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Former General Is Undead Knight
Volume 3, Chapter 43: Spinner of the Truth?

Volume 3, Chapter 43: Spinner of the Truth⑤

At that moment, Lambert felt as if his body was zapped by lightning.

…Because according to Robic’s story, there was only one person who fit the role of the mastermind.

In addition, when the condition of receiving good treatment from Tony Lair was applied to that person, he also fit the bill.

In the first place, considering the story about the members of 『Angel of Death』 they had met so far, for someone who was brought forcibly from afar, there was a certain inconsistency in how much better Alante was treated compared to the other sorcerers.

And that inconsistency became even more ridiculous after he heard Robic and Co.’s testimony.

「Is the reason why he deified himself like that so that no one could delve into his own research? But that’s…」

Lambert was pondering for a while after that.

As a general who led many soldiers, he was pretty confident in judging someone’s character.

Thus, he entrusted Alante to Kreuz’s subordinates.

Otherwise, Lambert would use a more roundabout way to ensure Alante’s allegiance and slay Alante right there the moment he felt something was amiss during their encounter.

Lambert was steadfast to his determination, a general who prioritized justice and victory over everything else and refused to have some fun even after his revival. But that determination could backfire on him when facing sorcerers who long since abandoned logic.

「Is something the matter, armored swordsman-dono?」

Kreuz asked Lambert who stayed still for a while.

「I realized that I… just made a huge blunder. The ones we left on the surface are facing a grave danger right now…」

After saying so, Lambert ran even faster than before toward the entrance to the underground research facility.


Kreuz stretched his arm, trying to catch Lambert.

「You guys go look for other survivors and return to the city!」

But Lambert ended up leaving them behind.

Although Kreuz stopped for a moment when he heard that, after hesitating for a while and looking at the faces of his subordinates, he chose to chase after Lambert.



Lambert, who separated from the group, was running along the passage of the underground research facility, heading toward the direction where Alante and Kreuz’s subordinates had been waiting for them.

He used his special ability as undead to feel the presence via mana.

He could roughly guess Alante’s aim, but not even Lambert could guess what kind of bizarre plans were currently concocted in the sorcerer’s mind.

Why was Alante seeking the protection of Kreuz’s subordinates? Why did he hide his presence from his own comrades? And why did he choose to escape first from the research facility?

Maybe not even his fellow sorcerers could guess the answer.

That was one of the reasons why Lambert detested sorcerers so much when he was still alive.

It didn’t take a long time for him to locate Alante.

He was currently walking in front of one of the deserted houses in Tetomburgh.

He was trying to strike up a conversation with a bright smile on his face while pushing Elise’s wheelchair.

But he was clearly different from the youth Lambert saw before.

The courageous girl before him was muttering incomprehensible words as if she had lost her spirit.

The youth who had an overflowing sense of justice was now acting like a monkey with a clownish smile on his face.

He was currently in a hurry to go back to the underground research facility and conduct more experiments on Elise to get more data after his cover was blown.

When Alante saw Lambert coming from afar, the mocking smile on his face vanished and was replaced with a serious look.

「Ah, if it isn’t swordsman-sama… Sorry, but the truth is I left something in the underground…」

「…Where are the captives and the other soldiers?」

Lambert asked as he ran toward Alante.

Alante frowned, pondering for a while.

「Are you asking for the reason why they’re not with me? Sorry but it’s impossible to explain the reason without causing a misunderstanding… Would you let me go there?」

Naturally, Lambert didn’t stop.

Suddenly, Alante stopped walking, tilting his head in confusion.

「Who are you? When did you switch places with him? You’ve lost your physical body.」


Alante was tilting his head, looking as if he was confused.

Lambert unsheathed his sword. His silhouette passed Alante right in the next moment.

Alante’s mouth opened like a dumbfounded person.

The pocket watch hanging on his neck dropped to the ground as its chain was sliced off. A red line appeared right beneath his head.


Elise, who was mumbling incoherent remarks with vacant eyes since a while ago, suddenly snapped out of her daze.

Alante bent forward, pressing on the wound on the base of his neck.

「Uh… What the…」

「S-STOP! Uh… Y-You’re mistaken! Big brother is… really not him! That’s why…!」

Elise spread her arms as if trying to protect Alante.

Lambert glared toward Alante who was hiding behind Elise.

He sharpened his senses, ready to react the moment Alante showed any strange movement.

「You… What are you trying to do?」

At that moment, another set of footsteps closed in.

「…Armored swordsman-dono, what’s happening here?」

Kreuz had finally caught up to him.


Lambert shouted at Kreuz while releasing his miasma.

Kreuz’s body trembled. His eyes moved away from Lambert immediately.

But his line of sight then met Alante.

「Ah, uh… This situation is… some sort of misunderstanding… This must be… my fault…」

Alante drew closer toward Kreuz with a sloppy gait.

Even Lambert couldn’t help but be really surprised seeing that Alante could still move so sloppily in this kind of situation.

Naturally, Kreuz, who had yet to understand the situation, automatically drew closer to Alante.

At that moment, sounds akin to cries of insects resounded in the air.

「W-what is that…?」

「They are the cries of frogs. Quite skilled mimicry, don’t you think so?」

The moment he said so, Alante had a small flask containing unknown liquid in his hand.

He was aiming for Kreuz.

But he didn’t throw the flask.

Alante dropped the flask right there and jumped back.

The reason for this was that Lambert’s greatsword had already landed right where he stood a moment ago.

「Hmph, too naive. You missed the chance to kill me in a weakened form despite being hailed as the strongest of the Four Demon Generals.」

Alante’s expression changed completely as he spoke to Lambert with a mocking smile on his face.

He landed on the ground, stooping forward till his nose almost touched the ground, and accelerated toward Lambert.

「That’s why you lost to the likes of Griff. Right, Lambert?」

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Former General Is Undead Knight Volume 3, Chapter 43: Spinner of the Truth?