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Chapter 19: Seeing Through Everything

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“Doctor Qin, thank you so much. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“That’s right, Doctor Qin, thank you so much.”

In the suburbs, many people stood around Qin Pan. They were all here to thank her.

Looking at the sincere and grateful gazes of these people, she felt deeply moved.

She had to admit that she had only come here for points, but as time passed, she found a different feeling.

Perhaps even if she did not have any points now, she would still come here for volunteer medical consultation without hesitation.

“Everyone, please disperse. Doctor Qin still has to treat the patient.” Doctor Zhang stood up and persuaded.

Qin Pan looked at the people around her and said gently, “Thank you for your trust in me during this period of time. Everyone, you don’t have to do this. I’m a medical student and I’m learning how to treat illnesses and save people. This is my responsibility, so you don’t have to do this.”

“There are many people who study medicine, but there are very few people who insist on coming to volunteer medical consultation like Doctor Qin.”

“You’re so beautiful and young. How many young people can persevere like you? Most people are just putting on an act. There are too few people who are genuinely good to us. We all know that.”

Yes, these people knew it in their hearts.

She had been here for some time and had seen some people putting on a show. Although they were putting on a show, the people here were very cooperative.

She had once heard an old auntie sigh emotionally. So what if they understood? They might as well pretend that they didn’t know that the volunteers were putting on an act. Even if they were, it was a fact that they had come to help out eventually. If the locals cooperated, there would be benefits.

Sometimes, when she thought about it, Qin Pan felt her heart ache. Her chest felt stuffy and uncomfortable.

Faced with this group of people’s trust in her, Qin Pan felt that she should do something or say something, so she did.

“Thank you, everyone. It’s my honor that everyone trusts me so much.” Qin Pan said in a clear voice, “I have a piece of good news to tell everyone. I’m preparing to open a volunteer medical hospital. It’s already in the midst of preparation. I believe it will open soon. When the time comes, we don’t have to do it like this anymore. There are specialized places for treatment. With more doctors, everyone’s illness can be treated better.”

“Really?” The mother of a little girl with leukemia in her arms had tears in her eyes. Her voice was trembling. “Doctor Qin, is what you said true? Is it really a volunteer medical hospital? Can poor people like us be treated too?”

Everyone looked at Qin Pan.

Under the gaze of so many people, Qin Pan nodded firmly with a serious expression. “Really, the volunteer medical hospital will open soon. I guarantee that this is a volunteer medical hospital.”

“Since Doctor Qin said so, I believe you.”

“We all believe you.”

Looking at everyone, Qin Pan felt that everything was worth it.

After the crowd dispersed, Doctor Zhang walked over and said hesitantly, “Doctor Qin, where is your volunteer medical hospital located? Can I go?”

“We are still looking for a suitable location.” Qin Pan directly invited him. “Of course, you can come. I know your character, Doctor Zhang. You have put in a lot of effort for the volunteer medical consultation. You don’t have to say anything more about a talent like yourself. I will invite you to go.”

Doctor Zhang didn’t expect Qin Pan to agree so quickly. Actually, he didn’t mind that the environment here wasn’t good. He just wanted a place where he could treat the patients better.

If there was a volunteer medical hospital, these people could go to the hospital and avoid many complications caused by the environment. He could also serve the patients better.

After the day of volunteer medical consultation, Qin Pan prepared to pack up and go home.

When they got into the car, Qin Pan looked at the black car parked not far away and smiled mysteriously. It was unexpected but reasonable.

She didn’t expect that with Xi Ce’s cold demeanor, he would send someone to visit her.

If it was in her previous life, she might not know, but after going through a lifetime, Qin Pan naturally knew that the person in the black car was Xi Ce’s man.

What was it before liking someone? It was taking interest in the person. Now that he had sent people to investigate her, Qin Pan believed that Xi Ce was not far from liking her.

Thinking of this, Qin Pan was in a good mood.

After Qin Pan left, the black car also left slowly. It felt like it had completed a perfect day of tracking. Little did it know that Qin Pan had seen through everything from the moment they appeared.

It’s just that she had to play along with their performance.

After listening to his subordinate’s report, Xi Ce drummed his fingers on the table. After a moment, he said, “Continue to follow.”


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