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Chapter 14: Chopsticks Were Poisoned!

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When it came to eating, Lauren was never someone to worry about. She was the best at eating.

“Little Nine, I suddenly feel like eating roast duck. When are we going to Everlasting Legacy to eat?”

Everlasting Legacy was a five-star restaurant that suddenly became famous two years ago. The dishes were exquisite and varied, and the taste was unparalleled. What made everyone go crazy for it was that this restaurant only served ten tables of guests every day.

All the prestigious families were looking forward to having a meal there, but this restaurant was never flexible. No matter if you were a high-ranking official, a noble, or a commoner, you had to get a number.

The current number had already been queued up for two years!

Food websites and magazines were asking around, but they couldn’t find out who the owner of this restaurant was.


And this mysterious owner was Lauren, who was now sipping soy milk.

[System Divine Nine: The restaurant is yours. You can go whenever you want. ]

“Oh, but it’s so far away! I don’t want to take such a long ride.”

[System Divine Nine: You’re the boss. You can ask the chefs to come over and cook for you. ]

“That’s right, I am the boss. When the time comes, I’ll give them a lot of money. That’ll be enough!”

Thinking that she could have roast duck to eat, Lauren excitedly swung her short legs on the table.

[System Divine Nine: But first, you have to finish the mission properly. Wendy’s soul is still in the human world. You have to get her to reincarnate quickly. If you miss this round, who knows when is the next time a suitable body is available for her to reincarnate.]

“I know!”

Lauren was never careless when it came to such matters. It was her task to help the vengeful souls find the real culprit. It was also her task to help these wandering souls reincarnate.

Sitting across to Lauren, Franklin was a little surprised to see Lauren so quiet. He had always been casual with his breakfast. Today, he had some appetite.

He used his chopsticks to pick up some snacks. Just as he was about to put them into his mouth, Lauren suddenly shouted nervously, “Brother, don’t eat!”

Her voice was soft, but her tone was very serious and anxious.

Fortunately, she was bored just now and activated her prophet’s spiritual consciousness. She was surprised to find Franklin actually fallen on the dining table a few minutes later.

Lauren promptly stopped Franklin from putting the food into his mouth.

“Brother, you can’t eat it. You’ll get poisoned if you eat it!”

“Poisoned?” Franklin frowned.

At this moment, Lauren was already trying to figure out the cause of the poisoning in her heart.

These breakfast items were perfectly safe. Otherwise, Lauren would have definitely noticed it when she ate it. In that case, what was it that Franklin used but she did not?

Her tiny head spun rapidly.

She knew it!

“Brother, it’s the chopsticks! Your chopsticks are poisonous!”

Franklin had not digested Lauren’s words when Lauren ran to his side. She stood on tiptoe and removed the chopsticks from his hand with her small, fleshy hand. Her movements were not sloppy at all.

The nervous expression on Lauren’s face finally faded away.

“Phew! Fortunately, I discovered it in time. Otherwise, you would have been poisoned by the bad guys!”

Meanwhile, the servants whispered to each other, “This is not the ancient times when someone would poison the emperor. How can there be someone poisoning others now?”

“Exactly. Is there something wrong with Miss Lauren’s brain?”

Lauren said, “There’s nothing wrong with my brain! I’m very powerful!”

Of course, other than Franklin who was a little skeptical, the others did not believe her.

Regardless of whether it was true or not, they could not continue with the breakfast anymore. Mr. Hayes ordered his men to quickly remove these things.

“Mr. Hayes, get someone to examine the chopsticks and see if there’s really a problem.”

“Yes, Master Franklin.”

The board meeting yesterday was changed to today. Franklin was in no mood to eat after this farce. He directly got into the car and went to the company.

Lauren leaned against the window and watched the tail of the car disappeared. “Little Nine, I have to protect my brother! This bad guy is getting more and more daring. He actually dared to poison my brother! I want to let him know how powerful I am!”

Because of today’s incident, Lauren no longer dared to turn off her prophet ability. Therefore, there were many comical scenes in the Torres family today.

“In a while, this long-haired girl is going to pour red wine on this Auntie!”

“This doctor is the murderer. He’s the one who killed his own wife. How terrifying!”

After realizing that everything Lauren said had come true, the maid asked, “Miss Torres, have you watched this TV series in advance?”

“Grandpa, I won again! Am I very good?”

Mr. Hayes asked, “What’s going on? Why did I lose consecutively?”

Meanwhile, Lauren was secretly laughing in her heart. It was very interesting that the prophet skill was activated in a different way!

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