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Chapter 16: Being Treated Coldly in School

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Anything else could be a joke, except for this one.

If it wasn’t for the sake of dealing with the scumbag, Qin Pan wouldn’t even want to see him for a minute.

Youyou, don’t worry. I’ll avenge you. None of them will escape.

“Of course I’m serious. Why, do you want to persuade me?” Qin Pan teased. “Didn’t you persuade me every day to break up in the past? What happened?”

“If you’re serious, I’ll support you.” Yu Youyou’s attitude became more serious. “Cheng Gang doesn’t suit you.”

“Yes, I know.” Qin Pan pulled her away. “Let’s go shopping. There’s nothing fun here. Every banquet is boring.”


Yu Youyou could tell that Qin Pan was deliberately not going. It seemed like she really wanted to break up.

It was just that she was still so concerned about it some time ago and even quarreled with her over Cheng Gang. She didn’t know what happened during this period that made Qin Pan make this decision.

Cheng Gang must have really hurt Qin Pan’s heart. That was good too.

The two of them went shopping together. In the hall, Cheng Gang, who thought she would be here soon, didn’t even see Qin Pan come looking for him when the banquet ended.

He also didn’t see Qin Pan anywhere else, causing him to be looked down upon wherever he went.

He had been humiliated for the entire night and he had to endure it.

He had to vent his anger but after the banquet, he couldn’t find Qin Pan at all.

Qin Pan was very busy now and didn’t have time to care about him at all. She needed to get points as soon as possible and was busy with volunteer medical consultations every day. Then, she would find time to visit Xi Ce and hook up with him.

It was time for school to start and Qin Pan felt that time passed very quickly.

“Cousin, school is reopening today. Let’s go together.” Qin Yajuan looked at Qin Pan, who was preparing to leave, and walked forward warmly. “I’m more familiar with the school. If we go together, we can help each other.”

Qin Pan was very familiar with every place in the Medical University.


However, Qin Pan didn’t seem to see the scheming look in Qin Yajuan’s eyes and directly agreed.

After a period of silence, was it starting again?

As she guessed, Qin Yajuan would not let go of any opportunity to scheme against her. Qin Pan wanted to see what Qin Yajuan was up to.

When Qin Pan went to school, the chauffeur drove her there. A luxurious car suddenly stopped at the school gate and many students instinctively stopped to take a look.

They didn’t expect to see Qin Yajuan getting out as well. Their faces were filled with shock. They didn’t expect Qin Yajuan to be so rich.

Qin Pan got off the car and left with her luggage. She didn’t care about this at all.

“Cousin, my things were moved into the school a few days ago. Let me help you.” Qin Yajuan took away almost all of Qin Pan’s luggage enthusiastically.

Qin Pan saw that she wanted to take it, so she let her be. It didn’t matter.

On the way, everyone was pointing at her. Obviously, it was because she was not holding anything and left it all to her cousin. It was too much.

The New Student Registration area was filled with seniors. When they saw Qin Yajuan taking so many things and talking to Qin Pan with a smile on her face, they were furious.

“This is a school. You guys are here to study, not to be young ladies. Can’t you take your own things?” A senior who usually took care of Qin Yajuan could not help but criticize Qin Pan.

Qin Pan glanced at him and then at Qin Yajuan, her face full of doubt. “Cousin, we can’t help each other carry things in school? Why didn’t you tell me? I’m a new student and don’t know anything. You just got off the car and insisted on snatching my things. I thought all your seniors took care of new students like this. Cousin, you…”

She knew how to act like an innocent white lotus too.

“I…” Qin Yajuan wanted to say something, but in the end, she lowered her eyes and did not say anything. She dared not say what she wanted to, and could only endure it stubbornly.

The people around hated Qin Pan even more. Those who knew Qin Yajuan knew that she had a cousin who bullied her at home.

From the looks of it, that was indeed the case.

“Who are you acting aggrieved for? Don’t you know what you’re like?”

“What about me?” Qin Pan sneered. “Who are you? It’s her business if she’s willing to hold it for me. Did she say anything?”

Qin Pan naturally knew what Qin Yajuan was planning. Ever since she entered this school, all the students in the reception area had been very cold to her. Wasn’t this all because of Qin Yajuan?

Initially, she did not want to cause any trouble or blow things up.. In the end, when she arrived at the dormitory, the people here had even worse attitude. Did they really think she was a pushover?

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