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Former General Is Undead Knight
Volume 3, Chapter 40: Spinner of the Truth?

Volume 3, Chapter 40: Spinner of the Truth②

The three remaining soldiers rushed in at once toward Djork, who had lost his weapon and hand.

At the same time, Alante’s homunculus frogs gathered below Djork’s feet.


Normal frogs were benign, stupid demonic beasts, but the homunculus frog was as quick-witted to an average swordsman, able to jump 10 times its height.

Djork was fully aware that Alante had been researching poison and homunculi.

Thus, he absolutely couldn’t underestimate the homunculus frogs, who could stock up poison in their bodies.

But he was in a predicament now as he had lost his left arm and wouldn’t be able to deal with three swords that came from different directions.


Djork made an outrageous gesture with his right hand.

And just as everyone was thinking about what he was up to now, countless protuberances appeared from the side of his arm. Pointy earthen bullets then fired indiscriminately around him.


The soldiers retreated, using their swords to block the earthen bullets.

The flock of homunculus frogs exploded one after another after getting shot down by the earthen bullets and losing their poison.

Djork used that chance to brandish Muscle Pillar Splash like a whip.


One of the soldiers who received that blow was sent flying easily.

Although that wasn’t a fatal blow, it was strong enough to knock him out.

Any loss of war potential was a substantial loss of combat power for the soldiers.

Djork was breathing heavily as he glared at Alante and the surviving two soldiers.

His own body was also injured and drenched in blood due to the indiscriminate attacks of the earthen bullets.

From the very beginning, he was willing to pay that price.

Even someone as tough as Djork was injured by that.

Since he lost his weapon and dominant arm due to Kurtz’s preparedness to fight to the death, he had to finish the fight in a hurry.

Without swordsmanship skill, Alante, who could only use gaudy spells, the two remaining soldiers were the last line of defense.

Djork’s greatest strength was his skill with the sword and the magic formulae sealed deep within his flesh.

Having lost his greatest weapon and the other injuries on his body had put him in a disadvantageous situation.

Even though Djork couldn’t stomach the fact that he was going to be defeated by the kingdom soldiers, he realized that he was at a disadvantage.

Nevertheless, Djork still had some strength left. He still had his magic formulae in his body.

He lost his dominant arm, but part of Splash remained.

He could still fight back if he felt like it.

But then, there was no real value in continuing the fight.

「Three people left, huh… Tch! It seems I’m playing around too much! Let’s end this now!」

As he spoke, Djork leapt in the air with abnormal jumping power, landing right in front of Alante.



Djork clenched his fist and swung down his arm at Alante.


The girl in the wheelchair, Elise, called his name.


Two soldiers jumped immediately toward Djork with their swords pointed at him.

But they were too late.

Djork’s giant fist had smashed into Alante’s head.

…That was what the soldiers expected to see.

And yet, the next moment, Djork’s fist missed its target and struck the ground.


「Fool. Even though I’ve warned Tony Lair again and again to prohibit any act of violence toward Alante.」

”Alante” heaved a sigh as he muttered this with an expressionless look on his face.

「Impossible, you… shouldn’t be able to dodge my attack! Not to mention that you have zero experience in combat and never participate in real fights!」

Djork swung his fist for a second time… and then a third time.

Alante ducked in with a movement that seemed unnatural, dodging each of the attacks by paper thin margins.

Although it looked like a mere coincidence that he managed to dodge the attacks with strange movements, it still couldn’t explain how he dodged until the third attack.


The two remaining soldiers who had no idea about what happened could only look at Alante with dumbfounded looks on their faces, forgetting to assist Alante.

According to the story they heard before, Alante was forcefully brought to Tetomburgh despite his meager talent in sorcery. Other than that, he was a normal youth that one could find anywhere.

That was why he was included as a target of protection despite being a member of 『Angel of Death』.

The soldiers were top-class swordsmen.

Thus, they know just how abnormal Alante’s movements were.

Although his dodges seemed haphazard, those bizarre movements avoided all of Djork’s attacks.

So rather than observing Djork’s bizarre attack pattern and dodging it, it was as if Alante had already known what kind of movement he would make beforehand.

…As if it was a choreographed dance that had been arranged beforehand.

This situation made it seem as if he was an experienced fighter.

It was only possible for those who sharpened their intuition and kept surviving the carnage of the battlefield.

Alante dodged Djork’s punch again and took out a flask in one fluid motion from his chest pocket.

He hurled the flask at Djork. The flask broke to pieces when it struck Djork, smearing him with the liquid inside.

Djork’s face was soaked in the frog’s seed liquid.

「B-be~ The heck is this! How dare you underestimate meeee!」

「O fabrication of life, sprout!」


Djork’s face swelled until it looked like it was about to burst.

Numerous homunculus frogs appeared from within his mouth.

Djork’s eyes opened wide, and then he fell to his knees.

He tried to dig up the homunculus frog from his mouth with his remaining right hand, but it exploded.

At that moment, Djork’s giant frame shook. The frogs kept coming out from his mouth as he spewed bubbles from his nose.

The children who saw that scene raised a scream one after another and then vomited on the spot.

Even the remaining soldiers couldn’t move their fingers as they saw that bizarre spectacle.

Alante stretched his back with a strange movement, looking at Djork with a bone-chilling light dwelling in his eyes.

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Former General Is Undead Knight Volume 3, Chapter 40: Spinner of the Truth?