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Chapter 22: Chapter 22: Why shouldn’t she be a good girl


Mu Ru heard everything clearly. She looked at Dongfang Mo pitifully, then looked at the bright lights. Finally, she asked in a trembling voice, “can you… turn off the lights? ”

“Can… turn off the lights? ”

“xi-mu-ru! ”

Dongfang Mo finally couldn’t take it anymore and roared in a low voice. His wheelchair quickly turned to the side of the bed. He grabbed her arm and pulled her directly into his arms.

“I’ll take off… I’ll take off… ”

Mu Ru saw that he was opening his mouth again and was so scared that she immediately broke free from his arms. She rolled two times before rolling to the middle of the bed.

Looking at Dongfang Mo’s devil-like face and his ice-cold Gaze, she knew that she had no way out. In front of this devil, other than obeying him, she couldn’t resist him.

Finally, she gritted her teeth and used her trembling hands to undo her buttons. One by one, tears rolled down like broken beads. As she cried, she took off her pajamas.

“Don’t cry! ”

Dongfang Mo’s cold and harsh voice rang out

“If you don’t want to take it off, then forget it. Don’t make it seem like I’m forcing you. This kind of thing between husband and wife has always been consensual. If you don’t want to, then go back to the Xi family and get Xi Muxue to come and wait on me. ”

Xi Muru, who was originally covered in tears, gritted her teeth and forcefully stopped her tears. However, her hands still trembled uncontrollably. Fortunately, Dongfang Mo did not urge her to take it off faster.

Finally, five minutes later, she took off her coat and knelt on the bed timidly. She looked at Dongfang Mo but did not take any further action.

“Xi Muru, don’t tell me you think that your husband’s hands are as sharp as ice blades and have the ability to pierce through the fabric on your body? ”

Dongfang Mo’s cold voice was like the snow wind blowing on Tianshan, cold and piercing to the bone.

Dongfang Mo was very dissatisfied with her retreating. His ghost-like face was gloomy as he continued to tease her

“looking at you, could it be that you really are a good girl? ”

Of course she wasn’t a good girl, because she had been attacked by a stranger last night. Last night, she had been broken by that unknown demon, and that blood had also been shed last night.

However, she definitely couldn’t tell Dongfang mo about this, and she also couldn’t bring out any evidence to prove that she had been raped by the demon last night. Once this kind of thing was said, Dongfang Mo wouldn’t believe it. He would definitely think that she was making up a lie to deceive him.

Moreover, what right did Dongfang Mo have to say that she was not a good girl?

He did not catch her with another man Just based on the fact that there was no blood stain This was really nonsense!

Hence, she gritted her silver teeth and said coldly,

“Dongfang Mo, what right do you have to say that I’m not a good girl? ”

“Xi Muru, even a fool knows that there’s blood the first time, but you don’t. This is evidence. ”

Dongfang Mo’s voice was cold and cruel, not leaving her any face at all.

“Yes, it’s true that most women have blood the first time. ”

Mu Ru had already completely calmed down. She then looked at Dongfang Mo with a mocking gaze and said,

“However, I believe that Mr. Dongfang is also a scholar. He must have learned some physiological knowledge in the past. He should know that if there is an intense exercise, it might break, such as playing basketball or riding a bicycle. Could it be that because there is no blood, you are saying that she is not an original? ”

Dongfang Mo was slightly stunned. His deep gaze looked at the woman who had long forgotten to cover her body in order to deal with him. His expression sank. It seemed that he had indeed underestimated this woman.

“Then, you mean… ”

Dongfang Mo’s Gaze was obviously filled with mockery as he looked at the woman who was still curled up on the bed and staring at him vigilantly. He said mockingly,

“You didn’t have any blood because of these special reasons? ”

“Yes! ”

Mu Ru had already completely calmed down.

She would rather die than say that her blood was broken because if that happened, she would be sent back to the XI family.

If she went back to the Xi family and asked Xi Muxue to come over, then her days would definitely be many times worse than her days at the Dongfang family.

This was because Xi Yuancheng would not let her off, and Xi muxue would not let her off either. Who knew what she would do to her. 𝙞𝑛𝓷𝓇𝒆a𝑑. 𝙘૦𝗺

“Alright, since you say you’re a good girl, then… ”

Dongfang Mo stopped here and looked at her meaningfully. Then, he turned his wheelchair and walked towards the door as he said coldly, “I’ll be your wife from now on. ”

“from now on, you can be my wife here. However, this is the path you chose. From now on, you can’t blame anyone else! ”

Mu Ru closed her eyes for a moment. She only opened them when she heard the sound of the door closing. Her heart was still pounding. That damned Dongfang Mo, that Disgusting Dongfang Mo. she had finally managed to muddle through this.

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