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Former General Is Undead Knight
Volume 3, Chapter 31: Gentleman of Death, Tony Lair?

Volume 3, Chapter 31: Gentleman of Death, Tony Lair⑦

Having entered Tetomburgh City’s underground research facility of 『Angel of Death』, Lambert’s party was currently facing against two sorcerers clad in the robes of 『Angel of Death』.

Both of them were wearing beast-like masks, their arms were covered in black armguards, and they had on protection for their skin.

「What happened to Thulenigo?! Did that woman forget it’s her job to guard the entrance?!」

When the short man said this, the tall man with an extremely hunchback posture let out a derisive laugh.

「There’s no way that Thulenigo would lose against a bunch of kingdom soldiers. That capricious woman might have gotten bored and left. Hmph, I guess you really shouldn’t trust one who claims to be a survivor of the Reynoal family. That woman is a bit peculiar—even amongst us.」

Their shoulders shook as they started flexing their arms to move in an extremely creepy manner.

And yet, their movements didn’t seem useless at all to those who saw them. It looked like they were dancing.

Even discounting their creepy appearances, just doing their dance downtown alone was enough to convince anyone who saw it that the two were by no means proper people.

「This fella seems like…」

The members of 『Phoenix’s Eyes』 had already pointing their swords toward the two but, the latter acted like they’re not worrying about the former.

「No way… Halmain siblings.」

Kreuz muttered this.

「…Halmain siblings? I thought they were just a made-up story?」 𝘪𝑛𝒏r𝘦𝚊𝐝. 𝒄o𝐦

Kreuz’s subordinate, Frey, was visibly shocked by that revelation.

The tall, hunchback man then looked at them while cleaning his ear with his little finger as if he didn’t care about the fame.

「Oh, you know about us, eh. Then, I guess I’ll have to introduce myself. My name is Regev, and this is my little brother, Milize.」

「We are artists who love the potential of humans! My brother destroys, and I create.」

「God might only give us one talent, but our cooperation is impeccable! We’re one artist in two. We’re the Halmain siblings.」

The Halmain siblings grabbed each other’s hand.

The members of 『Phoenix’s Eyes』 could only stand dumbfoundedly without moving an inch.

Kreuz was the only one who was visibly angered upon seeing that.

Lambert noticed Kreuz’s expression as he readied his greatsword.

「Your acquaintance?」

「…Fifteen years ago, a clinic opened in a poor town. The clinic used an abandoned building that had been left alone by its owner for many years. It was built by two white sorcerers who appeared out of nowhere, proclaiming to be church sorcerers coming to save the town which suffered from plague. The town citizens were really delighted… without even noticing that the two were not decent white sorcerers. No one doubted the two, and they ended up dead on the beds of the clinic.」

Kreuz recited the story with a plain tone.

「But the two of them suddenly vanished one week later… When the citizens looked for them, they found people with three arms, people with two heads—in short, all kinds of grotesque forms of human you can think of. Everyone was a patient of the clinic. There were even cards for each patient with writing such as 『Failure: the internal organs don’t work properly. Sh*tty failure,』or 『Success, can survive for three years.』」

Upon hearing that, Lambert looked at the Halmain siblings.

「Oh, how nostalgic. That’s such an old story!」

「We really had fun back then. In fact, we really enjoyed the reaction of the relatives of those patients. They were bawling nonstop, you know.」

Frey then turned toward Kreuz as she opened her mouth.

「S-so, the Halmain siblings are… real.」

「…All of their victims were burned to death by the inquisition team of the church in accordance with their creed. The kingdom prevented that story from spreading.」

The big brother, Regev, raised his fist.

「Yes, that’s right! It’s that annoying fellas’ fault! They burned the peaceful citizens. Are they even human?! We might have caused sorrow for those citizens, but those inquisition b*stards didn’t even spare a bug in that town! Those guys might not even be humans!」

「I won’t deny the fact that the inquisition squad went too far. After all, the one who asked them to kill my little sister, who had the arm of another person growing from her body… was none other than me. That’s why I become a soldier—to hunt down f*cking b*stards like you two!」

Kreuz sprinted toward the brothers with a rapier in his hand.

「Armored swordsman, these people are mine…!」

His subordinates followed Kreuz.

「Uh… sure enough, we brothers are the intelligent types. Our forte lies in research, and we’re inferior in battle. But do you really think that we’re so weak that even rash kingdom soldiers can kill us?」

The older brother, Regev, asked this while scratching his chin.

「Nevertheless, we never said that we were the only ones here. Now, it’s time for them to take the stage—Hundred Eyes Baldie.」

The moment he finished speaking, the floor below broke apart, and a monster crawled up from inside.

It had a spherical shape with a diameter around three heinz (meters). Various human parts, such as childrens’ arms or heads, could be seen protruding from its round body.

Numerous insect-like legs came out from its lower body.

It had a pair of giant arms on both sides of its body. Upon closer inspection, it was evidently composed of numerous human bodies, sticking to each other until they formed an arm-like shape.

Kreuz and his subordinates couldn’t help but find themselves rooted to the floor upon looking at the grotesque appearance of the monster.

The children were obviously shedding black tears from their eyes, twisting their bodies as if they were in pain.

「Flesh golem… not. That thing uses corpses. But this, on the other hand, is even more wicked than that.」

Upon hearing Lambert’s remark, the little brother, Milize let out a laugh.


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Former General Is Undead Knight Volume 3, Chapter 31: Gentleman of Death, Tony Lair?