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Former General Is Undead Knight
Volume 3, Chapter 47.2: Spinner of the Truth?

Volume 3, Chapter 47.2: Spinner of the Truth⑨

The sheer number was clearly in a different league from before.

Lambert didn’t waste any moment and rushed straight toward Alante.

Alante’s body shook violently.

Once his shaking receded, his body went back to the previous stance.

「Uhh, I’m overusing my mana, eh? This is a parting gift from me… I’ve filled it with care…」

And then, the 13 heat balls he controlled started to take shape.

Each one of them rushed toward Lambert immediately.


Lambert stabbed the chest of the first demon hound with his greatsword.

But maybe because he was in a hurry to eliminate the imminent danger, he ended up creating a gap for the demon hound to attack.

The demon hound leapt at once toward Lambert, trying to sink its fangs into his armour despite knowing it was impossible.

And even though Lambert braced his leg, he was still pushed back.

‘The demon hound is supposedly impervious to physical attacks, but they’re enough to stall him for a while.’

Alante was harrumphing as he looked at Lambert.


Lambert spun himself while swinging his greatsword.

But then, even though the greatsword could stop the demon hounds for a moment, it wasn’t enough to finish them off.

Their shredded bodies would recover in the next moment as long as their cores weren’t destroyed.

Although Lambert’s downward slash managed to kill one of the demon hounds, he decided to retreat upon seeing the other demon hounds rushing toward him.

「At least, I just need to worry about a poor traitor of history. Even if the other Eight Wisemen can’t deal with you, we’ll meet again sooner or later. But then, I never want to meet such a boorish man like you aga—」

「Typical small-minded man, making an excuse whenever they want to escape. You should never meet me on the battlefield! Today, my evaluation of Teslagoz hit rock bottom.」

Lambert replied to Alante despite having his hands full dealing with the demon hounds.

Anyone who saw his current situation would feel something was amiss.

「…Saying the same things again and again. I see now, not giving up trying to know my name, eh? To think that General-sama would fall as low as using such cheap provocations.」

Alante replied back to Lambert with sneer on his face.

Although he was angry, Alante knew there was no point in continuing the conversation.

From the very beginning, Lambert’s provocation was done in order to disclose Alante’s real identity.

「Seeing the poor quality of Teslagoz’s disciples, I guess I overestimated Teslagoz. The reason why you survived that era was simply that you were just too weak, and stupid, that’s why no one bothered to stop you. Do you think that you’re the only one who says that the human lifespan is too fleeting to know everything in this world? Don’t overestimate yourself brat! There were many other sorcerers who wanted immortality just like you. And yet, of those who gained semi-immortality, you’re the first one who has lived for so long and achieved NOTHING! Not even time can heal idiocy, I guess.」

Lambert threw another blatant provocation at Alante.

And it worked; Alante’s face twitched the moment he heard that.

‘…The crowd of demon hounds has shown its full capabilities. It should be possible to kill this guy right now. Although I have no intention to use it, there’s no way I can just let him go after he trampled on my pride.’

Alante observed Lambert with an emotionless face.

‘Since he really wanted to see the fruit of my research… Let’s show it to him. I can’t wait to see his shock, frustration, and regret. You can blame it on your stupid provocation.’

Alante turned his back toward Lambert.

At that moment, several complex magic circles surrounded Alante’s body.

「Lambert, let me tell you one last thing.」

Lambert didn’t even bother to listen to Alante.

Rather, from Alante’s perspective, he had his hands full with trying to cope with the demon hound, thus unable to respond to Alante’s declaration.

「You shall DIEEEE!」

Alante’s body was suddenly covered by purple lightning.

A lump of lightning as big as a person suddenly rushed out toward Lambert from within.

The face of a monkey-like old man reflected on the surface of that lightning.

His arms that extended from the lightning were heading toward Lambert.

Lambert’s figure and that lightning crossed by each other; the attack easily blew Lambert’s body.

The demon hound that was swallowed by that attack was also fluttering in the air.

But only the place where his feet passed was pried off. His aura was so incredible to the point that it distorted the air itself.

『Spinner of the Truth』 landed in a place close to Lambert.

This was Alante’s―nay, the 『Spinner of the Truth』’s—true figure, the pinnacle of heat ionization, 『Ectoplasm (Ionization Soul)』.

He had cast aside his human vessel, thus turning into a complete form of life energy. He was pure mana ionization, the kind of lifeform that could move around freely only with mana.

Moreover, as long as he prepared a suitable vessel beforehand, he could manipulate the bodies of others at will, stealing their vessels and returning to his own body again if necessary.

He, the 『Spinner of the Truth』 who was released from the constraints of his vessel, was much faster than the spells under his control.

He was the embodiment of lightning.

His opponent wouldn’t be able to counterattack as long as they didn’t know what kind of sorcery he used, dying without understanding the true nature of the sorcery before them.

Not to mention that his opponent was Lambert, who had his hands full trying to cope with the demon hounds―or so it was supposed to be.

「Finally showing your tail, eh.」

Lambert said this while propping himself up with his greatsword.

「Why…? You can cut me?」

The 『Spinner of the Truth』, whose body emitted lightning sparks, was standing still with a dumbfounded look on his face.

There was a huge hole on the right side of his abdomen due to Lambert’s greatsword.

「Because different from that youth over there, you’re by no means a good citizen of Regios Kingdom.」

Lambert’s line of sight was moving toward Alante’s direction for a moment.

His body had collapsed on the ground. There was no sign of him waking yet.

「The pretentious spectator has finally decided to show himself, eh. 『Spinner of the Truth』No, Teslagoz’s failure of a disciple, Charlobe.」

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Former General Is Undead Knight Volume 3, Chapter 47.2: Spinner of the Truth?