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Chapter 5: Lauren Was Also The Master

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“Grandpa Butler, is the Torres family really so poor? With how poor the church already is, Lauren still has meat to eat. The Torres family can’t even afford meat? How miserable!”

Lauren spoke in a sympathetic tone, making Mr. Hayes feel very awkward.

He ordered the servants to prepare lunch, but he didn’t expect them to prepare such a meal. There wasn’t even a hot dish.

The chef was called out and reprimanded by Mr. Hayes, but he did not have the slightest look of remorse, instead just standing there casually. “She’s just a child. What kind of delicacies does she want to eat? What right does she have to eat all those?”

This chef was called Hubert King. He was specially poached from a three-star Michelin restaurant by the third young master. With the third young master’s support, this chef had always been doing whatever he willed in the Torres family.. His ego was already absolutely massive.

There was nothing Mr. Hayes could do about Hubert. After all, he couldn’t offend the third young master, but this was basically more water than soup...

The other servants stood at the side watching the show. Everyone in the Torres family knew that Lauren was the most disliked person in the whole family, and so everyone dared to bully this little girl.

At this moment, Lauren suddenly said, “Mr. Chef, you have to be careful recently. Have you been having edema and dry skin?”

No one knew why Lauren changed the topic so suddenly.

[ System Divine Nine: Host, you’ve already learned about this illness. You’re really fast. ]

Hubert simply let out a “tsk” without a care for the little girl.

“Uncle, you have to go to the hospital as soon as possible. If you delay this any longer, you won’t live long.”

It was really surprising for a four-year-old girl to say such words. When Hubert heard these words, he only felt angry.

“Where did this brat come from? How dare you say such words to me? You must really be tired of living!” Hubert took off his apron and angrily walked towards Lauren.

“Can’t I take care of a brat like you? No one wants you anyway!”

[ System Divine Nine: Host, there is tier 2 danger ahead. Please be on guard. ]

At almost exactly the moment Hubert took off his apron, the system’s voice sounded. Although Lauren looked soft and cuddly, she was not a pushover.

One had to know that in the few years she had been in the church, her [ Defensive Attack ] had already been trained to tier 52, which was the highest level of her current skill. It was more than enough to deal with a boxing champion, let alone this weak Hubert.

Just as Hubert was about to touch Lauren’s arm, the little girl was about to counterattack when another long and powerful hand grabbed Hubert’s hand.

“Wow. Has the Torres family given you so much power that you actually dare to bully the Master of the house right here?”

Lauren instantly retracted her sharp gaze and looked at the person who had come.

It was her brother! Her brother had come to save her!

Hubert was pinched until he was in pain. He immediately shouted, “Mr. Torres, let go, please let go!”

Franklin Torres immediately threw Hubert onto the ground. Hubert collapsed on the ground and held his hand in pain.

The servants at the side let out a soft exclamation. They had never seen Mr. Torres act like this before.

Franklin was the eldest son. He had entered the Torres Corporation to study at the age of fifteen, and now, at the age of twenty-two, he was able to fend for himself. He had always been calm, and it could even be said that he was cold.

Hubert still decided not to back off. He pointed at Lauren and cursed, “Mr. Torres, why are you protecting her! Isn’t there no one in the Torres family who likes her?”

“Since when did a mere chef like you have the right to ask about matters of the Torres family?” Franklin’s voice was even colder. “Since when did a mere servant get the power to touch his master?”

Hubert intended to continue his quibble, but Franklin raised his hand. This action meant that he was extremely impatient.

“Shut up. You’re fired. Get out.”

Although Hubert had the third young master backing him up, Franklin scared him even more. And even though he was full of complaints, he did not dare to speak.

Mr. Hayes whispered from the side, “But... Hubert was hired by the third young master. If you fire him, will third young master...”

“Oh right, before you leave, apologize to Lauren first.”

Mr. Hayes shut up. There was no way to change Franklin’s decision.

Hubert reluctantly apologized to Lauren, but Lauren did not even look at him. She just stared at Franklin as if he was her idol. 𝑖𝑛𝐧𝓻e𝒶𝗱. c𝚘𝙢

Lauren sat on the chair while Franklin stood. She could only reach out her hand to pull the hem of Franklin’s suit.

She was tugging at it.

“Brother, is Lauren also the master here?”

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