The dean paused. “Fighting is not good, understand?”

The director felt really helpless. He couldn’t understand how such a delicate lady could fight so well.

But it wasn’t her fault this time.

“The next time you encounter something like this, don’t rush up alone. Even if you are agile, my advice remains. Girls should still protect themselves.”

“I understand, Dean.” Qin Pan’s expression was calm and didn’t change much.

“Alright, you guys go back and write a self-reflection letter. Invite your parents over tomorrow to acknowledge this disciplinary action. Tomorrow morning, go clean up the entire field. Do you hear me?” The director looked at the injured boys and said in a bad tone.

The boys looked miserable and could only nod.

“As for you, Qin Pan, although you are acting bravely for a just cause, you can’t encourage fighting. You will be punished to clean the school’s storage room tomorrow. Do you accept the punishment?”

“Okay, Dean.” Qin Pan agreed.

She did not say that she would accept the punishment. She only agreed to clean the storage room. The dean pretended that he did not understand.

It was very late now, so the dean let them go back after lecturing them for a while.

The next day, the class quickly found out about it. After Yang Yuele explained it clearly, many people looked at Qin Pan with suspicion. They thought to themselves, “This woman isn’t like the rumors said.”

Qin Pan did not know what these people thought of her. After rejecting Yang Yuele’s help in cleaning the storage room, she came here alone.

Unexpectedly, she found out something very interesting. Someone was dating in the storage room and it caused quite a commotion. She was also happy to watch the show.

While she was watching the show, the incident spread like a whirlwind across the campus.

Xi Ce was sitting in the classroom reading a book. Everyone was talking about Qin Pan.

“Do you think this woman is really that good at fighting, or are these men really bad?”

“Who knows.” Someone added, “What if their legs had gone weak before the fight started because they saw a beauty?”

“Who cares about the situation? If I was there, I would definitely beat those brats to death. I support Qin Pan.”

Xi Ce’s expression turned cold and his face was filled with frustration. When the few of them saw this, they quickly shut up and started reading. They didn’t dare to continue talking.

“Hey, Xi Ce, is this Qin Pan your next-door neighbour? You two have known each other since you were young. Has she always been so domineering?” Xi Ce’s buddy touched his shoulder and gossiped.

“Shut up!” Xi Ce glared at him coldly. “Mind your own business.”

Without waiting for the other party to say anything, Xi Ce got up and left the classroom. He was very irritable.

The Qin Pan he knew only had Cheng Gang in his heart. Fighting for a just cause? Ha.

By the time he calmed down, he was already at the door of the storage room.

When he saw the door in front of him, Xi Ce frowned and pursed his lips before turning to leave.

At this moment, a fair arm reached out from the storage room and pulled him in, covering his mouth. 𝘪𝓃n𝐫e𝗮d. co𝗺

“Don’t speak, it’s me.” Qin Pan hurriedly whispered when he was about to make a move.

Hearing Qin Pan’s voice, Xi Ce let go of her wrist. “What happened?”

Qin Pan didn’t tell him what was going on. Instead, she pulled him to a door and hid inside. He was puzzled but didn’t reject her..

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